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I only know 2 songs.. but I didn't see a post about them; x_x;

the 2 songs I like from them are..
Anata ga Ita Mori.. (あなたがいた森 )
and SAKURA Difference
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/8/07
^ no idea who they are

mind posting more info about them?
Posted 11/9/07 , edited 11/10/07
uhmm they made the Fate/Stay Night ending song.. (I think it was their debut)

and I think it's a group.. well.. duet, one guy and one girl.. the guy's the composer and the girl's the vocal.. (that's all I know up to so far;; x_x)
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I know them. ^^v They're okay. I like their new song, ヒメゴト. That song is AWESOME.
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