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CR welcomes the NHK!!

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30 / M / Canada, Ontario
Posted 7/8/08 , edited 7/9/08
OK this forum is huge WOW, CAN SOME PLEASE DO ME A HUGE FAVOUR AND LET ME KNOW WHAT ALL THIS " PRIVATE" crap is about the NHK....(I LIKE CAPITALS) srry....not really . I was so into this series and all of a sudden i cant watch it!!!!! HUGE BUMMER...opps more caps!! SOME ONE SAVE ME!
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08

zagreos wrote:

I watched the whole NHK too. It makes me wonder if i can find someone like her :(

Nope you will never find a girl with eyes that size outside an anime. Or if you were looking for her personality then I can tell you that that won't exist in the real world either :P

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103 / Far
Posted 7/10/08 , edited 7/11/08
i'd want a room like that..but with a bit more working space xD..dam..u cant even see the table anymore o.o
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31 / F
Posted 7/11/08 , edited 7/11/08
tat goood.... hope everyting goes goood k
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33 / M / Pinas
Posted 7/12/08 , edited 7/12/08
nice nice NHK is a nice manga and anime
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29 / F / San Diego, CA
Posted 7/13/08 , edited 7/13/08

sketchii wrote:

dark-sayuri wrote:

sketchii wrote:

basimaru wrote:

music190 wrote:

An earthquake would mess up this otaku's life. Big time.

lmao... that is so true. ^____^

Hah, hah- I can imagine it now. Poor room. XD

Where's the bed by the way? O:

lol, their bed is probably all pristine and clean... or it could be a complete mess.
im curious. >__<

Their bed probably have that anime bishojo-printed pillows or something. I've seen it before and I don't even want to know what they use that for.

about earthquakes, don't they have it often in Japan? *evil laugh* I guess they probably bolt them down or something.
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28 / M / 13 28 N, 144 45 E
Posted 7/14/08 , edited 7/14/08
I cant watchi welcome to NHK...D: im sooo sad!!
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33 / M / California in Ame...
Posted 7/16/08 , edited 7/16/08

lol it was very funny

untill it got serious at the end O.o

but the end was good to x3
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32 / M / California
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
The Anime has been removed from Crunchyroll after short run here.

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