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Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/22/07
When i got started playing maple story, i swear i saw a Rukia pass by
So when i looked up at the internet i found this

Toshiro Hitsugaya (since he is my fave)

lol there is a guild called soul society, and there are some characters that really look like bleach. XD
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Posted 11/19/07 , edited 11/20/07
haha yeah they have new hairstyles and nx items that resemble anime chars xD
like hitsugaya and rukia!
rock lee hair is in there too! LOL

Posted 11/20/07 , edited 11/21/07
ya.. btw i saw naruto walk pass me at ludi..
i was like WTF?! it look exacly like it.
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Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
They sorta made Naruto clothes,Rukia and Renji hair,and now they've added kimono's.Although i just got into it again,so i can't remember much.

Found a vid:
Posted 11/22/07 , edited 11/23/07
Here is another cross over i found, this is death note

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Posted 11/22/07 , edited 11/23/07
awwww some.....where can i get that Hitsugaya hair cut??? imma get nx and change my metro to that,lol.....suks im not a warrior....i want a sword!!! wait...icould just use a begginer sword! yea! can i get that haircut?
Posted 12/12/07 , edited 12/12/07

shino from naruto
Posted 12/13/07 , edited 12/13/07
Omygud thats just unbelieavable 1 year ago i knew rukia's hair was there
but now renji o_O Shino o_O Naruto
Posted 12/14/07 , edited 12/15/07

lol this was hella funny video of naruto and sauske in ms form

if someone would be so kind to invite the ppl who made positive comments on that vid for me would be great
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