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Posted 11/17/07 , edited 11/18/07
ok new moderators, you are the future of uni asia. So, from now on, when i am not online, and when you are online, please make sure the site is all right. If you have pics, please donate some with some feeback. If you see a disturbing pic, please contact me right away, and/or remove it. If anything goes wrong, please contact me. Thanks!


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Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
Hi Saku-chan, for us moderators, whenever we go in forums, on the top right corner there is this Turn on forum modding thing. When I clicked on it, you can change and/or delete the message you wanted. I was afraid of clicking on it before, but now I finally know!
Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
ok, thanks sashida! ^_^
Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
ok, forum moderators! ^_^ WELCOME TO UNI ASIA again, since the post forums are working again, this will help our organization better! So sashida, and pirpana are our moderators for uni asia right now. New moderators, will be added soon. Why i picked u two is because i know how you work. I will be posting on the rules, for uni asia when i have time. Have a great time, girls! ^_^
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