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March 2007
-- The CR Badge for this month is Kakashi.
-- The creation of a Forums game section has made it a 'hang out' place. BasouKazuma creates a sticky in which he explains that spending long periods of time there is not allowed. He then posts links to several ways to chat. Gabbly Chat becomes popular while the off-site chat is being discussed as a possible ShoutBox in the future.
-- The Guestbook Chain letters get out of hand! A thread is made and all members who send chain letters are to be reported to Mods.
-- A few members 'Clean up' their Buddy lists to keep only the ones they have contact with. A thread that shows this:
-- The CR points system is under a little debate as older members notice newer ones have more points than them.
-- A new 'rule' is made about Naruto threads since there are so many! Only a few are left and any new ideas have to be approved by a mod.
-- March/ February- a new feature is made where you can give other members membership. This increases donations as CR friends give them to each other ^-^.
-- There is a problem with one of the servers and many shows can't be watched. Although shinji buys a new disk, problems arise again a day later and he has to order some more parts. On the 13th Shinji fixes the problem by sorting out the motherboard ^-^:
-- Other current common requests/ideas: Spoiler Tags, a Manga section, Karma points, Thread Index thread.
-- In response to the Manga section requests BasouKazuma proposes his idea of using profiles and their photo galleries. The idea is yet to be approved by Shinji and can be found in this thread:
-- Members notice that alot of videos no longer have the 'Larger Screen' link on them. Rumours start that they might have been taken away to encourage members to donate. The other idea is that it is simply just a 'bug'. This is probably the cause of the distortion of some of the videos sizes aswell.
-- There were problems with the videos for a short amount of time and GB entries and favourites were deleted. After about an hour of maintenance by Shinji the problem was fixed. (~q_h)
-- The video player is changed causes some members to complain that they prefered the old one. The 'click to pause' (anywhere on the screen) function is gone aswell as the option to enlarge the screen. However some members claim the quality and speed has improved. CR supporters still have the old player. Opinion thread:
-- Near the middle of March the player turns back to the old one yet it is still not known if this is permanent. Later in the month the larger function also disapears for non-supporters. Clicking the link takes them to the Donating page. Once again it is not known if this is permanent or just a glitch.
-- Killar realizes that with all the Fan Sub groups asking for their shows to be taken down from CR, there may soon be nothing left! He starts up the 'Crunchy Fansub Team'
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