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why did they lock my forum topic??? i just did it to give someone something to read. why does orange juice have to taste so bad after brushing your teeth? why do some vegetables taste disgust, our parents know it, but they still give it to us and stuff it down their throats???why can't we be friends?why do people think pokemon and yugioh are gay even in middle school, but they would secretly be obsessed with it if they had cards and watched the show? why are cards so expensive, even though its basically a picture on paper?why do people in my school make fun of asians, but still remain friends because the asians never fight back? why arent you aloud to fight in school or in the US even though it used to be legal and they basically FIGHT in wars? why dont the US model after the greatest longest lasting country and allow fighting? why dont you buddy me, himynameisdavid.
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Posted 11/9/07 , edited 11/9/07
because it was pointless. Same as this one.

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