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Official Suggestions and game balancing thread
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29 / F / US, City of the L...
Posted 6/28/11 , edited 6/28/11
How about having someone fix cr - the npc's and the avatars wont show up anymore. Its been this way for close to 6months now.
Posted 3/4/12 , edited 3/4/12
Can't raise states -> even lv 0 monsters beat me lol.
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Posted 3/29/12 , edited 3/30/12
psh, dude there is some really broken things in this game....
like the lighting damage part.
on average, lighting damage has a high of less than 1/2 of fire and water, this makes absolutely no sense
since it is 1-x and the way magic adds to the stats any character trying to use lightning will, on average do 1/4 the damage.

For example:
An item granting +6 fire damage starting from 0 damage will be something like:
5-7 [Fire]

Wille an item granting +6 lightning will be something:
1-6 [Lightning]

if you add the low and high of the fire you get 12 (effectively being x2 your fire damage benefits)
wile lighting is just 7 (always 1 dmg more than the total of your gear because of the 1 always being 1)

[You always start with 1-2 dmg in all fields this is just for example]

So really lighting should be 1-2x[Item benefit]
where the scarer is 2-3
I would use 2.15

Suggestion Here
To make the game more interesting create conditions that are unique for each element though items.
For example for lightning, maybe have damage items but not a lot of armor and lightning damage together and then have not a lot of resist items for resisting lightning. then for a lighting character they would have to build their character by stacking all hp
the pure damage from the items with not much defense would make hp a much more valuable choice.

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