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Posted 11/16/07 , edited 11/16/07
May 2007
-- This months badge turns out to be the same as the first one from August 2006. However, it's name is 'Placeholder', suggesting that it's only temporary until Shinji creates the actual May 2007 badge.
-- On the 3rd May the placeholder becomes the Nana Badge.
-- The Adbrite player returns on some videos- but this time with the larger function: This is changed back to the old player again a few days later. Shinji is still testing it as members have been having problems.
-- The 'Closed Thread' link at the bottom of the forum page is made visible to normal members (not just mods) again.
-- The edit box for the about me section in profiles is made bigger. (from roughly 3x3cm to 10x4cm). Function buttons like above forum posts are also added.
-- By the 'Log Out' link in the corner there used to be a red link saying '? new messages' when new ones were recieved or in your inbos still. The system is changed now so there is only a link to 'Inbox'. It no longer keeps count of how many messages you have recieved.
-- Crunchyroll experiences a major glitch where all new posts turn into '37 years old'. For threads, new posts appeared on the first page with labels of 37 years ago... making them the first posts of the threads. Threads affected include "Talk to the Mods" thread and many other threads from all sections. Same thing applied to GBs and PMs... new PMs went to the first page in the inbox.. because they were '37 years old'. After around 10 minutes everything returned to normal. (~q_h). This happens again later in the month;
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