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Posted 11/16/07 , edited 11/16/07
June 2007
-- The badge for this month is FMP
-- The red 'New Msgs! (?)' link by the log out button is back!
-- A glitch on CR causes many videos to be moved to wrong folders or go missing. A red message also appears at the top of the CR page saying 'The problem with video organization/missing vids will be fixed soon!'
-- The video organisation problem is fixed!
-- Shinji opens up applications for 3 forum and 3 media mods:
-- A little glitch causes some recent forum posts, GB's and PM's to vanish. A mediamod also has to reapprove media as they vanish back to the approve list again. (This glitch is later fixed)
-- The rules on innapropriate avatars and pictures are reinforced as members can be reported on the chainletter report thread aswell. Guidlines are given in the first post as to what is and is not pg-13.
-- The settings on CR are changed so that you have to be logged in to see the Forums and Profiles.
-- Due to his request to shinji, the Media Mod MushroomJay is changed into a Forum Mod. (~redgarnettk)
-- A new link appears at the bottom of the page called 'Contact/faq':
-- Moderators now have the power to delete avatars and video comments. This helps with the recent increase in chain letter and innapropriate avatar reports.
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