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Post Reply Self Introduction for new members!!
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28 / F / skipping in a fie...
Posted 12/14/07 , edited 12/15/07
Hello, You can call me Rin.
I love Da Capo- my favorite part about it is how cute the drawings are.
I also like Bleach, DN angel, Host Club, and alot of others but i dont want to list them...ehh, lazy
I also love J ROCK- woohoo!
Go Miyavi and Alice Nine!
good day to you all *bows*
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28 / M / Manila, Philippines
Posted 12/17/07 , edited 12/17/07
Screen Name: Kuchiki Byakuya (Real name: Kev) lol XD
2nd year college from philippines, 18 yrs. old
Favorite Animes/Characters (ranked from 1-10)
1)D. Gray-man(Allen Walker and Lenalee Lee)
2)Bleach(Obviously you know it haha)
3)Da capo Second Season(Kotori Shirakawa and Tamaki)
4)Da capo II(Nanaka Shirakawa Yoshiyuki Sakurai and Otome Asakura)
5)Shippuuden(Uzumaki Naruto Hyuuga Neji and Aburame Shiino)
6)Zero no Tsukaima(Louisse Valliere And Saito)
7)Gundam Seed/Destiny(Kira Yamato)
8)ZnT: Futatsuki no Kishi
9)Myself; Yourself(Nanaka Hoshino And Aoi)
10)Full Metal Panic!/ Fumoffu?!/ The 2nd Raid(All Protagonist)
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26 / M / Hawaii
Posted 12/21/07 , edited 12/21/07
My name's Ryan, 15 years old

I love anime. My favorites are the Da Capos, Shakugan, and Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.
I personally don't like Koko very much, I thought Yoshiyuki should end up w/ one of the Asakuras...but I don't really see that happening.

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.
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28 / M / goergia
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/26/07
name: narutoninjamaster
fave anime: death note
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23 / F / Maii drim Land a....
Posted 5/15/08 , edited 5/15/08
Hay hay,.!^^
My name is Jaseline...^^
I live in Indonesia...^^
I'm female....^^
Nice 2 meet u all..../^^
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23 / M / England
Posted 5/24/08 , edited 5/24/08
been a member for some time but anyway

name:Jen-Chi Pang [please call me jen or chi]
Language:chinese and english
location: please read my profile!!!
fav anime: every single anime again read my profile

yourugiu onagishimashu

favourite anime is too hard to list so again please read my profile and add my email [email protected] and lets talk about anime >0< kyaa!!!!!!
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26 / M
Posted 5/25/08 , edited 5/25/08
Im Madhippy the 3 isnt really a number its an abrivation the japanese word for three id san which is also an honorific used at the end of a name which is easily translater to mean Mr / Mrs so in short my name is Mr. Madhippy :D

Im 15 years old right now but in August ill be 16

Actually the first anime I watched on Crunchy roll was Da Capo, I was looking for a better quality site to look up the episodes than Utube and here I am and Im on this site at least for an hour everyday. So many good animes
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