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26 / F / Cali babe
Posted 8/18/08 , edited 8/18/08
hey hey so i guess i should introduce myself hehehe
name: tuongvi (name of a Vietnamese baby rose) tran
goes by: Misa
speaks viet but cant write and can read very little
100% viet
born in nha trang, vietnam.
came over to US when i was 4
currently in CA
hmm thats all i can think of........ hehehe
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23 / F / London
Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08
im myLinh Pham
full vietnamese
family are in south vietnam
living in southeast london
speak english & vietnamese
addicted to dramas
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26 / F
Posted 8/30/08 , edited 8/31/08
o.o i feel so dumb ^.^" hehe
umm user name : eriisa but i used to be AznPianoPhreak
uhh i live in Australia so my vietnmaese is horrible lmao
umm i'm Viet, Chinese and i was born in Australia soo i think that makes me Australian
uhh i'm horrible and speaking reading and writting vietnamese >.<"
and my englsh is horrible
and i'm also learning japanese heheh >.<"
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24 / F / RiTe BeHiNd YoU,...
Posted 9/1/08 , edited 9/1/08
Yay! my turn!

My nickname is ST, it's short for Sóng Thần (weird name, I get that sometimes).
I live in the good ole' USA, so I'm disabled in writing, and reading in Viet. I can understand the language and I can say a few pharses hehehe.
I'm south vietnamese if that makes a difference, my dad fought in the war wayyy back when lol.
Uhh... I'm learning French : )
I'm in love with dramas, mangas, animes... and that's all what I can think of.

I haven't been to Vietnam, so it saddens me so because all of you gurlies are talking about how cute the guys are and how it changed and etc. I'm planning to go there in the future like after I graduate >.< That's too much of a wait : (

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F / texas,america
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/6/08

swtazian4 wrote:

uhhhh I've never met/heard a guy named Yen

your name is this, right: Yến
Posted 9/6/08 , edited 9/7/08
man i feel so dumb too
my name is vicki and my viet name is huong which means pink, i can understand viet a lil but i can not read or write in viet wat so ever, uhh i lived in CA like my whole life, im 50 viet and 50 chinese i think or something like that or maby im more viet, idr wat my parents told me XD i LOVE anime, i can only speak english and speaking viet to me is like a tonge twister XD so i can only say like the realy easy ones, i have never been to vietnam even though my grandparents just got back from a vacation there >.<

hmm i think thats it and i bet ur tired of reading this XD
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at tub.. i kid :3
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
hallo evry1,
i wont say my real name cause its kinda weird but u can call me bee,
im no viet but imma 1/4 korean. en 3/4 flip
,iunno how to speak their language so if anyone wants to teach me then u just pm me


---buddy me, me wanna b ur fren!
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77 / F / Stfu:)
Posted 9/26/08 , edited 9/27/08
Hey i'm angel my vietnamese name is Phuong anh Tran i'm 100% viet i came to usa when i was 9 year old, well now i'm kinda forgot some word and dont remember to write in viet, so i i try really hard to speak viet at my house, and learn how to write again lol.
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28 / over the rainbow.
Posted 9/28/08 , edited 9/28/08
.o1 Kairi [ American ] / Khue [ Viet ] Nguyen
.o2 19 on decemberfourtenth [:
.o3 Viet with a pinch of Chinese
.o4 Born in Vietnam. Came to Kansas when I was three.
.o5 Understands Viet. Speaks Viet in an "immature" way. Don't even ask about reading or writing xD;
.06 Viet pride yo <3 [:
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27 / F / Candyland~
Posted 10/8/08 , edited 10/9/08
I'm viet...but My parents met in the U.S. and I was borned there :x
I can speak vietnamese.
I can't write it and can read it a lil.
Kinda Shy?
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
Hey guys! Nice to meet you all
- I'm a 100% Vietnamese
- I can speak Vietnamese fluently
- My real name is Đặng Ngọc Tuyết Vy
- My nickname is Kristina
- I love animes and mangas (of course)

+I just joined today~
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28 / F / Germany
Posted 10/29/08 , edited 10/29/08
Chao cac ban =)

My name is Thien Quy Nguyen
I am 100% viet but i was born in Germany.
um..I can speak and read vietnamese fluently, but i still make many mistakes while writing...
I speak Viet, german, english , french and a lil bit mandarin.

if there is something more you wanna know, just ask me =)
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
Sup people I'm Vietnamese of course. My name is Minh Tri i was born in Vietnam and came to America when i was 5 or something like that. I can speak Vietnamese and can read and write a little. I'm 6'3, i like video game and martial art. My favorite actor is Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and Jet Lee. Well that's it I'll end with a quote. "Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it." " Confucius "
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29 / M / england
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
name's đinh trương nhật tuấn.
born in vietnam, người hoa
moved to england in 1993.
speak vietnamese fluently,
read and write so so. cant really use the dấu's.
speaks eng/việt/jap/learning mando

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78 / F / usa
Posted 11/26/08 , edited 11/26/08
<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

'what the hell?!'
haha thats funny..

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