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Psychological Disorders

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Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
my mom, aunt and cousin have depression and the psychology told i was fine
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31 / M / Los Angeles, Cali...
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
i have depression, but don't take meds for it cause they really F**ed with my head.
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Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
I know like half the kids in my grade in high school was diagnosed having ADHD >_>... I'm not saying it's not real, but even they were like "Yeah... my doctor says I have ADHD so I'm using that as an excuse when I get in trouble."

My godmum's a bit bipolar, and I already know I have some issues >_> it's just getting to the doctor... (yes I'm sorta kidding :P)
Posted 3/1/08 , edited 3/2/08
Yes, psychological disorders are pretty common. Most people, if they actually went to a psychiatrist, could probably be diagnosed with one if they complained about something interfering with their ability to function. Many people have problems that don't quite rise to that level.
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Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/9/08
I got Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder since young (as far as I remember) but it cools down and i think my ADD ranges from minor to medium and isn't that strong... my mom told me to stop watching dramas since they believe it worsens ADD ( I truly don't know if it's true),
If anyone out there who has it and wants to cure it, first you need to see a doctor and learn to understand your situation,
rather than medication, the best way I find to reduce ADD is to meditate.
I still refuse to use medication.
Alcohol/Cigs make it worse (I can't resist them tho' I'm a smoker and occasional drinker)
Moreover, it's really hard for us to focus on something, so try to actually pay attention in important classes/meetings, use recorders or take notes down if needed.
But this isn't a serious defect and you still can go around and have fun as people without ADD.
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81 / M / california
Posted 4/8/08 , edited 4/9/08
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

I have this...big time..
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Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
People in ...Hospital . thats all i know ..
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Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
i have none..
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32 / M / over the hills an...
Posted 4/9/08 , edited 4/9/08
its almost impossible not to have one nowadays
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29 / M / Mammago Garage, Y...
Posted 4/10/08 , edited 4/10/08
I think most people have them today because pretty much any sort of seemingly strange/unnatural/unhealthy behavior can have some label slapped on it and made into a disorder. This is happening a lot recently because most people would rather believe that they have some disorder that can be fixed with medicine rather than accept the fact that they're a little crazy. I bet my obsession with Pokemon would encourage some psychologist or whatever to label me and throw some pills at me just to make me feel better (Even though I love the fact that I love Pokemon).
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29 / M / Singapore
Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/11/08
i hav bi polar
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33 / F / Medellín - Colombia
Posted 4/11/08 , edited 4/11/08
The problem with the psychological disorders is that it cause patiente.. For that reason, the people with disorders look for the psychologist
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F / spinning world
Posted 4/12/08 , edited 4/12/08

critiasc wrote:

Do you know anyone with any disorders?

<-----Psych Maj

How do you view such people and do you think that your society/culture is ready to accept them?

Anyway, here's a list:

Acute Stress Disorder
Adjustment Disorder
Alcohol Addiction
Alzheimer's Disease
Amnestic Disorder
Anorexia Nervosa
Antisocial Personal Disorder
Anxiety Disorder NOS
Asperger's Syndrome
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Avoidant Personality Disorder
Binge Eating Disorder
Bipolar Disorder
Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Borderline Personality Disorder
Breathing-Related Sleep Disorder
Brief Psychotic Disorder
Bulimia Nervosa
Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
Childhood Disorder NOS
Childhood Eating Disorders
Cognitive Disorder NOS
Conduct Disorder
Conversion Disorder
Cyclothymic Disorder
Delusional Disorder
Dependent Personality Disorder
Depersonalization Disorder
Depressive Disorder NOS
Disruptive Behavior Disorder NOS
Dissociative Amnesia
Dissociative Disorder NOS
Dissociative Fugue
Dissociative Identity Disorder
Drug Addiction
Dyssomnia NOS
Dysthymic Disorder
Factitious Disorder
Gambling Addiction
Gender Identity Disorder
Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Histrionic Personality Disorder
Huntington's Disease
Impulse-Control Disorder NOS
Intermittent Explosive Disorder
Learning Disorders
Mental Retardation
Mixed-Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder
Munchausen by Proxy
Munchausen Syndrome
Narcissistic Personality Disorder
Nightmare Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorder
Oppositional Defiant Disorder
Pain Disorder
Panic Disorder
Paranoid Personality Disorder
Parasomnia NOS
Parkinson's Disease
Personality Disorder NOS
Pervasive Developmental Disorder NOS
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Postpartum Depression
Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder
Primary Sleep Disorders
Reactive Attachment Disorder
Rett's Disorder
Schizoaffective Disorder
Schizoid Personality Disorder
Schizotypal Personality Disorder
Seasonal Affective Disorder
Selective Mutism
Separation Anxiety Disorder
Sexual Addiction
Sexual Disorder NOS
Sexual Dysfunctions
Shared Psychotic Disorder
Sleep Terror Disorder
Sleepwalking Disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder
Somatization Disorder
Somatoform Disorder NOS
Specific Phobia
Tourette's Syndrome
Undifferentiated Somatoform Disorder

I want to know the meaning of each terms so I can check out what some of my friend's Psychological Disorder. lol XD. It's just there's something wrong with my two friends on how they act and they think.
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