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28 / F / HFIL- Home for in...
Posted 11/18/07 , edited 11/20/07



Clothing style:

choice of weapons:

ninjustu/tai/gen type:

types of techniques:


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28 / F / HFIL- Home for in...
Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
Name: Rikara Sanguinta
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5'4"
Built: Slender but strongly built

Rank: High Class Jouinin

Village: does not have one

Clothing style: long black leather pants, and a blue top

choice of weapons: kunais and a sword

ninjustu/tai/gen type: ninjustsu and genjustu

types of techniques: hypnotic and different elemental chakra blasts

history: Rikara never knew her parents shes been walking sense she could rember the land of the ninjas, learning techniques from some of the other wandering ninjas, some she exterminated, some she left be, and she just keeps walking forward looking for a destination a place in life just for her, as she keeps walking and walking
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28 / F / Mexico
Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
Name: Nagisa Michiko
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Height: 5'1
Built: Thin (depends on her speed more than strength)

Rank: High Class Jounin

Village: Sand

Clothing style: black shorts, purpule tank top, and an open black vest.

choice of weapons: Shruiken, Chained Scythe, Hidden Knifes in her Boots

ninjustu/tai/gen type: Taijutsu and ninjutsu

types of techniques: Her chakra element is wind, she uses a special jutsu based off
her element that allowes her to controll her chained scythe with precision. She depends on her speed and weapons, only uses Jutsus when shes in a tight spot.

history: Nagisa is a very friendly sand Chunin who likes to let the days float by while laying around the villages roofs. Shes called lazy by those around her but shes really just going at her own pace, she dosent worry about things too much. Her mother died during a mission when she was very young, so she cant really remember her. She was raised by her father who she rarely see's.
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26 / M / Scotland
Posted 11/20/07 , edited 11/20/07
Name:Rikaru Tenkari codnename :Kukakkau
Height:6ft 2"

Rank:previously of ANBU S rank criminal - High Class Jounin

Village:none - missing nin previously of sand

Clothing style:Akatsuki jacket and has red eyes

choice of weapons:kunai,shurikens,hidden blade on left hand and buster sword

ninjustu/tai/gen type:ninjutsu/tai

types of techniques:fire and shadow
subject is also believed to summon sword for subtlety

history:subject was the best ninja in the sand village, but facing a lack of challenge in his opponents ran rampant killing many ninjas, subject is also wanted for assassination's of high ranking targets -advisors and the previous kazekage, the body was believed to be passed onto his fellow comrade sasori for a puppet. is still at large and believed to be connected to numerous missing ninjas and higher ups. Appears to be working alongside many members of Akatsuki, believed to have connections with the organisations leader
subject can be identified easily by the missing ring finger on his left hand which is missing to allow the use of his hidden blade
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Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/21/07
Name:Kanaske Hiuzchia
Height:6ft 1"
Built:Flexible to dodge any attacks and musculer



Clothing style:Akatsuki style

choice of weapons:Explosive notes,Explosive daggers,daggers and a sword

ninjustu/tai/gen type:Ninjustu taijustu and genjustu

types of techniques:Massive clone, and other chakra using moves

history: a ninja who was unkown to every village,he has disguise himself every village he went to learn their techniques he wanders everywhere learning more and more moves and one day plan to assasinate every village there is....and was a old friend of Rikara Sanguinta.
Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
Name: Chizzy
Age: 14
Sex: guy
Height: 5'10
Built: uhhh some ppl say im strong and other ppl say im weak but they r affraid of me xD
Rank: academy student
Clothing style: my special own style xD
Choice of weapons: my fist CHYA!
ninjustu/tai/gen type: Taijustu like rock lee...except not as weird/weird lookin xD
types of techniques: uhh beat u up b4 u say ow xD
history: uhhh i dunno
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26 / M / Somewhere in Fina...
Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
Built: Very strong but not a bodybuilder..

Rank: Genin

Village: Konoha (hidden Leaf village)

Clothing style: A normal ninja suit with straps and a big jacket that looks like a Captains suit as in Bleach with a White Black blended cape..

choice of weapons: Big sword

ninjustu/tai/gen type:ninjutsu and taijutsu..

types of techniques:Sealing Technique:Chaotic Bind, 5 Winds of Konoha, White Torment, Black Rage, Great Firewind Technique: Darkhole, 12 Swords of Heaven


Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
name: kyoshiro miyamoto
age: 18
sex : male
height: 5'9
build: normal body not to fat not to sckinny good amount of muscle
rank: genin
choice of weapon: my katana
ninjutsu/tai/gen: a little of all... kinda an all around fighter
types of techniques: anything pertaining to my katana or anything to confuse my enameis???
history: when i was a little kid my father was killed and my mother died shortly afterwards so i swore on my sword and honor i would defend my friends
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Posted 11/22/07 , edited 11/22/07
Name: midori kira
Age: 12
Sex: female
Height: 5'4"
Built:average speed, a bit stronger than average

Rank: genin

Village:former Kirigakure (mist), now Sunagakure (sand)

Clothing style: black

choice of weapons:depends, big sword or big fan

ninjustu/tai/gen type: mostly taijutsu and bits of ninjutsu and genjutsu

types of techniques: elemental- wind and a sort of icy fire used together with weapons
lots of basic water and sand techniques learned from mist and sand

history: mostly unknown...orphan
- ran away from Mist when father figure/hero was proclaimed missing nin
- big sword is designed after Zabuza's (naruto)
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24 / F / In My Space XD
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
Name:Kyoko Hyuuga
Built:Fast,Stronger than most

Rank:academy student


Clothing style:Alot like Hinata's Except in red

choice of weapons:Kunai

ninjustu/tai/gen type:Byakuyan

types of techniques:Gental Fist ,100 palms of fury,8 trigams 64 palms,Fox Summon,

history:When Kyoko was a Baby She had the 4-Tailed Fox Sealed inside her. She has a Hard time maken Friends.She Used to live in Konoha but moved To Suna Cause she has a Crush on Gaara's Twin Killua
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26 / M / the tac
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/24/07
Name:choushi kinuta (corny name in english)
village: sound village
age: 15
rank: genin
chakra capacity: above average (normal)..Sannin level (cursed seal)
weapons: aori kane that are actually two titanium pipes (like wind chimes) which increase in length when using the cursed seal of sound
ninjutsu/tai/gen type: nin and taijustsu
techniques: sound manipulation, Sonic boom, screech,

bio: from the sound village so not much is known about him, but he is deadly with his two titanium pipes (aori kane) which he uses with the wind and amplifys the power which also turns into powerful soundwaves. he can (at full power) can make u half deaf. but with the help of a strong wind scource or the cused seal of sound he can BLOW YOUR EARDRUMS!!! also scince the aori kane are made of titanium, if you are hit square by them they can be deadly.
...he is the cousin and close friend to dosu. and after the death of dosu he vowed to avenge his death. he wasn't angered that gaara had killed his cousin he was angered that orochimaru had used dosu. when word reached the sound village that orochimaru had been defeated at the hands of sasuke. choushi decided to protect the uchiha at all costs.
he is now a secret gardian for sasuke and team snake and is a missing nin for the sound village.
choushi's appearance is almost exactly as dosu. except for the fact choushi has his aori kane strapped to his back and choushi stands upright. choushi had always been the one to be compared to dosu in their clan so he modeled his appearance around dosu.
choushi has recently been spotted by sasuke and was befriended by him. choushi had asked sasuke how his beloved cousin had passed. sasuke truthfully and harshly told choushi that dosu was no good and he wasn't skilled enough to get the cursed seal. Choushi understood and asked what happened to orochimaru after he was killed. sasuke told him that he really didn't know, but he did know that kabuto had gotten much stronger all of a sudden and something about when he says kabuto's name he feels orochimaru's presence. so choushi decided to go and kill kabuto for the sake of the kinuta clan name...and if orochimaru is with kabuto he will destroy him at all costs...on his way back to the sound village...choushi accidentaly bumped into naruto and the others looking for sasuke...naruto and choushi became really close because they both had a lot in common...choushi told naruto where he saw sasuke last and naruto told choushi some things about kabuto.
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F / at my computer idiot
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 12/1/07
Name:Hana Hatoko
Built:Agile and Fast and Accurate


Village:Once was in hidden village of sound but secretly underwent training in the hidden village of wind but in general,a drifter

Clothing style:blue kimono but the top part is fading transparent to solid,bandages w/ long loose tips and a bandage on her forehead (also w/ long loose tips) but no village symbol cuz shes a drifter and long straight hair (w/ bangs) up to knees the color is black but sometimes you think its transparent and shoes that samurais wear but most important a small flute necklace her dad gave her

choice of weapons:special technique she learned with her chakra,any piece of ribbon(preferably the bandages on her)can turn into a dagger,sword,kunai,shuriken

ninjustu/tai/gen type:trained from birth genjutsu but later she decides to practice ninjutsu

types of techniques:kazenarau(90%turns her into wind)shitsumeshii(a chant that makes her opponent turn blind for a while,kanarakaze(100%turns her into wind
she has never used this)hyoshiki(she breath in deeply then holds it and everyone hears an annoying noise,effects wore off if she breaths again)hayakiatsu(makes either opponent paralyzed or frozen through the wind pressure),onnagahane(seemingly flies but she just made herself extremely light that she cant hold gravity she usually doesnt do this w/out kazenarau)

history:she was born in hidden sound and was raised only w/ her father and knows how to use the flute.Once she got older(10 years old) she realized their villages reputation she had thoughts of leaving but orochimaru wouldnt allow it and tried to kill her but her father got in his way and was sacrificed.When that happend hana ran away with tears and a broken heart thankfully orochimaru decided to let her slip.Hana didnt know where to go until she found the hidden wind village where she learned some techniques of course types with wind.No one really noticed her there until that one day she was practicing some techniques when someone tapped her shoulder she quikely turned around and a girl w/ ponytails stood before her,the girl asked"what are you doing looks like fun" hana shyly said training and the girl replied "I think your good ^^....................................HI my names temari whats yours".ha.............hana.From there on hana becam great friends with temari.Then one day hana(now 13) decided to leave hidden wind when temari asked why hana replied "I wish I could stay but I have a promise to keep,don't worry I'm sure we'll meet each other again I promise".Some days after hana arrived in a new village ,"konoha"hmm...looks good.Hana entered it and she found it very nice that was until someone bumped her then she heard a loud scream coming closer "BAKA!NARUTO................!" a girl approached her and said"I'm terribly sorry you see my friend is retarded"hana laughed she replied"thats ok the girl then said"hehe you're new here right......^^ hi I'm haruno sakura you are?"hatoko hana so this is konoha eh"yes the hidden leaf village...HEY are you going to study here something?!"umm ah no I guess I'm a visitor."ungh sakura-chaaa~n where'd you go"."oh hana-chan this is naruto-bozu"."ehhh~bozu?!"*repeated arguing* ahahaha this seems to be a great place.Hana-chan stayed in konoha for quiet awhile and soon enough she had a number of friends and then one day the day arrive hana and temari saw each other again.All seemed perfect except for the fact no one ever saw her during night not even temari when she was in hidden wind so eventually everyone started getting suspicious and then one sunset they looked for her(temari was there too)they split-up shikamaru and temari looked in high tenten and lee searched alleys and corners,ino and chouji searched low parts and naruto,sasuke and sakura(yes sasuke got suspicious and went too)searched everywhere els and of course neji and hinata used byakugan(but they werent together).
It became really dark and the winds became stronger it was 9p.m. already and no trace then while neji used byakugan he heard a soft beautiful sound and followed it then temari sensed the wind and notice there was an epicenter and followed it shikamaru went with her and lee and tenten saw temari and followed her then naruto,sasuke and sakura were told to follow and actually chouji and ino were following team 7 all the time(why,because of sasuke thats why)then the music and winds stopped"why are you all here?" they looked around and found hana-chan then she told them the whole story:
"Once when I was little I had a friend....well more than a friend actually we loved each other dearly we were inseparable one day my love told me he had something to confess,he told be to meet somewhere at 8p.m. so he could tell me but when that night came he never showed up I know in my heart he didn't stood me up so the next day I went to our usual place but he wasnt there so I went to his house,when I got there I was shocked his house was burned I wouldnt know about it because our house is far really far away from his.Then that awful day came when our leader killed my father and it was my all I have left is the memory of my father and hope.................hope that the only one left from my past who cared about me is still there..............somewhere.Thats why every 8 p.m. I look for a quiet place and play our song with this flute hoping he'd find me".hana started crying hard and temari lessened her pain all the others were in shock.The next day they just went back to being normal but naruto couldn't help but ask"hana-chaa~n hi ummm about last night?"."oh no umm its okay im fine now I'm used to it i guess"."well no not that could you tell me more about........the guy"."................sure ok.well...................i remember his hair is a beautiful blond his smile is beautiful as well and he loved to clean for some reason he too and...."."..........what was is name?"his name sigh*.............hitori.............hitori akari"."oh..........."."huh what do you mean ~Oh~"."oh ummm i guess i thought i knew him ahehe"."You do!"."no i said i thought"."but but the truth is....he never told me his name,his real name at least.........but why am i telling you this...........when i can show him to you"."nani?!"."i'm actually a skilled artist hehe would you like me to draw him
" you know him?!"*naruto starts to cry*"hana-chan sorry"
naruto tells her what happened*
then they hear something*
screams*"everyone konoha's under attack"
hana:ill handle it....................!ARGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*attack stops
naruto:what happened.........kakashi-sama what..............that girl hana.....
kakashi:i saw what did she say
naruto:ka..ra..kaze or other
kakashi:.......kanarakaze............means wind without naruto i want you to breath in deeply*naruto breaths*thats the WIND of victory
naruto:i hear it the wind the music.......................

she saved us......................................
(ps im so sorry if you find it to long )
..........a few days later........................
newspaper:last night while a ninja from konoha was walking a huge gust of wind suddenly hit him and he heard a weird melody around him the ninja after was terrified as if hes saw a ghost.....................
tell me is you want to hear the rest ok ^^
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27 / F
Posted 12/25/07 , edited 12/26/07
Name:Kiminari Tanuma
Built:really fast and strong than normal; not to fat and not too skinny


Village:was in sound village but now in Kohana

Clothing style:white tank top covered by a black jacket the sleeves are pulled back to her elbows black jeans and black shoes

choice of weapons:a sword that can poison the enemy when it touches them

ninjustu/tai/gen type:ninjutsu and taijutsu

types of techniques:can use a jutsu that can black out the enemy's 5 senses called "black out",and anything that has to do with earth

history:when she was only 4 her parents were killed by orouchimaru(sp?)and he kidnapped her after a year or 2 he put a curse mark on her shoulder after they left her alone and came back they thought you were dead so they just left you there then you ranaway and was found by the hokage and taken to Kohana.there everyone hated you but they didnt show and pretended to care for you.
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25 / M / New Jersey
Posted 1/5/08 , edited 1/5/08
Name: Kyno Akurison
Built:medium-big athletic


Village:Sand village

Clothing style:
ALL black and red clotehs Black hair
choice of weapons:

ninjustu/tai/gen type:Uses all three types. Uses the sand to kill his enimes and work with his team.

types of techniques: Can use a jutsu called Sand Destruction Justsu Which destroys everything in his path even if it hits u slightly you will be paralized for life.

history:Parents Trained him to use his sand powers to defend himself and the people he loves in his life until age 11 when he was Kidnapped by Itachi before he killed the rest of the people in his life. Itachi trained him until he was 14 then left him off in the village hidden in the leaves where he met his team and entered the chunin exams He and his team all one their matches and went on to the finals where his remaining 2 team members lost their matches and he became a chunin.
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28 / M / U.S.A
Posted 1/12/08 , edited 1/13/08
Name: light
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Height: 6' 9
Built: Athletic

Rank Jounin
Clothing style: standard jounin clothing from villiage hidden in the clouds
Village: Villiage hidden in the clouds
choice of weapons: gloves that give off a electric chargre, paper bomb, kunai and shuriken

ninjustu/tai/gen type: thunder based ninjustu really well with ninjustu tai when fighting fights with electric gloves but still training gen: only standard gen tech

types of techniques: lots of thunder based tech and summons lighting shoots out lighting and creates soundwaves with it also special bloodline where he can create electricty and control it in his body

history: Light family was one of the most famous in the cloud but when hid dad died trying to kidnap a young huyga the clan lost most of it fame and most of the clan in disgrace gave up on being ninjas llight trains very hard to get revenge on the leaf and is in charge of a secret resistance to destroy the leaf he plans to start a war with them when he gains enough followers also light plans to become the next Raikage if he can destroy the hidden leaf
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