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December 2006
-- As Crunchyroll gets bigger and more popular Shinji decides he needs more mods. After an application process, shinji chooses 2 forum mods (Do0mAid, Mauz15) and 4 media mods (redgarnettk, ClassicalTwist, DeNote and mushroomjay).
-- Shinji changes the organisation of videos. Music videos are now sorted by artist while he creates a new 'Member' section for people to upload 'whatever they want'. Thread: (~Mauz15)
--Licensed material is removed and no longer allowed to be uploaded. This is done to stop the site getting closed down and to reduce traffic.
-- After creating a chat thread at a random number page and spying on the Mods threads, several members were banned. (~Simpleyesa) (~Animestudz)
-- The CR population increases significantly around December and November. The original members mourn for the CR of the past! Traffic graph for CR:
-- This months Badge is: Haruhi
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