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Posted 2/16/07 , edited 2/17/07
On a scale of 1-10 rate games by certain aspects then we can truly find out which is the best.The list will be plot,battle system,sound and graphics.
Heres a list of very good games to get you started (in my opinion so no one get their panties in a bunch over this)
1.Star Ocean:the Second Story
2:Tales of Destiny
5.Secret of Mana
6.Final Fantasy 2 and 3 for the SNES
7.Final Fantasy 7
8.Wild Arms 1 and 2
9.Earthworm Jim
10.Illusion of Gaia
11.Secret of Evermore
12.Zelda:Ocarnia of Time
13.Zelda:Majoras Mask
14.Legend of Legaia
15.Alundra 1 and 2
16.Final Fantasy 8,9,and 10
17.Super Mario RPG
18.Chrono Trigger
19.Chrono Cross
20.Breathe of Fire 3 and 4
21.Brave Fencer Musashi
22.Arc the Lad(the ps1 versions)

Now feel free to add any addition games and rate them however you please,but try not to fight about it i just want to see how you guys rate games on these catagories.Oh and if anyone thinks of a catagory go ahead and add it.
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