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28 / F / Overlord's Castle
Posted 11/18/07 , edited 11/18/07
..................and for all of those who cant wait either here is a liitle inside scoop of the strory and characters ^_^

A room in the Demon Lord's castle.
In his room, containing formaline and mounted animals and feeling like a research lab,Mao was completely focused on reading a manga.The manga was a story of a great hero defeating an evil OverLord.After he finished reading the manga, Mao made a momentous decision.

"As of today, I'm going to become a hero!"

Even as a joke, the only son of the chairman of Maritsu Evil Academy, that charmain also being the Overlord, saying he would become a "hero" would be a serious affair.
However, Mao, who aimed to defeat his father, using the reasoning that "Of course, the one to defeat a Demon Lord would naturally be a hero", began thinking of how to obtain the power necessary to become a hero.
Mao, on the advice of his attendant, Jiiya, decided to capture a hero and figure out the mystery behind the power of heroes.

The one who defeats a Overlord is a hero!
This is an unshakable Golden Rule!
There is no mistake in my thinking!!

Mao began searching for a legendary hero, and knowing of this, Raspberyl thought "Mao, the honor student, becoming a hero = Mao having his delinquent debut and quite possibly becoming the school's number one delinquent".
Bringing two of her schoolgirl companions along, she quickly went to try to persuade Mao to not become a hero.
Of course, since she's a delinquent, she first tried to settle things by talking, being opposed to violence.

Mao, having learned the whereabouts of a hero, went to find one who had turned up at the Overlord's castle.
On the way there, Raspberyl appeared and gave Mao some advice so that he would not slip from the path of the honor student.

Not a single glance or anything!
You sure have to guts to ignore me, the number one delinquent at this school!

......seeing this scene from afar, the self-styled hero Almaz misunderstood, thinking "that boy and girl have been [kidnapped] by the demons".
Although Almaz did not have the courage to battle demons, nor did he possess wisdom, he believed that a hero must face difficulties head-on. Thus, even though he was weak, he revealed himself, planning to save the two of them.
Mao became very excited at the sudden appearance of a hero.
Almaz bore the title of "Hero".
In the hopes of obtaining that title, Mao captured Almaz.

Will this result in Mao becoming a hero and defeating the Overlord?
Or perhaps will Raspberyl's persuasion be successful?
What will Almaz's fate be?

This demonic story filled with ups and downs starts here.

(Almaz), that's right! I'm a hero!
I'm in the middle of saving you right now, so just wait!


If you have any more info or comments let me know ^_^
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28 / M / In the abyss
Posted 2/26/08 , edited 2/26/08
wtf? they are making disgaea 3 already?! sweet lol. even tho i play both games lik 80+ hours. im not at lvl 1000 yet lol. my dad is lvl 2000+ >_<
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28 / F / Overlord's Castle
Posted 5/27/08 , edited 5/27/08
yep its being released in august ^_^ *cant wait xD*
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