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** My CR Family
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30 / M / Somewhere in Deep...
Posted 2/6/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: Dkscotland and ?
Siblings: EpicNaruto, sacraficed21
Significant Other: ?
Children: Tetsuo(LOL)
Pets: a rapid pengi, gerbil army and a chinchilla
Friends:the universe and WAFFFLE
Best Friend: JesterJ
Rivals:the evil monkey army
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24 / F / Inside your closet
Posted 2/6/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: thebloke
Siblings: too many to name, one of them is GokuChii
Significant Other: We will never know.................
Children: ichigoxd , and anybody else who wants to be my child
Pets: a turtle, the pink rape bunnies, and the evil ninja monkey army
Friends: check out my profile
Best Friend: don't know, I have too many friends to really pick
Rivals: Jesterj , thebloke *my own parent * and hitorihanzo 's army in war game
Followers: Caleb99999 , naruto9817 *he is more than that*

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30 / M / Greensboro, NC
Posted 2/6/07 , edited 2/7/07
Siblings:Got none
Significant other:Pshh...nobody's got a death wish
Children:Don't need to bring more abominations to the world
Pets:Blood sucking vampires
Teacher:Zaraki Kenpachi
Friends:Ikkaku, Matsumoto
Best Friend:Grim Reaper
Rivals:Anyone stupid enough to challenge me
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26 / M / Edison, NJ(where...
Posted 2/6/07 , edited 2/7/07
me no have life, CR or otherwise
Posted 2/6/07 , edited 2/7/07
Siblings: Kurropt, logain,Kitto and Wetto! (since theyre not banned)

Trevor (OP)
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: Josey & EpicNaruto
Siblings: Sacrificed21 & s_j_b
Significant other: Waffle_26
Children: Naruto9817
Pets: Shinji
Teacher: Eros, Freedan, Fuzzmaster, Doomaid
Friends: Simpleyesa & Mauz_15
Rivals: Mushroomjay & Dimus3001
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27 / M / The Castle That N...
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents:GokuChii and Shinji
Siblings: Zorakai and NekoGirl
Girlfriend: Himiko ( not realy)
Children: Arthen
Teacher: Sota
Best Friend: DarkDragon

Easy with the smilies
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29 / F / UK
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: Does the maternal figure get parents on cr?

Siblings: Josey, Animoo_x, and Gopherthegold

Significant other: None- but i have sir zee! onezub

Children and Students: ^-^ anyone ^-^ Echo (adopted!), EpicNaruto (born with Ramen for hair), Zabuza212 (a bigger CR addict than me!), Ich_iNi240 (my genius student!), SaintBeast (an old student of mine), cococrazyezzy (costs me a fortune in dental!), naruto9817 (studies Kirbology with me ^-^), Flourescent (so sweet), Ccan (my little artist), p123v567 (mad student!), CrashAriMp520 (i found him abandoned)

Pets: Edsamac

Teacher: umm Mauz15, Basoukazuma and Eros
Friends: everyone who i meet on here is nice! ^-^

Best Friends: Slowdanse, q_h, digs, Henz_lan

Rivals: my sweet rival Mauz15
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
I'm not sure who would be on my list. I have to search but you can add me!
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F / Hogwarts
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: Yesa chan?
Siblings: Missa chan!
Significant other: : lol not on CR no
Children: Naruto9817 and Egg .. lol
Pets: logain? =D
Teacher: me
Friends: Jigoku_Shojou, Mauz
Best Friend:
Rivals: Cbisram ( peace =D)
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28 / F / Another realm
Posted 2/7/07 , edited 2/7/07
Parents: no one, they're too irresponsible
Siblings: sephiroth (like a big bro in real life)
Significant other: sir-henri (what a sweetie)
Children:MatsuoYuki, EpicNaruto,
Pets: zabuza212(lol)
Teacher: me
Friends: no one (:vicx: j/k all my buddies)
Best Friend: you know who you are
Rivals: everyone (Lol)
Posted 2/8/07 , edited 2/8/07
Parents: Don\'t know
Siblings: AmatsuIyoku
Significant other: Don\'t know.
Children: Don\'t know.
Pets: Don\'t know.
Teacher: Don\'t know. Mauz.
Friends: Everyone.
Best Friend: AmatsuIyoku.
Rivals: Don\'t know.
Posted 2/8/07 , edited 2/8/07
hey i can be ur siblings
Posted 2/9/07 , edited 2/9/07
Significant other:me
Best Friend:me

I asexually reproduce

EDIT:dammit why is it every time i post on a thread it stops moving >_>
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78 / F / in the club
Posted 2/9/07 , edited 2/10/07

zabuza212 wrote:
Teacher:Simpleysa Mauz15 and BK

^ i'm surprised! Thanks.

gopherthegold wrote:
Friends: Simpleyesa & Mauz_15

^ Thanks buddy!

bellus-vae wrote:
Parents: Yesa chan?

^ should i make you one of my children?

Parents: Shinji
Siblings: BK, Mauz, Gopherthegold, Cbisram, Eros
Significant other: Quater, Waffle, Redeem, Logain, Sifer, Ktito, davidesolate, Muffins
Children: Naruto9817, ChiiChii, Zabuza, IgorJacimovic
Teacher: Killar, Azrael910
Friends: Bellus
Best Friend: Hinchoi
Rivals: might be Do0mAid
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