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Self Evident Truths
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/9/07

SeraphAlford wrote:

Soy tits? Really now…? Okay…

Self evident truths:

1. 90% of Atheists are ignorant.
2. 90% Christians, Muslims, Jews, ext are ignorant.
3. Truth one and two are only true because truth four, which follows.
4. All groups are made up of mostly ignorant people.
5. Femnazis have become the major cause of modern sexism
6. Rappers cause most racism against African Americans that currently exists
7. Abortion is murder.
8. Asians are still better than us. :p
9. Controversy makes a myriad of winy @ss twelve year olds screech. Like that one twelve year old girl here on crunchy roll who keeps talking about why abortion is okay because she’s actually twenty seven and was raped when she was younger and had to have an abortion.
10. I’m going to get flamed for writing this.
11. I’m not going to read the flaming posts.
12. Somebody reading this right now is raging over nothing, and I’m just giggling while thinking about it.
13. You have to know Spanish to order a burger at Mcdonalds here in Oklahoma.
14. People exaggerate how much illegal aliens help/hurt the American economy. (As, they don’t help it, and they don’t hurt it as bad as we screech.)
15. You can sell anything to children and idiots.
16. Oprah could pwn the world.
17. Crunchy Roll is the best anime website ever.


I don't really agree with 7 or 8 but wow... you hit a home run on almost all of the others.
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/9/07
True love doesn't have a happy ending because it doesn't have an ending.
People will always laugh at other people's discomforts.
Life will always have an ending.
Over-confidence will get you nowhere.
Jealousy is stupid.
Nobody's perfect. (Obviously.)
No one will meet every inch of your expectation.
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/9/07
Nice guys finish last.

Depression is something that everyone has to deal with, in private.

Nobody acts the same in private as they do in public.

People talk crap about other people, but they don't realize that they are choosing to hide their own faults.

Life will not get better.
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/9/07
= accidental post =
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Posted 11/8/07 , edited 11/9/07
1 ppl allways think their view is the world view.
2 All war is caused by greed or number one.
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Posted 12/22/07 , edited 12/22/07
wow truth....well most asians like chinese, jap, taiwanese, koreans etc.....are superior intellectually to most indians, filipinos, indonesians etc...
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