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Posted 6/21/08 , edited 6/21/08
UVERworld ( ウーバーワールド ) is a Japanese band signed under gr8! Records (Sony Music Records) in 2005 that can be categorised as J-mixture, pop, rock. They made use of elements such as R&B, rap, beatboxing etc. to increase the quality of their music. They set a new trend in the Japanese music industry with their undefined style of music.

UVERworld is made up of 5 members that come from Shiga, Kansai. TAKUYA∞ (Vocalist & Programming), Katsuya (Guitarist & Band leader), Akira (Guitarist), Nobuto (Bassist), Shintarou (Drummer).

Unlike other bands, the members of UVERworld share a very strong bond. In fact, Takuya and Nobuto have known each other since they were 3 years old. Katsuya, Takuya and Akira were in the same childcare centre and Takuya and Akira were neighbours. As of what we understood, the UVERworld members lived together in the same house (4LDK). Previously (according to Heyx3 CHANCE! interview), Katsuya stays in the living room and Akira on the 2nd floor and Takuya, Nobuto and Shintarou on the 3rd. It seems that they use various methods to decide which room they get to stay in and they do so once/twice a year. The 2 unfortunate stuck in the living room were Nobuto and Katsuya. Previously, it is Shintarou's turn to stay in the living room. According to a magazine interview, this time they threw darts in order to decide which rooms they get to stay in, and in the future, they will bowl with their left hands (all). Nobuto, who claimed he is left handed bowled with his right hand, which raise suspicion among the members because he was the only one not hitting the gutter (Takuya claims that he never knew Nobuto is left handed even though they had known each other since young. For more info, read this interview). So the final outcome still end up with Nobuto losing.

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