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37 / F / East Bay California
Posted 5/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
And He Leaves With Pretty Words

And he leaves with pretty words
Petty promises that my ears before have heard
Talk of friendship and "This is not goodbye"
I pray for truth but know that I'll find lies
While honest he may still yet prove to be
The voice inside my head says the one to fear is me
This dark path that I now follow, so familiar it fels like home
I've spend so long here, loathing and loving this feeling of "alone"
I thought that I was seeking love, but perhaps it's sadness that I crave
Grief and I are dear old friends, best friends until the grave
Blame I'd love to place on him for the pain that I'm now feel
But does fault truly lie with him, when what was lost was never real?
So spirits, omens tell me true, what shall I take from this?
Should I listen to his pretty words, or believe his goodbye kiss?
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31 / M / US
Posted 5/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
You guys can look for spelling errors. T_T

I attempted to write a poem awhile ago, its started like this:
oh how I hate writing sonnets
if only this was a haiku
oh how I hate writing sonnets
I would rather do seppuku
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Posted 5/11/07 , edited 4/13/08

BasouKazuma wrote:

We may be making a Creative Works section. If we do, this thread will go there.

I'd say that this would be a very, very good idea, and I'd support it.

I'm writing a story right now, but it's not really anime/manga based at all, so I'm not going to post it here, but I'll give a link to it at Fictionpress:

Also! If anyone here is interested, I'm looking for someone to write a story with me. It's sort of an exercise in character development - or roleplaying. We'll take turns writing chapters while moving the plot along as well. You know where to contact me if anyone's interested in doing this.

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30 / F / (^_\\\) Online~ M...
Posted 5/11/07 , edited 4/13/08
Ok Um i started this awhile ago kinda forgot about it but, i recently found it again but i started writing another story while this one was lost so i'm currently thinking about combineing them but i'll put this up anyway. it's called "Abandoned" it may get pg-13 or R in the next part but i'll only put that up if ppl like this so here we go!! (actually I'll put it on another post because i talked way to much in this one lol ^.^

ok this is it if you like it message me and i'll put more up ^.^


The Mercury Montego sped down the street weaving in and out of traffic with three children in the back seat huddling close together afraid for their lives.
“Brother why… why have the bad men come back didn’t mommy give them what they wanted a long time ago?”
“Brother! Answer me!” the youngest of the three yelled frantically.
“You mustn’t ask him things that he doesn’t know the answer too Steven.” The boy’s mother replied from the driver’s seat as she swung the steering wheel hard to the left to avoid being hit by one of the numerous black Mercedes Benz’s chasing them through the City of the Past. Steven looked through the back windshield at his family’s pursuers when the passenger of the closest Benz put his arm out the window with pistol in hand.
“Mommy…” the boy said with a little whimper in his voice.
“I know darling.” She said still calm and collected as she rounded another bend and avoided hitting a rickshaw cart. The man started shooting at the tires of the deep blue Montego. The Benz swerved sharply to the right continuing the pursuit onto the narrow cobblestone street, but the driver cut it a little to sharp and hit the curb putting the Benz on two wheels. The driver panicked trying to get the car back on four wheels and rolled the car twice before it slammed into the large catholic cathedral and exploding on impact.
Steven looked out the back window again in time to see the Mercedes explode.
“Sister look!!” Steven said.
“Steven!” his sister scolded “You shouldn’t watch that!”
“But Jenny-kun its cool don’t you think so too Tashinka-kun”
“Listen to your sister Steven” Tashinka responded coldly.
“Children now behave we’re almost out of town and then we’ll be okay. Alright?” the children’s mother’s calm cool voice came above the sound of squealing tires as the Montego rounded another bend with the pursuers close behind.

Here's a poem i wrote a little while ago just thought i'd put it up for the sake of doing something

"A Light Of My Own"

Your light consumed me
Our souls so like one
But now it's all over
How can we be done?

Light turned to darkness
Love turned to pain
Life turned to death
And then it begins to rain

The rain streams down my face
Running through my soul
Washing it out
And trying to make me once again whole

Now I open my eyes
To meet a new day
You have taught me many things
These will never go away

We shared so many good times
I'm sad that we are now done
Maybe someday the scars will fade
Maybe someday we can again be like one

But for now we are apart
Between us the walls have grown
I guess I will have to stand
In a Light all my own
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23 / F / My happy place -...
Posted 5/16/07 , edited 4/13/08
i Watch from my

I watch as the sun rises,
Far above,
The sky brightens,
The dawn of a new day;
Of a new beginning,
The world is waking,
And so am I.

I watch as the rain pelts,
On my window,
Lighting strikes,
Thunder roars,
The trees shake from the wind,
The world is frightened,
And so am I.

I watch as the snow,
Gently glides down,
The sky is gray,
But the world is white,
Everything’s pure,
The world is sleepy,
And so am I.

I watch as white,
Turns to green,
So colorfully,
The birds sing so loud,
And the butterflies crowd,
The world is happy,
And so am I.

I watch as the sun sets,
Before my eyes,
I hear the waves crash,
On the shore,
And I hear the gulls cry with delight,
From above,
The world is peaceful,
And so am I.

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33 / M / Iloilo City, PH
Posted 5/16/07 , edited 4/13/08
here's one we made at a drinking session when i was in highschool...

you slice me without remorse...
you stab and skewer me without hesitation...
you rub salt and garlic on my wounds...
you strapped and charred me over hot coals...
you pour sauce over my body, mocking me....
and when all's said and done you give me a look of pure satisfaction...

you fucking sadist... i hope you enjoy your barbecue...
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23 / F / My happy place -...
Posted 5/16/07 , edited 4/13/08
A Stormy Night
Breana Buckley

The sun is gone,
Darkness looms,
It creeps closer and closer,
And closer,
It suffocates me with its eerie silence,
Where is the moon? Where are the stars?
I do not know,
For the only light is that of lighting,
The only sound is thunder,
Though I know rain pours on my roof,
I suddenly hear steps from the attic,
Only rats I hope,
I pray for sleep,
The floorboards creak in reply,
Sweat pours from my forehead,
A bare branch pounds my window,
The wind blows with rage,
I twist and turn,
My heart is racing,
I feel as if in the eye of a storm,
The calm will stop at any moment,
I feel a chill,
Tears of fear fall from my eyes,
PLEASE! I shout in my head,
The thunder only grows louder, closer,
The wind grows fiercer,
The night mocks me,
I lay petrified,
I’m too scared to speak, or to scream,
Many hours pass,
Many tormenting hours,
The storm slows,
no lightning, no thunder,
The rain is a drizzle,
The wind is now a breeze,
finally my eyes droop,
They close,
I’m free,
Free to sleep,
To breathe,
To smile,
Good Night.
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F / The wonderful wor...
Posted 5/21/07 , edited 4/13/08
As I lay in bed and think about you
I wonder what we will do
Is there a chance we will ever meet?
And if we do will you accept me for me?
Can I live up to your expectations?
Will my untold secrets scare you away?
And can you forgive me for the lie I told?
As I drift off to sleep, I wonder how it will all work out.
And I wonder will you still love me in the end?
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29 / M / the city of piney...
Posted 5/22/07 , edited 4/13/08
to you

i had been grasping at nothing but air recently,
dreams of requite circling who i am,
and with every breath i take,
two are drained,
leaving me a fraction lifeless...

yet, beyond all my dismay,
a gleam of hope had taken me.
and it was not an unfamiliar one
for it reaked of belonging,
and was one that made me long its embrace...

i bathe myself in its warmth,
and life enters me, slowly,
yet progressively,
filling me to my limits,
and making my heart soar...

for this gleam of hope,
i give thanks,
to you.
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29 / M / the city of piney...
Posted 5/22/07 , edited 4/13/08

why do i feel tormented,

though i saw you in my dream last night,

wherein the rain reflected my mood,

and the storm had shown my pain,

but all these vexations disappeared,

when i held you in my arms,

and i stole a kiss from your lips,

finally feeling my love had been returned.

so i took your hand in mine,

your hands still as beautiful as newly fallen snow,

and i felt as if i wanted time to end,

so i could be with you for an eternity,

finally i noticed the sky,

i thought might still have reflected my mood,

but with no surprise,

the sun was shining,

the only thing wrong with this dream,

was that, i awoke...
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27 / M / Moving around or...
Posted 5/23/07 , edited 4/13/08
A Dark and Shining Summer

I fly to her, in the shine of summer.
The one I look for, but cannot see.
The one I long for, but cannot have.
My passion burning, like the heat of summer.
My heart glowing, like the shining sun.

To be with her, is my summer dream.
To see her smile, would make my day.
To hold her hands, would make me blush.
To peck her in the cheeks, would make my heart jump.

Alas, we cannot be.
My love for her is as forbidden as the depths of hell.
Her hands, are held by another man.
My summer shall be no shining joy,
But rather, full of pain and agony.

Oh, how sweet it would be,
But to be stabbed in the heart, by a thousand swords.
To see my blood and life, gush out like a raging river,
To see it all flow away,
Into the darkness of summer.


My Pervect Little Angel

My pervect little angel,
Is a naughty little angel.
She'll hug you and kiss you,
And make you go crazy.

She'll tell you not to fall for her,
But she won't make it any easier.
She'll flirt with you all day,
And expect you to not love her.

You try to hide your feelings.
But before you know it,
Your hearts already gone missing.

You find that your hearts with her,
And so you ask for its return.
She tells you its hers now,
And that you'll never get it back.

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30 / M / La Ville De Musiq...
Posted 5/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
"My Torture"

I stand before you with my heart torn asunder shedding my silent tears unto the moon. Debating while my happiness is fading, ill be doing this untill noon.

Time is of the essence, but yet my time in is infinite. Between the moments of my seconds my mind races only to be stopped in its pace, because i have to face this familliar ache, this emotional quake, this self inflicted heartbreak..Threatining to rape my mind and make a cassette tape of the perfect mistake....

Can anyone tell me why am i mourning a loss thats not really gone but not really in my possession. A lover but a lova. Or should i make it be my dark obsession? Maybe i'll just become another fallen soul. Destined to be desolate, Surrounded by sin ,Shrouded in darkness, Always wondering how did it all begin and enternaly fearing how it will all end?

And yet watchin the world spin.

Well the night sky is fading and it'll be morning soon. I wanted to get this off my chest before the light of the next moon. I just wanna know. Can you tell me? Did i make a mistake by letting you go?
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30 / M / ninja mode
Posted 5/25/07 , edited 4/13/08
[i]Warriors of Change

intro. this is a story of ganaru wendeless born and trained in the kyuba tribe. in the world of sonosilias which consists of an ancient technological advanced time. hundreds of nations and 28 hidden tribes exist in all. these tribes were founded a long time ago by certain individuals who wanted to make a new type of system of governmatic change. the people who founded these nations were individuals who greatly respected the hero senial hendel.
who wrote that to live one's life, there is neither good nor evil only the circumstances of the situation. humans should live their lives following the trials of man, woman, and the warrior. the men and women who founded these nations of warriors believed exactly what senial said. these individuals who created these nations were mercenaries who fought for huge sums of money in a huge war. there were 29 members who fought for the ninsinias army.
the leader of this brigade was none other then senial Hendel himself. senial fought the imperial terros. at a time in which the terros controlled 85 % of the world and humans were nothing but cattle, and slaves. the nation of ninsinias was the only free nation left in the world . The terros emperor demanded the warrior nation submit into terros control, they refused. war began.
since almost the whole world was almost completely under terros reign. the brigade of the Dragon had no where else to go. so they enlisted in the ninsinias army. they fought bravely and helped liberate the world; yet like all stories the hero must die to change it all. senial hendel gave his life to set humanity free. he told the whole army to flee far away from the city. he would end this war himself. having gathered energy into his body for 2 months he was prepared to release it all in a furious explosion upon the biggest city in the whole Terros Empire killing millons of the terrothian people. all that remained after was senials dying body inside of a deep crater.
this is where he told his last famous words to his friends who had returned after he leveled the city. to live life without pain, means to live life ignorant of suffering. senial was greatly honored by the whole human race. shortly after morale rose greatly'; to a point when there was only 20,000 terros left. now four hundred years later thanks to the brigade of the Dragon over 312 nations exist . the 28 tribes make money by offering their services to the other nations. the 28 tribes were created from those who were left in the brigade of the dragon.

Episode. 101 .Ch.1 Ganaru prepares for the trials! A familiar face

Sorry about the long post but this is roughly my prologue or introduction into the story. I had the first chapter up but it was deleted from my computer. give me any ideas for chapter one and so on. I plan on making this into a anime that's why it is also called episode. 101.

this is a further revision:

here's how I had ch.1 set up: it consists of several different flashbacks that relate to Ganaru. it shows how ganaru has to deal with the people around him, and controversy surrounding his families past. here's my intro for ch.1.

Ganaru wendeless born in D.E(Dragon Era) 420 is the son of the legendary warrior and traitor Kane Wendeless and his mother Karen Lendya who was supposedly the strongest priestess that the tribe of trilendos ever produced,who died of giving birth to Ganaru. due to the actions of his father and the tragic death of his mother. ganaru was always treated with animosity and sometimes outright hatred, while growing up. Ganaru had to grow up early because of the way he was treated as child. he would always get into trouble as boy: ranging from almost killing grown men and women; to almost getting expelled from school for fist fighting his teachers. now 17 years later in the year 437 D.E Ganaru Wendeless prepares for the Trials of man that will help change his life forever.

the role my main character is going to have is this. he\'s on a journey that will last a life time. he wishes to become the ultimate warrior to ever exist,and to be recognized not only by his on tribe; but, by the 28 tribes that currently exist. you see I\'m going to break the books into volumes. the first volume will mainly consist of the interaction amongst the teams that are formed. the teams will take missions for certain sums of money which in turn will help increase the tribes wealth and power. the teams will each learn more about it each others past,and family. during the course of these missions it will help the teams prepare for the dragon tournament. the dragon tournament will have the top teams from all of the tribes compete to see who deserves to move up in rank. it also is an anniversary of the great war that humans fought for there freedom; and lastly it helps the tribes gather potential clients. one more thing it will show that the terros that survived the war will be plotting to avenge their ancestors

of course governmatics is a word I made up fact its one of many I made up.

this is more plot development:

based on the advice given so far I believe I need to clear somethings up and add new things.

first things, first Magic. magic comes in many different forms in the world, in which my story is set. there is spiritual energy,mental energy, and planetary,and universal energy. Spirit energy is energy that comes from one's Spirit. if you use up all of one's Spirit energy you die. all forms of one's energy are linked to your spirit. Mental energy is energy of one's mind.
it gives you the capability to use T.K. mind control, let's you tap into others energy, and gather the energy in your body. it also let's you shape it into many different forms. Planetary energy and universal energy is how this world and universe coexist.whenever one gets tired, when one draw breaths, when one dies, this energy becomes apart of the planet. this planetary energy adapts with its environment and becomes apart of that element.
enough with energy onto other things. when senial saved human civilization as we now know it. he used a combination of all forms of energy. he used mental ene. to create a container to hold the energy he gathered from the places the army traveled to ,and from. also considering the fact he gathered all of this energy into his body. it began to tear at his insides. because you see human beings can only hold so much energy at one time. the energy must be released or it will tear the vassal in half.
your right gopehergold conflict makes a much more interesting story so I'll change it up a bit. the tribes did not coexist for 400 years without conflict. during the 200 years after the clans were formed conflict began to rise up amongst the clans. due mainly to the fact that one man of the lenkdross (hand without hate) tribe wanted to unite the tribes into one powerful nation that could conquer the world. some tribes gave into his demands and joined into an alliance with him, others refused and suffered heavy losses. finally after only but 10 ten tribes were under his rule he began to gather his forces and launched an all out war on the nations of the world. he began to conquer one nation after another. until one day people began to notice the change in Tehran James.
he began to become paranoid,and started killing people. he thought that there were traitors amongst him. Hundreds of thousands of people died during this time. up in till the point that his own men called on the remaining ten tribes of the dragon. they sent one such man who specialized in eradicating demons and other creatures of the dark.his name is Karyn Jenosa of the kyuba tribe. After entering Tehran James camp he discovered that his supposedly lovely wife was nothing but a demon who had just given birth to his first child. thinking quickly he sneaks into their chamber late at night and kills Tehran's wife.
Tehran wakes up with a start and sees his wife turning back into a demon. Tehran senses begin to return, and he realizes what he's done.he resigns all of the wars he's currently fighting, and gives his generals control of the 19 tribes he took over. His generals apologize for their commanders actions and accept full responsibility for his actions. Tehran takes his son and puts him in the Kyuba orphanage, and begins an exiled journey to repent of his sins.
After the 29 tribes reunited they created a council so no such war would ever happen again. also recognizing the dangers the demons, and other creatures of the dark represented. the council decided to create a group of priest,and priestess who specialized in destroying creatures of the dark. the group consisted of individuals who had a constant faith in God. the leader of this organization was none other than Karyn Jenosa.

I hope that clears things up a bit about my story. whew! writing takes a lot out of you that's for sure.

Posted 5/25/07 , edited 4/13/08

BasouKazuma wrote:

We may be making a Creative Works section. If we do, this thread will go there.

What about a fanfic section? (Not exactly 'fanfiction' but has it.)

Posted 5/25/07 , edited 4/13/08
My Sweetheart
"I Love You"
Are The Dearest Words
Any Two Hearts Can Share
And The Only Ones I Feel
Whenever You Are There

I don't know if its mine.. I found it in my notebook and it looks like my writing =]
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