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Yes, that's right. Straws. The greatest invention mankind has ever created. Straws, coming in all different sorts of types. Thick straws, short straws, thin straws, long straws. But really, it doesn't matter how they look. It's what's on the inside, because inside, they're all straws, wonderful, wonderful straws. It doesn't matter how they look on the outside,it's what's on the inside! You wouldn't want to use, or even touch, a straw that has dirt and saliva covered in the inside. Those straws are not good straws. Good, clean straws are what matter. They're the ones you want to use, the ones you want to feel, the ones you want to hold in your hand all day.

White straws, red straws, black straws, yellow straws. Don't take time to judge what's on the outside, though everybody does it! Everybody looks at the outside of the straw and decides whether or not it's a good straw or not. But that shouldn't be the case! Straws. What you should look for in a straw is if it's clean and saliva-free inside of it. You wouldn't want somebody else's saliva traveling through your body, would you?

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Straws are cool, but I have a habit to chew on anything I put in my mouth so I tend to not use them.
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LOL! Did you even read it?
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I am not going to let this forum have an entire thread about straws. feel free to talk about it in the chat.

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