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April 2007
-- This months badge: the FMA badge
-- After members complain about spam video comments BasouKazuma notifies everyone that members who post chain letters will get a severe warning or be deleted. Thread for this:
-- Members notice that they have just lost lots of points and are recieving none for forum posts or GB entries. Shinji then posts an explanation; Temporarily, members wont get points for anything except PMs and Video Comments. While some members are upset about their low point scores, others hope that shinji will keep it so GB entries don't give points. A day later eveyones points (minus GB and Comments) return. The point system is now so that: PM = 4, GB = 0, Comments = 0, Uploads = 20. It is not known if this is a permanent new system.
-- After maintenance on the 6th, crunchyroll returns with an advert in the corner for limited edition crunchyroll t-shirt's! A thread is also started about this and other members are already talking about their own designs and ideas for different 'souvenirs'.
-- The order of some members buddy lists have changed- the reason or new 'logic' is worked out to be that new buddies now go to the end of the list rather than being placed randomly.
-- Because of many duplicate threads and members asking for a forum search function Mauz15 creates an Index thread for the general section:
He later asks for helpers to do an Index thread for the anime section. jamehze and animestudz volunteer and help make:
-- After the General Forum section becomes taken over by Quiz threads Mauz15 decides (with prompts from many members) to have them all placed in the Games section instead:
-- Although no notice has yet been given by shinji, it seems there is now a bandwidth limit for non-supporters. After so many videos a sign appears instead saying: "Bandwidth Exceeded. If you see this message, this means crunchyroll cannot afford anymore bandwidth for today. =*(. cr star supporters will never see this message!'' Discovery and ScreenShots:, Thread: It is revealed later that the limit is 15-20 videos a day (Shinjis time zone)
--The Larger link returns for all users to use.
-- Shinji decides on a new points system:
GB/ Posts/ Comments = 2
Per photo in your gallery = 7
Uploads = 20
Completing profile = 5, Avatar = 5, Email = 3
He decided to take points away from PMs since they don't contribute to the community. Shinji also creates a 'breakdown' of where each members points have come from on their profiles.
-- The space in the 'About Me' section of profiles is increased from 500 characters to 4924! This was probably caused by the inclusion of point details. BB Code now works on profile spaces too! (Bold,Italic, Underlined)
-- Thumbnails of photos in each members gallery now appear on their main profile page.
-- Shinji makes a 'Search Users' box in the top right. Partial searching doesn't work yet but the results given show; avatar, name, headline, a/s/l and total points.
-- After some members had problems with points and the breakdown; it is fixed and presented more compactly and neatly in profiles.
-- The order of pictures in members' profiles has changed so that the newer ones are at the front/top.
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