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31 / M / Aboard the Hyperion
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
For those who have seen the musical Into the Woods this piece is influenced by one of my favorite parts of the play, the duet of the princes "Agony" but this time, it's jealousy instead XD and this piece is highly effective as a duet (marked by [])


[GUY 1]
How can I get her
And save me from pain?
How can she notice me?
If I could get her,
How shall I maintain
The love that she won from me?

Sucks your blood like a leech,
When the girl that you want
Is off with other guys on the beach.

[GUY 2]
Men with their powers
Or wealth give her flowers,
Caressing her hair.
I sit here sulking
And frequently breathing a heartbreaking air:

Far more hateful than yours,
When you know she'll go out with you
If those guys were just coarse.

Oh, the torture they teach!

[GUY 2]
What's as intriguing-

[GUY 1]
Or half so fatiguing-

As what's out of reach?

[GUY 1]
Can I be confident,
And ask her
Out for the night,
Like a knight,
As kind as I'm childlike
Just not in a bike?

[GUY 2]
You are everything maidens could wish for!

[GUY 1]
Then why no-?

[GUY 2]
Do I know?

[GUY 1]
She must have not cared!

[GUY 2]
Don't you feel your own outrage?
When you're seeing her there
And you see her with guys
Jam-packed full of lies,
All just like swarming flies:


[GUY 1]

[GUY 2]

Though it's different for each.

Always ten guys behind-

Always ten seconds late-

And she's just out of reach.
Badly poisons my heart!

I guess I have to part.
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34 / F / singapore
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08

Gotta start working again. 2 shifts, another long day. Not so much improvement in social skill. Gotta work a little bit harder. gambateh!

The old nature comes back, dun feel like going to work. But I can't let the old nature got hold of me!! Have learnt a lesson yesterday when I was working in the auditorium, watching the show for N times. If I, as a usher feel tired of watching the show, those technicion would feel even worse. For they practically watch EVERY show, while I just watch it 2 or 3 times a week. Since they work hard to present the best for the audiance and didn't show their boredom, I shouldn't have done so. Have to appreciate their work and enjoy the show, well, at least respect their work and don't show a boring face while watching the show. Respect other ppl so that they will respect me.

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28 / M
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
*Copies all of the poems on here down and runs to the publishers.*
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30 / M / Home of SeaBiscuit
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
Pie is good
Pie is great
Mess with my Pie
And I'll smack you through a gate.

Hows that for a 5 second piece of shit...err I mean work.
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28 / F / I live in england...
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
The sun was low in the sky, casting a dark shadow over the mansion. Forbidding in appearance, long windows with stained glass, bottle green ivy leafs embracing the walls and carved marble gargoyles sit on the roof peering down over the gardens
surrounding, this seemingly deserted wonder.

The moon was high, stars twinkled brightly, while all the nocturnal creatures could be heard scurrying about the forest floor. Moving swiftly through the trees, she moved silently. Alert and aware of every movement around her.
The forest had always fascinated her, the trees so tall, sometimes being so thickly clumped together that its hard to move. A place that would seem dark and scary was magical and wondrous to her. Being one of her most treasured places, she new the it better than any of the villagers and hunters. Her footsteps began to slow as she neared the edge of forest, stopping by a tree she looked out into the clearing. There the mansion stood nestled in the centre of the forest, illuminated by the full moon. An owl hooted above her, before it flew down and swooped up its prey and carried it off back into the trees.
She had always been curious about this mansion that scared all of the villagers so much, and swore on her seventeenth birthday that she would find out. And now she’s nearly there.
She reached the entrance, a rush of adrenalin pumped through her veins as she goes to knock on the door. She waited for a few moments, looking at the intricately carved detail inlaid into the doors. No answer. She pulled down on the golden handle, and pushed forward, it swung open with a creak. Peering inside, she stood there for a moment amazed by what she saw, the house was in immaculate condition, strange seeing as no one had lived there for many years. The walls were covered in portraits, the carpets were bright, colourful and soft beneath your feet, high ceilings , the windows tall and framed with thick velvet curtains. As she began to move forward the door snapped shut behind her, jumping and turning around to see who had shut the door, she saw no one. Fear gripped her there for a few moments before she turned around. Looking straight ahead; she moved forward, the hallway seemed to stretch out miles before her. There were no doors leading into other rooms. When reaching the end of the hallway there were old carved stone steps leading downwards. It was pitch black, and descending down it began to get cold, she could begin to smell mouldy and damp air , she began to choke from the intensity of it. Wanting to stop, she forced herself to carry on.

Beginning to reach the bottom of the stone staircase she began to see a faint light ahead of her. On the last step, pausing, she surveyed the room before her. It was a large room with more high ceilings, bright carpets and long drapes that hung from the walls, there were no windows and the only light came from the stone fireplace. There was only one object in the room, a marble coffin with markings carved into that rested in the centre of the room. Walking over to it, she noticed that the lid was off, peaking inside, to her surprise it was empty. “ Please tell me how you came to be in my home.”
She spun around, standing at the foot of the stone steps was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Tall, sun kissed skin, long shoulder length silky black hair tied at the nape of his neck, and handsomely chiselled features. But the eyes, she couldn’t see the colour of his eyes from where she was stood. “I…um..I..I…. sorry, I knocked and got no answer so I.. um… I” Being completely lost for words, she just stood and stared at him.
“ So let me get this straight, you knocked at the entrance, got no answer, so thought it was alright to walk right in?” He moved closer and stopped an arms reach away from her. She moved around to the other side of the coffin. Begging to get her confidence back she answered sarcastically. “ Yes I did, I’m sorry if it inconvenienced you.” She looked at him, and thought she saw the corner of his mouth twitch into a smile.
“ No, no inconvenience. What is your name exactly?” His voice was deep and smooth, but there was a hidden harshness that made her flinch slightly.
“ name? Um well its Dana.” She answered nervously.
“ The mother goddess eh?” He looked at her closely.
“Mother goddess?” Confused and bewildered by his statement she waited for his explanation.
“ The meaning of your name, its Celtic, it means mother goddess.” He moved towards her again, but this time she didn’t back away. Now he was close enough for her to see the colour of his eyes. They flashed different colours in the light of the fire. Dana felt suddenly relaxed, sleepy almost, she began to feel heavy. Then darkness engulfed her.

He stood there for a moment observing the women lying in front of him. Soft curves, long fiery red hair that fell in soft curls about her. Her eyes, he had never seen eyes like hers before. Large, they were set perfectly in her heart shaped face, with long red lashes that framed them, and pure liquid amber iris’s. He was stricken by her beauty at, first as he watched her in the room, walking gracefully her well rounded hips swaying with each step. When she spoke her voice was soft and musical to his ears.
He picked her up and began to carry her back the way she had came. When he reached the hallway he turned left up a flight of wooden stairs. When he finished climbing the stairs he turned to his right were a black wood door was set in the wall. He pushed on the door, it swung open. Walking into the room, he carried the women that he held in his arms over to the large four poster that sat in the centre of the room. He laid her down, and walks over to the doorway and turns to look at the bed the last time before closing the door, he chuckles to himself. This will be interesting.

Through the trees a figure of a man, black against the night, running fast, as rain poured down hard upon the ground. Faster and faster he ran, suddenly lights appeared ahead of him, he halted. After a few moments the rain began to slow its heavy rhythm, then stopped completely.
Before him the large town stood, noisy and full of shouts erupting form the drunken mouths of men, was nestled in this small valley. Moving with inhuman swiftness, the tall figure made his way into the centre of all the activity, hunger the reason for his motivation. Surveying the drunken distorted faces passing by, finally he found a prey worthy of his notice. From the street lit fires, light emanated to dance upon the creamy alabaster shoulders exposed to the night air. Small and delicate, she moved gracefully down the street. Her colourful skirts swinging, the whore was spun around as a old fat man with beady little eyes grabbed her arms, gasping protests to no avail, the fat man began to swoop his greasy fat head down to touch is mouth to hers.
Watching the disgusting man, the tall figure moved forward and pulled him away with easy laziness and no effort. “ Is this……. gentleman bothering you my lady?” He asked smoothly.
Enchanted by the beautiful stranger she gave him a dazzling smile. “Not anymore.” She replied. “ would you like to go inside for a drink?” She indicated the nearby tavern. Glancing over, he said. “I was thinking we should go somewhere more….private for drinks.” The woman left with the strange handsome man, not knowing her fate. When in the shadows the man grabbed the woman around the waist and rose high into the air. Before a scream could escape her she was cut off by the shock of the stranger biting her neck, tearing out her flesh, blood gushed everywhere out of her mouth and nose. Death came quick, to the whore, the man still high in the sky dropped the dead woman from his grasp, the lifeless body falling fast. Then spreading his arms wide he roared a wolf howling shout across the land.

Dana woke fast, sweat dripping across her entire body. Wiping her sleeve across her brow she realised she didn’t no were she was. Looking at her surroundings, strange and alien these walls were. She lay in a bed covered in rich soft furs and plump pillows, it was in the centre of the room. Big posts stood at each corner of the bed with long golden drapes dangling around and between them. No windows were in this room as well as no door.
Jennifer went to move out of the bed when she noticed that she wearing no clothes, she looked around her again and saw a giant dark ebony wardrobe with carved ivy leafs covering it.
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27 / london
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
Wooee..just finished reading ^^ work amanda233
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28 / F / I live in england...
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08

tanyuj wrote:

Wooee..just finished reading ^^ work amanda233

thank you very much hehe, : )
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34 / M / Canada
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
It's been long years since I've been held like a child being coddled.
My strength, my pain. Push intimacy away.
I am what is left.
These walls of defence become a cage,
and I can't bring them down on the inside.
Leaving me to wonder if I have love to give.
If life is to love, then surely I've been dead quite a while.
This corpse manipulated by my own hand.
Moving to the illusion of living,
but continually I die the loniliest death.
In this solitude I've made with my singularity.
Ever this flesh separates.
Leaving nothing to be held.
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28 / M
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
Alright, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to actually insult anyone, I was just trying to be goofy. Nothing personal.
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08

Everything was beautiful.
Like when the dew glazes the grass.
But now everything is typical.
People went from individuals, to just a mass.
Like when rain falls, each drop symmetrical.

How come my eyes are blinded.
Like when clouds cover the sun.
I'm told who to be, when I haven't decided.
Like a dandelion in a field of daisies, am I the only one,
who's constantly reminded?

You're not a flower, you're a weed.
Fix yourself, you're no good.
But when I was told that weeds are pretty, they just mislead,
It was then that I understood.
It was then, I no longer had to concede.
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34 / M / Canada
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
^interesting, I like it.
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33 / M / Iloilo City, PH
Posted 6/6/07 , edited 4/13/08
here's a few...

Defiance to Authority... A tribute to my English Teacher...

You defiled the sanctity of my psyche...
Analyzed my actions and seen through me...
I loathe your very existence...
though we are so akin in essence...

You stare me down like trash...
I smiled without batting an eyelash...
in this age of recycling...
trash ain't worth burning...

I feel we are kindred spirits, you and I...
but this feeling of hate I can't deny...
I'll treasure this feeling for all of time...
Precious teacher of mine...

You claim you know everything...
And basically without you we 're nothing...
I shall prove you wrong someday...
plotting revenge day by day...

The ivory terror with blush-on...
An evil force to reckon...
The blushing witch from hell...
claiming she's an angel...

Tribute To Nature...

How long has it been since you last intoxicated me...?
How long has it been since you put my mind in suspended animation...?
How long has it been since your smoky caress touched my lips...?
How long has it been... How long has it been...

I understand not why the world hates you...
You are from the earth... We are of the earth...
We cultivate you in return for your bliss...
Blessed ambrosia of the mountains...

Let me climb mountains to nurture you...
The crystal clear water to refresh your essence...
The pure earth to support your flight...
The gentle breeze to lull you to sleep...

A noble sacrifice you make for us...
whole-heartedly when you reach maturity...
Your self sacrifice is horrible to watch...
your death for our nirvana...

We lay you out in the sun to die...
watching you shrivel up in agony...
yet you smile with the sweetest smile...
reassuring us of what lies ahead...

We chop you into little pieces...
bit by bit until you're almost dust...
minuscule yet meaningful...
for it is in that form that you plan to guide us...

We then wrap you carefully in the new testament...
and burn your remains with reverence...
as we watched your spirit float...
we can't help but consume your presence...

ooh... sweet... sweet ganja...
let me hear the colors of the sky...
Let me pay tribute to nature...
by honoring your sacrifice...

just a free verse i add random things to

Trapped in limbo, I wish to leave
Scared and confused was I
caught between two worlds
The butterfy effect

The world of darkness, lingering
The world of light, wandering
somewhere in between
Gray matter of my mind

I am one of you, yet am not
I belong, yet subtle
There but not there yet
Road signs in life

I stop and smell the roses
Yet I never touch the petals
not letting anyone see me
I walk amongst you...

I am the wind
I soar, I fly, I die
smoke gets in your eyes
oo be doo be doo

call me when it's all over
call me when it's beginning
never call me again
Contra Mundi

I am a happy kite
flying high in the sky
yet tied to a string
I'm unhappy once again

Not content
yet feigning bliss
wishing ignorance
my death wish

revenge I seek
yet I'm denied
wonderful, wonderful
laws are meant to be broken

I am a rebel
death to the system
let chaos rule
anarchy is king

sweet hypocrisy
so alike with honesty

I wear a mask
a tiki mask
a noh mask
just to hide my face

beautifully grotesque
my reflection
my darkness
the broken mirror

who's the fairest of them all?
trivial questions
beauty is in the eye of the beholder

love is nourishment
love is starvation
sacrifice and death
of other emotions

reason is over rated
logic is benign
religion is evil
jesus christ superstar

we live
we die
that is a statement

god's creation is good
who's the devil?
is he also good?
call me when you find the answer

the way of the taoist
the teachings of confucius
good and evil
are two sides of the same coin

I look that way
you look that way
just because you're taller
doesn't mean i'm blind

sell me your soul
put it in a jar
so that i may break it
and consume you whole

I am Pinocchio
I am made of wood
I cannot tell a lie
I had rhinoplasty

My head hurts
I'm losing my mind
Going bananas
empty coconuts

I eat to live
I exist to eat
devourer of worlds
Shiva the beautiful

I am a child
doesn't matter which one

I pledge allegiance
To nobody
but myself and I
My shadow

Empty bottles
broken glass
spilled whiskey
Happy Hours

Happiness is short lived
Things you can't stop
Impending doom
right here, right now

I am alone
in a a sea of people
familiar faces
I can't see anymore
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27 / M / Imagination Land
Posted 6/7/07 , edited 4/13/08
The second paragraph is based on 2 Metallica songs.



Millennias ago the Angeleon, an ancient race, were living in the Planet. Until one day war occured, and most ancients were wiped out. The race soon died out, only to evolve into Neo-Angelon, which is basically half Angeleon / Human. The Neo-Angelon live today in a planet which is mostly surrounded by humans, who are now in danger from their arrogance to keep the world Justified. The Neo-Angelon contain inhuman strenth, some are even used by military forces and are often tested to try passing their incredible strength on to humans. They live with a burden of a race.

Millennias later *battle scene* a strong mysterious warrior is ordered to go to this battle. His girlfriend, who was also a military soilder fought along side him, in the same squad. She stepped on a landmine. The boyfriend of the victim lost hope and was then ordered to attack at front line. Most of his squad were killed off, and he eventually killed himself during battle whilst surrounded by the enemy. Weeks later it appeared the victim of the landmine has survived, only to have lost all her senses, arms and legs. Euthanasia was intended but was cancelled because it appeared that the victim was carrying a live child in her womb. It was later found out that the baby was a Neo-Angelon. The military were then ordered to keep the victim alive until the baby was born and then perform euthanasia on the victim.


42 years later

One day an organisation consisting of Neo-Angelon formed to fight against the human race; the new world was in grave danger, but disater was prevented. It is now feared that a son of the fallen oginisation's Leader, the legendary Nazariini(lol) has evaded and destroyed land. His name is Ramsteen.

- First Scenes -

Young optimistic character called Marrow is going to 'hunt' as an excuse for training with his friends. They wonder off into the woods and whilst wondering talk about the situation of 'Warriors'.

(*Note: Warriors are beings that battle / fight mainly in badlands in order to prove superior strength and become aknowledged; many compete and they are mainly Neos considering their unpredictable strength. Many people often hold tournaments. However, most battles are unofficial and can cause trouble if fighting in city areas*

They hear that 'The Slasher' is the most dangerous and strongest at the moment. They also talk about the Villian thats causing trouble with the cities(Ramsteen).

Marrow weilds a sword that he finds 'useless', but according to his grandfather the sword he weilds is a God's sword and that it has never been awaken.

(*Note: His grandfather though always forbids Marrow to become a 'Warrior' (which is what Marrow wants to be) due to the fear of him encoutering strong Warriors like Slasher.

They defeat dangerous creatures far in the woods, and have a joyful time. Then they encounter a barrier, containing 700,000 volts of electric to prevent intruders from entering. Inside the the area contains a cave hole. The 3 wonder what is inside. Suddenly the ground starts to shake, the ground crumbles and so then the barriers breaks. Marrow, with his own will to prove greatness, heads towards the cave. His friends follow. When they reach the cave they find nothing. Suddenly the ground falls, along with Marrow. The 2 friends try to help, but suddenly they could see black smoke from their villiage. Marrow, still trying to prove strength, tells them to go back and leave him and help the village. His friends then go. As the cave crumbles the rock that Marrow held onto broke off, leaving Marrow to fall down. He wakes up and realises he's not dead. He then realises that there is a path, with glowing blue liquid flowing in vein-like form, surrounding the cave walls and tunnel. Marrow decides to walk through the tunnel path. As he walks through he finds greenish / whitish glowing features. The scene becomes more scarier. He then finds himself infront of a wall, with codes, it looks like a doorway, but won't be opened. All of a sudden Marrow's sword begins to react with the wall, and the vein-like liquid starts to spread round the blockage. The liquid fills the codes, then the wall crumbles. There is a giant room. Then there are built pathways for the liquid, layered by more glowing features. The pathway surrounds something, a figure that looks dangerous. It was a giant ice block, with a figure trapped inside. Marrow walks up to the fiqure. His sword again reacts with the liquid. This time the liquid starts flowing around the ice and the ice cracks. The block breaks, then all of a sudden the figure awakes. Marrow is scared shitless, but with his determination to become the strongest, tries attacking the figure. All of a sudden the glowing features transformed into the apperance of many Angeleons and Humans. The transformed figures attack Marrow, and pwn him, but for some reason doesn't kill him. The figure then hovers to Marrow and says: "Bow to the Phantom Lord". Marrow, scared shitless bows before him, then stands up. Marrow then aks the Phantom Lord why he didn't kill him. The Phantom lord then explained how he needed Marrow to go on a quest to find the Phantom Lord's equipment and weapon, and how the Phantom Lord would be defenceless without it outside of this cave. Marrow agreed, since he wanted to become the best Warrior, and so in favour return he asks the Phantom Lord to become his mentor and teach him these skills. (little does he know about the Phantom Lord's power though). Phantom Lord then explained that Marrow could never gain such powers, but that his sword was good enough, and hasn't awakened. Therefore Phantom Lord agrees to teach him and try to awaken his sword's hidden powers. The cave starts to reach it's toll, and is collapsing. Phantom Lord then hovers his way out whilst dragging Marrow along with him. The cave collapses. They see a burning villiage.


opinions please?!

Posted 6/7/07 , edited 5/23/08
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Posted 6/8/07 , edited 4/13/08
Everyone pretends.............

ummm.... I try to blend in with the crowd.... but it doesn't work... everyone kills me with fierce eyes... my heart sinks coz of it.... people pretend to care... to pretend to be my friend... but i know... they hate my guts... gossip about me when I'm not there... and... just lie to me.... as if I was dead.... I was someone who is easily fooled.... I want to say something... anything.... something that hurts them.... the way it hurts me.... I know it's wrong to stand there.... but what can I do.... I have my pride... all they have is their mouths... mouths that speaks rubbish... anything that everyone is talking about... about everything..... no matter if they're friends or not =)..... it is like they don't care.... but I do.... it's not like they're being talked about.... is it?.... I fell smaller each time I think I hear something about me..... I can't help it.... I really can't.... it's like I'm getting stabs 1000 times in my heart.... I'm bleeding of pain.....
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