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38 / M / Utah
Posted 2/3/07 , edited 4/13/08
Note: I'm going to edit this post once I get my story published.

Edit: XD sorry I forgot to read the first post.


There was a continent called Terran; it does not have many records about its history. So many sought for its secrets, but few were found, and were treasured. But later on some people of the younger generation want to find and stay at new lands while sharing their past to the total strangers they meet. This action cause the rest of Terran, now called Old Terran forced the younger generation, now called the Young alliance to stay.

There used to be ten foundations in Terran, but later split up into those two groups causing the conflict between them to grow. These foundations are the fire, sea, sky, land, and antecedent foundation; there are two same foundations of each name. They are exactly alike, but they are on the other side of Terran from the each other. It was easy for the two groups to separate because of the contrary, gemini foundations.

Albeit that the reason the foundations were like that are still unknown; people can tell why the name of that foundation because of its location, for example both fire foundations is inside a dormant volcano, both sea foundations is under the continent, but in the ocean, inside an immense underwater cave, both sky foundations is in the sky on a floating island that orbit on their own side of Terran, both land foundations is near an abyss, and both antecedent foundation change its location depending on the season so it is the only foundation that’s name is not about its location. Terran is a continent that is symmetrical in every way except the groups.

There are rumors about hidden foundations in the Pariah dessert, but no one return from that harsh desert.

The first chapter is in this thread
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32 / M / California
Posted 2/3/07 , edited 4/13/08
We may be making a Creative Works section. If we do, this thread will go there.
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28 / F / earth
Posted 2/25/07 , edited 4/13/08

Deep in the forest
I stand alone
Watching the Morning sprinkle her mist
Across the vibrant hues of green
Opals of light carry themselves to the ground
Glittering to the end of each horizon
Shades of midnight blue slowly disperse
to uncover a soft blanket of serenity

I feel safe.

Surrounded by defining movements
I embrace the feelings of new lives
Beginning as tiny buds that unearth in spring
As birds start to hunt for their nestlings
Bears awake from their deep slumber only
To find empty bellies and curious cubs growling
Eagles soar through out the land to re-ensure
a little chaos yet justice

I am at home.


Shoes detearting autumn leaves on
The shattered ground,
Letting their bronzed beauty.
Slip through the cracks of our memories,
Only leaving a imprint.

Golden streaks of sunlight peaking
Through auburn and bronze leaves to reveal
Frosted blades of grass glittering,
With a slight chill nipping at people's heels.

A spawn of mother tree leaving it's mark
Within the ruse noises and obsence gestures
Of a one way street leading
To a nonstop 9-5 life.

Bleeding through raining tears
Shed by April's showers,
To sprout in June,
Only to leave in November.

Imprints of beauty covered by
The first snowfall of the year
Lost to our memories,
yet leaves a perfect imprint on the
Shattered ground.

Flying with Butterflys

Flying with butterflys
Taking off
Leaving the hostile ground
Behind me
Surrounded by echoing sounds
Soaring in
Clouds with butterflys
Reflecting on
The colors of the sky
Dancing are
Feelings of the earth all around me
Beating are
The wings so steadily
Peaceful it seems
Because now I can soar
Flying with butterflys
This is what freedom is for
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F / New York
Posted 2/27/07 , edited 4/13/08
Sure, why not? =D


He never felt so alone in his life.

He's maybe sorrounded by dozens of people who works for his parents' companies including the bodyguards and nannies his father and mother hire to hover around him, but deep inside his 13 year-old body, he felt so empty-and uncomfortably alone.

Eventhough he didn't know then how people think he's so lucky to be the only heir who will inherit his parents business, he's not that stupid to think that they are really here for him.

But he knows he should be happy from all the presents he received like any other normal boys would react receiving hundred of gifts as if he was a king, but right that moment, he felt as unhappy as a commoner.

And he's suffocating.

In his own house.

If he wouldn't escape sooner or later, he will go crazy. And he's not going to cause a nice scene when he's going crazy.

Lifting a finger, a couple of bodyguards was instantly beside him as if protecting him from predators.

"Prepare the car. I'm leaving this funeral." He said emotionless to Nanny Crunchy, the only person who he treats differently.

The noise immediately fade away seeing the young master being escorted outside the mansion towards a black limousine.

It only meant one thing:

The young master cut the party early.

"Young Master, you know very well than I that this is not a funeral." Nanny Crunchy gave his master a cold look that only she knows the concern beneath it.

"Yes. It. Is." He returned, getting in the limo.

The nanny silently cried over for her master's pain. She knew him very well to know he's really hurting inside.

But she don't blame him.

"I'm staying over at the Zhou mansion tonight. Don't wait up."

"Well," She gave up and sigh. "Happy Birthday young master."

Before the boy closed the door, he stared up to his nanny and had the urge to weep to her.

But he won't cry.

Because he don't know how.

"Birthday?" He said, still staring to his nanny. "Did I ever exist?"

Nanny Crunchy gave a small gasp that only she could hear but before she could respond, the young master was already closing his door...

...And closing his heart...


Too long? Lol sorry. I'm just pretty bored.
Posted 3/10/07 , edited 4/13/08
Drowning always suffocating all alone in a world I call my own
My dream is to walk on the ocean floor,but I can't dream that anymore
Trying to do my best,but always failing life's test
I'm under pressure and it's not getting any better
In this Deep Water
Fish from the 7 seas'll tell ya
In this Deep Water
you drown,you die,but when you dream it's a lie
Caverns so old that thay told me the future
of how one day a city will rise....then fall...then bulid right back up before our eyes
Walls of the deep tell history of how a long time ago there were mermaids
swam all the time In this Deep Water
I'm under pressure and it's not getting any better
In this Deep Water
Fish from the 7 sea'll tell ya
In this Deep Water
you drown,you die,but when you dream it's all a lie
Going under was my dream(yume)
but then I just had to get lost(nakushita)
I was drowning in a blue pile of nightmares
In this Deep Water
the Deep Water suffocated my life and never made it right
This Deep Water drowned my dream and now nothing's what it seems
My whole life under the pressure of this Deep Water
(I'm under pressure and it's not getting any better)In this Deep Water
Fish from the 7 seas'll tell ya
In this Deep Water
you drown(you go down)you die(but why)but when I dream I'm the only who lies
you get blamed(life's a game)it's a shame(it's all the same)In this Deep Water(oh)
(oh,oh)(Deep Water)(yeah,Deep Water)
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38 / F / East Bay California
Posted 3/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
I wrote this for one of my creative writing classes in '01:

The Fight

The moonlight filters dimly into Lindsey’s room through the mini-blinds making her skin shine in the darkened room. Absently, she traces Marcus’ muscled chest with her spider-like fingers as they lay in each other’s arms. She is soothed by the rhythmic pattern of his breath; it’s getting harder for her to stay awake, especially with him gently stroking her hair. This is so unlike her, she barely knew this guy. She had only met him a couple of weeks ago. To just suddenly go to bed with him…no, this was not like her at all. Yet, she didn’t regret her decision…in fact she felt that this was truly someone she could spend the rest of her life with. She wondered if he felt the same about her.
“Wow,” she said letting out a contented sigh.
“Yeah. That was great, wasn’t it?”
“Mmmm, really great. I just hope this won’t…change things for us.”
“What d’ya mean?”
“Well, it’s just that it’s just so soon, we’ve only just met. I mean, I don’t regret this or anything, but…well…I just don’t want you to thi…”
Marcus silenced her with a kiss, softly, almost teasingly at first then a little more aggressive. This is it…there is no doubt in my mind…he’s definitely the one. A little laugh escaped her lips and he began to nibble on her neck.
“Oh, Marcus,” she murmured.
“Oh, Christy” he mumbled as he nuzzled her breasts.
Marcus stopped dead in his tracks, knowing by the tone in her voice and the sudden rigidity of her body that he had seriously slipped up. Maybe if he didn’t make any sudden movements he could get out of this with his manhood intact.
“What did you say?” she demanded.
“Oh, baby?” he ventured?
“No, that’s not what I heard.” Narrowing her eyes, she asked,” What’s my name?”
“What, you don’t think I remember your name…we’ve been dating for three weeks, of course I remember your name?” His mind raced, scrambling to find the right answer.
“Then WHAT. IS. IT?” Marcus could practically envision the venom dripping from each syllable that passed her lips.
Marcus drew a blank. He tried to shape his features into an expression of hurt and betrayal, but all he could manage was fear. I know it ends with a Y. He studied her, hoping that maybe just maybe he could decipher her name from how she appeared. Maybe she had some kind of tattoo or necklace with her name on it, but nothing. She crossed her arms across her chest and stared at hem expectantly. He could tell by the murderous look in her eyes that he was running out of time. It was now or never…and then suddenly; as if the wool had been pulled from his eyes he knew her name.
“Cindy,” he announced triumphantly. He watched with glee as her jaw dropped. Wow, I guess she really didn’t think I’d remember. She looks pretty surprised. I wonder if I can guilt trip her for more sex?
Marcus was still trying to figure out ways to manipulate the situation to get what he wanted when Lindsey leaped forward intent on ripping his tongue out. Bewildered he fought off her attacks and wondered why Cindy kept shouting Lindsey.
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27 / M / Germany
Posted 3/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
that is one of the longest posts i've ever SEEN
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38 / F / East Bay California
Posted 3/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
sorry about wasn't doing quite what I wanted it to do...but I think I fixed it
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32 / M / California
Posted 3/21/07 , edited 4/13/08
Redirected from the following thread.
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29 / M / Sometimes here, s...
Posted 3/21/07 , edited 4/13/08
Reaturn to Me
Love comes once, comes around twice
You never thought that you would see me again
Ten years later and it's changed so much
Second thoughts of why you left for him

And It's been so long
But I never forgot our love
It's never too long
Once again I'll have to rise above

We can work this out
We can work this out

And I've rehearsed these lines before
But I can't say them to your face
Written out like a script, in my mind
But I didn't include him in this scene

And I'll try so hard
To get back what we once had
I've tried so hard
You were the one who packed my bags

We can work this out
We can work this out

I tried to leave but I could not live
With out you there, too many tears
So hard to pretend that I was strong
Why won't you see that I need you
Here...with me
Here...with me

Just one more chance
For once please have some faith in me
Only one chance
The love's still here, I know you see

You belong with me
You belong with me

We'll work this out (x4) me

(wrote this song for a concert that was last posting the video of the performance on youtube tomorrow if anyone is interested...just message me if you want the link n_n
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32 / M / California
Posted 3/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
Redirected from the following thread.
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29 / M / It be sleepy time...
Posted 3/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
Damn he hated that old man, he had promised that rotted piece of wood he called a ship would survive. Hell the old man hadn’t even let him look at another ship instead he had shipped him off on a rotting piece of timber and a crew that looked as though they should be skeletons. She had done well, that was until they were far enough away from shore to have to worry about drowning then the ship started to show its true colors as the hull flooded with water. He had not truly begun to worry until the ship had started to drop in the water but still the crew assured him all was well, of course they had continued to assure him of that even as they sank into the cold icy water clinging onto pieces of wood like rats trying to stay afloat.

Now he was stuck staring into the sky lying down on the beach of some foreign land the air was like needles on his skin, his lungs afire with pain as though he has swallowed a handful of glass. He could see the out lying silhouettes of peoples as they slowly advanced towards him, he could hardly understand them as they spoke with their rough accents. Though he needed not to understand them one could only tell what they were thinking by looking at their grim faces he saw the soft shine of a blade in the light of the moon, he screamed in pain as the blade came down swift and hard easily piercing his lung.

His mind slowly fades into darkness as he is consumed he hears the soft giggling of a girl, he manages to pry his eyes open to see a small girl in white like that of freshly fallen snow, standing over him she spoke in a voice to wise for one of her years. “You shall not die today it is not yet your time; you shall be a great champion in my name.” He struggles to speak coughing up deep red blood in the process but finally he manages to speak in a weak lifeless voice. “Who are you?” The strange girl merely smiles and strokes his cheek before she begins to walk off turning to reply tauntingly. “Call me Death.” With one more silvery giggle the girl faded away like a moon beam disappearing as day slowly begins to break. Once more his world faded away into the darkness he had grown so accustomed to.

[I will probably never bother to finish this and no it doesn't get an intro]
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29 / M / Toronto
Posted 3/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
This is a nice thread but uhmm...I dun want to post my works here...its either they are too long or people might make fun of me. XD. I just post mine on Facebook.
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29 / M / Toronto
Posted 3/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
Its just writing is very different...and I hate criticism.

Hmmm, I've looked through my files...this one might be decent enuf...but seriously if it sucks just dont tell me...

Searching for Salvation

I despise myself for being incapable. My most treasured is exactly in front of me yet I could not lift a solitary finger nor pour a drop of effort to try and restore its grace. If rules could be defied or nullified, it would have been unnecessary to place a grudge upon myself. But reality is reality. No matter how much I try to avoid such fangs of this dimension, I could never entirely prove my devotion. If the heavens should snap and fall upon this earth, would I just stand in disappointment as I watch the most precious thing to be obliterated in half a moment? It is obvious that the answer already lingers inside my head but my limbs are restricted by my incompetence in allegiance with the harshness of reality.

Although with my strong disbelief in fate, will I submit to it and allow it to choose my path for me, which is clearly nowhere close to the path of my treasured. Should I be glad that I will never cause pain but, at the same time, could never share it and replace it with bliss?

If I choose it and re-define what my most valued is, then I would only be deluding myself with lies. It is because if I could replace what I should treasure, then I could always replace the existing one with another one indefinitely. This order would make everything I choose to treasure worthless and, at the same time, fooling myself of such "ability" to preserve grace.

This could mean that I have failed life. It has been harsh to give me two impossible options. Should I suffer in the despair of my incompetence or forever fill myself with delusion and poisonous illusions?

A dilemma that could benefit no one but fate; allowing itself to mock the very pathetic person that I am.

EDIT: Be reminded that this is not about me. I write interior monologues and anonymous narration (either dual, multiple or no character).
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27 / M / Canada
Posted 3/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
here's mine I'm like one em crazy war history fanatics and fantasizers.. lol
now let me find it..and I love dramatizing Also, no editing was done!

Here we go!
A Can of Peaches
The grey concrete bunker stood on a crumbling hill. Holes were embedded into it. Explosions bounced off. I lay my back to the walls. My ears ring with the sounds of gun, yelling in the air. The smell of cigeratte smoke hummed over the bunker like a cloud. rays of sunlight, beamed onto my face, and brings a new day to our battered bunker. I touch the ground with my bloodied hands. It's cold, rough, and damp with warm blood. I look around, seeing fellow comrades slowly dying. The smell of rotten corpses caught my nose. A revolting smell. Everybody's face is black and grim. I drop my rifle. "Thud" was all I could hear in the bunker. My eyes begin to close, but I attempt to keep them open. I reached into my sack to find my last rations of food. A can of peaches. I grabbed the pin and opened it. The smell of peaches filled my noses and senses. I found a fork in my sack and impaled a slice. Dripping with syrup, I plopped it into my mouth. It's flavour bursted all over and around my mouth. The tartiness lingered on my tongue. Machine fire disrupted my sensation. I ate a couple of more slices. Oh, how sweet they were! With the remaining slice, I dropped my fork. I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. I dropped the can and it rolled beside me. The syrup started to mix with the blood. I putted the can right side up and there remained a slice and some juice. I took out my log and wrote:
Dear Mom and Dad,
Thanks for the peaches. They were delicous. Mom, have you ever thought of selling them? They make good money you know...
and Dad, don't worry too much...
PS: dad, guess we won't be able to finish that tool shed together eh?
Your son, William

I close the log and my eyes began to droop. My vision goes blurry. I hold my head into the sunlight once more. The warm beam relaxed me. Exhausted, I said the final words. " Hey, John, eat this last slice of peach for me k? They're good, really good, mom made em."

Heres another one, Haven't named it yet, since it's not done, just started writing this piece 3 days ago :P

I wake up with a immense headache. Everywhere was bright. It didn’t seem like I was in my room. It didn’t even seem like my town at all. I was thinking of this as a dream, as some sort of dog-faced person came up to me and said:
“You lost, son?”
“N…no, sir.”
“Good day then.”
“Y…you …too.” I was pretty shocked. A person that had a dog’s face, or something like that. I walked in to what seemed like a pub or hotel of some sort. I asked the manager and learned that these creatures are known as Moant.
“Moants are of the most wealthiest creatures in this world. We humans are nothing compared to them. There are also other creatures like these Moant.”
“So…I was wondering… where am I exactly?”
The manager replied-“ Why, your in Khalim!”
Khalim…that’s the town I live in….but it’s nothing like this. I said good-bye to the manager and left. For a moment there, I didn’t even realize what I was wearing. I wore some sort of pants and shirts, with a ragged robe around me. I also noticed 2 swords on my waist and three daggers on my thighs. I was utterly confused with this getup. I walked out of town only to find myself surrounded by wolves…or so they looked like wolves. They had a blue coat with a white cross near their nose. Some also had some feathers sticking out near the base of the neck, like a necklace or something. There were about six of these creatures. I drew my swords, which looked a lot like the katana. For an instant, my body moved the sword over my face to parry an attack from one of the creatures. I managed to attack back, gutting one of these creatures. As it wailed and screamed in agony, it slowly disintegrated into floating pieces which resembled a lot like data, as these one’s and zero’s formed into a line. The line of data surrounded me and entered my body. I was scared out of my wits what had just happened. But, I felt some sort of power inside me as if I was getting stronger. The wolf like creatures came at once more. I swung my blade and hoped for the best. I killed off two more. The remaining three ran off in a hurry. The lines of data enter my body again. I actually feel a surge of energy.
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