Tokyo Mew Mew
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24 / F / In My Space XD
Posted 2/15/07 , edited 2/15/07
wwho likes this anime?
I love it espcally Pudding
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36 / M / Whitebase
Posted 2/15/07 , edited 2/15/07
Since you're 12, and female, I respect your love for this quaint and fastastic world of straberry-shortcake fantasy.

If it were otherwise, I'd probably burn you at the stake.

Long version:
I did not like it in the slightest. This judgement did not come from my general distaste for the preverbial -Magic Girl- genre nor a testosterone driven rage to seek manliness by missinterpreting the message said series brings. I watched it all in it's entirety. Regretted it later due to horrible nightmares. But I did sit down and give it a fair chance. I've been suprised before by such childish series (Reference: Tiny Snow Fair Sugar.)

I'm getting long winded at my age....

Short version: Not really. Might of been cool if I did drugs and was completely tripping while viewing. Lots of pretty colors.
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