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Posted 2/12/07 , edited 2/13/07
Its always the same. Those 4 videos and the latest episode of Bleach and Naruto. I can live with the latest video of Bleach and Naruto since they are probably viewed the most of any other anime, but those other 4 dont seem to belong.

btw, is there a search function for forum topics to prevent multiple threads about the samething. If so i cant find it. =/
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Posted 2/13/07 , edited 2/13/07
I'm not sure why you started a new thread for this *confusion*.
First question- I don't understand it either, they have always been that. I don't think it's majorly important though.
As for the second question- no there isn't at the moment. Best to ask a mod before creating a thread as they have a good idea about what has already been made.

Use the Suggestions or FAQ thread next time ^-^
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Posted 2/13/07 , edited 2/13/07
For these kinds of questions please post them in the:
Suggestions thread: http://www.crunchyroll.com/showforumtopic?id=4&pg=0
or PM a mod who will happy to answer your question :)!
As for the search function, there's currently no official one, but you can try going to Google.com and typeing: site:www.crunchyroll.com [keyword]
that's the best why I know there might be others.
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