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**Create Your Own Character With Status and Abilities
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26 / M / The Seireitei
Posted 2/12/07 , edited 2/13/07
abilites:kills death gos in one hit
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29 / F / Malaysia
Posted 2/13/07 , edited 2/14/07
Should have wrote all the sentence like the others ^^
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27 / M / tn
Posted 2/18/07 , edited 2/18/07
Name : Rose
Gender : Male
Abilities : Unknown
Age : 15
World : Earth

Hair : Long Dark Brown
Face : Light
Eyes : Green
Body : Athletic, Clean

Story : Rose, and his friends have lived in a city where everything has been forgotten, and there are mysterious ruins filled with clues as to the forgotten past. They all go and explore the ruins and Rose discovers something more than just the mystery of the city, something she finds in her best friend Joseph. But unknown to even Rose, he has extraordinary powers, that will turn his friends against him, and reveal the truth behind the accident that caused the city to forget.

story is in development and probably won't be completed for some time ... if it will ever be completed ... a new project of mine
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29 / M / Netherlands
Posted 2/18/07 , edited 2/18/07
Name: the forgotten one
Type: human
Abilities: can summon wings of energy with wich he can fly, can fire energy beams, multiplication, master in wielding a katana and can summon animals/creatures to help him.
Age: nobody knows
World: earth

Hair: hidden by an cloak
Face:hidden by an cloak
Eyes: red

Weapon:2 katana's
Armor: kind of desert nomad clothes
Helmet: cloak

a long time ago, just after the creation of the world there was an angel from heaven who went to visit earth, but once he got there he got attacked by an unnamed beast and almost got killed. But there was a man from a nearby village who came to help the angel, and he defeated the evil beast. the angel granted this man unhuman powers as a thanks, but he also warned the man to not use his powers bluntly because he would cause great misfortune over the people near him.
the man from the village didn't listened tot the angel and used his powers for his own use only. and so he robbed and killed people from nearby villages, to make his own village richer.
but suddenly all the old people in his village began to die, but he thought, its not my fault, old people just die from age, but a few weeks later, all the children who were born, were born death in his village. but he still wouldn't believe it was because he misused his powers.
but then on one day when he was practising wih his powers, his wife suddenly came to him, and as an reflect he trew an energy ball at her. and she died.
after this tragedy, lost in his sorrows he knew that he should have never used his powers in the ways he did. and ever since that day he banned himself from his village and has been roaming the world, getting rid of all evil on earth by himself, in the hope he can make up to his past. and he is called the forgotten one, because he speaks to nobody and nobody knows his name or were he comes from.

Rate it with :
if you cant see the real number but an x it means you're to low level to see how strong i am.
Posted 6/21/07 , edited 6/22/07
Name : Hideyoshi kuranisha
Type : Master Samurai
Abilities : Speed, Accuracy, and offense
Age : 12
World : Peace and War

Hair : Black and spikish
Face : Calm
Eyes : Brown andBlack
Body : normal

Weapon : Katana
Armor : Dragon Robes
Helmet : The Karate cloth thingy (they put it in there heads)
Story : He was small and was in the low status.But, Wants to suceed on fighting and learns all the martial arts he could think of.He grows up with a happy family.High Status.But a group of put them as prisoners.THere's only one thing that can take them back destroy the head

Rate it with :
Status : 9/10
Body : 6/10
Equipment : 8/10
Story : 7/10

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Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
Name : no exact name but people calls him " the end of time", "the omega", "the fallen one"
Type : unknown but some speculate he's a fallen angel
Abilities : - a great swordsman
- has high level magic
- can see through people's souls
- has the power to calls forth demons from the netherworld
"they say when he spills the blood of an innocent the heavens will cry
out and the ground will break and the moon will turn red"
- has the power to bring out your innermost darkside
- some speculate immortality
- other abilities unknown
Age : ???
World : he transcends dimensions

Hair : long silky silvery hair
Face : pale wight
Eyes : normally deep blue but turns to bright red on occassions
Body : average

Weapon : Apocalypse.... the legendary sowrd that is said to be the bringer of pain and chaos to mankind.... (a huge deep blood red broadsword where it is said that souls cry whenever it is drawn)
Armor : A black full armor complimentd by a tettered deep red cape
Helmet : none but has a circlet

none knows his origins..... some say he is a fallen angel or the angel of death... some say he was created when the universe began to balance "The Creation"... legends spoke that he transcend time and space.. traelling between worlds and dimensions.... his sword "Apocalypse" brings fear and terror to anyone who sees it.... it is said that it was made by the power of the heavens and was forged in the fiery depths of hell..... some people say he is the devil himself.... others say that he is on either side (heaven or hell) and his main purpose is to destroy all those that causes imbalance between the two factions..... Legends spoke of the time where he will cast down his sword to the ground and end the world as we know it....

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25 / M / 地球
Posted 6/28/07 , edited 6/29/07
Name : Sakurai Kazuya (桜井一矢)
Type : Mech Pilot
Abilities : Fusion (Combines with mech) Vi-Formation (Final Mech fusion) G-Stone, Tenkushinken: Chou Tatsumaki (Super Tornado), Tenkushinken: Inazuma Ni-Dan Giri (Double Lightning Strike) God Hand Smash. Okay I stole a bit of that from GaoGaiGar XD
Age : 18
World : Earth (Super Robot Wars OG)

Hair : Dark-Red
Face : Dark Tannish
Eyes : Green
Body : Normal

Weapon : KenRyu (Fuses with it), Vikungfu (Mech's final form)
Armor : Evoluder Armor: Made from an powerful alloy made for hand to hand combat.
Helmet : Evoluder Helmet: Made to withstand long range weapon attacks.


A former Zeon commander, he now fights as a member of the ace Londo Bell Team as the only Super Robot-Type pilot (Members Include: Amuro Ray, Camille Bidan and, Judau Ashta) not much else is known about him, but ....He seems to have some kind of connection with Char Aznable.
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Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name : Fei
Type : Martial Artist (human)
Abilities : Sole Successor of the School of " Fury of God " a.k.a. akari no kamisama Technique
Age : 28
World : Human World

Hair : Black
Face : Asian
Eyes : Brown/Black
Body : Lean
A chinese tatoo sumbolizing "judgement" on left hand
A chinese tatoo on right hand symbolizing "punishment"

Weapon : None (bare hand to hand combat specialist)
Armor : plain white sando
green Cargo Pants
Combat boots (black)
Helmet : none
Story : sole successor of the Holy "fury of god" technique which is passed down to only one successor in every generation. master trained two students him and his cousin, robert. During succession ritual where the two trained "would-be" successors would fight in order to decide the new master, Fei ran away from home to escape his destiny and in order not to fight his cousin.

roaming the world polishing his incomplete "fury of god" technique and also ading new variants to the ancient killing art by challenging masters around the world. he is continuously hunted by his master in order to fulfill his obligation and would be destiny......

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24 / M / PuertoRico
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/2/07
Name : Kira
Type : Unown(he maybe a human or shinigami or undead.)
Abilities : Naruto:Hand sings
Age : 13
World : Village on the Mist

Hair : Brown and spikey
Face : Scar on eye
Eyes : Blue
Body : A Big Scar on the chest

Weapon : Twin Sword
Armor : Ninja uniforme
Helmet : Head Band

Story : trying to get more power he encounter an ExShinigami name Ryuuzaki and he got killde he escape from the under word and trying to get revenge he encounter some friends and there name is Ryuk (Hes a Theif) hes tryin to be the best theif in the history (but he cant do it alone) Nicole (Shes a Rare Seeker) shes trying to get the rearest stuff in the word (with the help of Ryuk and Kira) and Shugo (hes aShinigami) hes trying to get revenge on the Shinigami name Ryuuzaki because he killed hes family (he dint know until hes master told him) there current goal is to get revenge on the ExShinigami and in get more power with the Legendary Sword of elements.

Rate it with :

Status : 10/10
Body : 7/10
Equipment : 8/10
Story : 8/10

Did enybody like it?
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39 / In Limbo in Silen...
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/3/07
Name :Johnathan
Type : Human (I think)
Abilities : Conductive Electricity, Electronic interception/interferance, Internally made powerful painkiller chemicals from stress/anticipation/injury, Physical regeneration, thick metal endoskeliton.
Age : Mid or Later 20's
World : Earth, USA, California, LA

Hair : Brown, short and cropped
Face : Narrow, thick sideburns
Eyes : Brown
Body : Like an old boxer/weightlifter, but not ripped.

Weapon : Guns mostly, retractible blades at forearms/elbows/knees/mechanical tail
Armor : Just regular clothes. Jenes, boots/sneakers, Shirts/wifebeaters
Helmet : Baseball cap/knit caps

Not much to him. dosen't exactly know how he got his abilities. He's pervasively brutal when provoked, but enjoys hours on end military shooting video-games. More in tune to the mentality of a bank robber, and a loyal guard-dog.
Though exploited for his abilities, he dosen't care. He is now contracted as a (but not limited to) hit-man. Now he can be set after people/groups for money. Fearless, and just down-right mean, he has no goals or dreams of world domination, or destruction. A visceral and deceptive planner when he needs to be.

PM me if you'd want to read a story with this charicter!

Rate it with: Fei
Stats : 6
Body : 5
Equipment : 7
Story : 6
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30 / M / comic shops and c...
Posted 7/2/07 , edited 7/3/07
090n14567896354634lkadj years old
tall as all hell
a fat guy so he's heavy.
he's a he.

shits razor blades.

corny little jpop cds.

hahaha. u dumb bastard. u can't stop him.

born from the 7 wombs of a masturbating hermaphrodite, this guy can kick ass.
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Posted 7/4/07 , edited 7/4/07
Name : ray spencer / the hunter
Type : human
Abilities : master mechanic (best in the universe)
Age : 31
World : planet sirius 7

Hair : red
Face : white
Eyes : dark
Body : lean
covered with micro machines called nanotech
wears a big red jacket

Weapon : with help of nanotechnology body conforms to any type weapon. highly unstable
Armor :nanotech armor, strong as titanium alloy and regenerates
Helmet : none

Story : the universe's best ship mechanic. started making ships at an early age. traveled the galaxy to learn about new and lost technology. once fixing a krelian ship, an unkown space damaged his physical body.

nearing death he went to the ship's main reactor and somehow was able to merge with the ship which compacted itself to his whole body.

currently, roaming the universe in search of the "great bang", a remnant energy source resulted from the creation of the universe known as "big bang".
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