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Can you write something.

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F / somewhere down th...
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I can wait for it!

Here's better news for you than, I should be done with Blood Witches by today.

For real! Then I hoping I can read it today!

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Who wants to know...
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(Okay here's Blood Witches...
Too bad I can't place them exactly as I wrote it...
Some parts may be boring, and I felt like I could've done more with the ending...oh well...
It may look better drawn out...too bad I don't have that kind of talent. If only someone was willing to draw it... )
Blood Witches

"Hey have you heard the rumors around town?"
"No what are they?"
"You mean the one where you receive a black letter mysteriously?"
"I heard that people who get the letter die."
"I heard they vanish."
"The police are baffled."
"So do you believe in it?"
"Probably some people playing a prank."
"My dad got that letter. He died a week later. I hear my uncle got it too, he's gone into hiding."
"I wonder whose behind it?"
"I heard it began at that old mansion where that billionaire died."
"Oh I remember him, I'm glad he's dead."
"I heard some weird sounds from that place last night."
"Rumor has it that he's still alive."
"If I find them, I'll kill them."
"Get in line, there's a lot of other people who want them dead."
"Here's a rumor I heard...there's a group of people who go around fixinging problems like these."
"What? Who goes around fighting rumors like that?"
"They call themselves..."
"Blood Witches."
The school bell rang, marking the end of the day. He couldn't wait to leave, he pushed his stuff inside his school bag and headed out of the room, he could hear the whispers.

"Hey, did you hear...Ryuugan-senpai got one of those black letters."
"Yuuto Ryuugan? The junior in class 3-B?"
"Yah him."
"I heard he doesn't have many friends, too bad he got the black letter."
"He was kinda cute. I was thinking of asking him out?"
"I wouldn't recommend it, I hear he shoots down every girl who asks."
"What why?"
"They don't peak his interest I guess."
"So what does peak his interest?"
"Who knows? The guy hardly talks to anyone."
"I don't think many people will care if he's gone..."
"Still it's a shame...that he's gonna die right before the school year ends..."

As Yuuto trekked back to his home, the whispers of his peers were still ringing in his ears.
'No one would miss me.' It didn't bother him much, but it was still painful to hear.
Because he wasn't paying attention, he bumped into someone.
"Sorry," He mumbled under his breathe.

When he tried to walk away, they grabbed his shoulder. "You, boy..." They said.

Yuuto's eyes widened, he realized that this could've been the sender of the black letter he recieved in his bag yesterday.

At a second glance, this person was dressed rather oddly.
They wore a large overcoat,
various belts,
a top hat,
a red briefcase,
And finally their face was completely covered by a knight's helmet.
They began to speak, but their voice sounded like they were using a voice mask; "Are you having problems? Have you come into contact with the paranormal?" What a weirdo. You can't even tell their gender.

'What a weirdo.' Yuuto thought to himself, and why was this person talking to him of all people. "Who are you?"

"You have haven't you!" The weird person reached into his briefcase, which turned out to be packed with nothing but red-colored slips of paper.
Than they raised their index finger, as if remembering something important.
"Dear me, I seem to have forgotten. I am an associate of the Blood Witches organization."

'Blood Witches?' Yuuto had heard the rumors, but didn't think they actually existed that is. After all, how many rumors turned out to be true?! Not a lot that's how many...!

"Here, take this and follow the instructions. All your problems should vanish." After handing Yuuto a red slip of paper, they tipped their hat to him and went on their way.

Yuuto...was a little disturbed by the entire encounter, of course anyone would've been. A very strange person just handed them a random flier, not to mention the organization probably doesn't exist either.
It could've been one big prank...
...But, somewhere inside him...he wanted to believe it. Just a little bit...

-Yuuto's home-

Like the flier said, Yuuto wrote about the problem he was having. Than he placed it inside the envelope attached to the slip of paper, and finally left it outside the window.
And than, when he came back from the bathroom, the envelope was gone, with a message attached to the slip of paper reading:

"We have heard your claim and shall send a Blood Witch A.S.A.P to deal with the situation."

"...." As Yuuto stared at the note intently, the only thing he could say was, "Did somebody break into my house?" He was still skeptical of the entire thing.


-The next day-

She tapped her heels as she sat on steam train, it was the only city other than the residence of the Blood Witches Organization that had this kind of technology because the time line was like that and stuff...
A glowing smile on her face, that no one could ever contaminate.
Silver hair tied in pig-tails with black ribbons.
Her outfit looked like a cross between a Shinto Priestess and a was pretty much indecribable.
On her lap was a black witch hat.

The people around her stared, wondering if she was cosplaying.
But that was actually her everyday clothe.

When the train stopped, she picked up her two suitcases, placed on her witch hat and moved out of the train with the crowd...who was keeping their distance from her for some reason. Probably because the people in this city were blissfully unaware of the truths of this world.
"My my, lets see," She put her index finger to her chin in a thinking-like posture.
"Oh!" She raised her index finger, as if remembering where she was supposed to go.
She was now on her way there.

A knock on Yuuto's door.

"Hm?" Yuuto could hear the knocking sound from the kitchen, still he wanted to make sure there was one. So he waited in the hallway, to see if the door would make another sound?

There it was again.

Yuuto felt a sense of fear inside him, which was it? The black envelope or the blood witches?

Another knocking sense.

Yuuto figured that if he didn't do something they'd probably bust down the door, even if Yuuto ran away they could've been waiting for him around the back.

It knocked again, "Hello, is anyone in there? I'm from the Blood Witches Organization...I'm here due to a paranormal complaint?" It was girl's voice, it sounded sweet.

Yuuto sighed in relief, at least this way he knew who it was. His hand touched the knob, he opened it halfway, but than realized they could've been lying...
Too late now.

She stood in the doorway, a smile on her face. "Hello," she took a quick peek at the piece of paper in hand, "Ryuugan Yuuto-sama." She knew his name. She took another look at the photo. "Brown hair...check...burgundy eyes...check," She moved around Yuuto, and pulled on the tiny piece of hair he had tied on the back of his head. "Tiny pony-tail...check..." She circled him like a vulture circling it's dead prey. "Particularly skinny build, a little lower than average height for a 17 year old boy." They were about the the same height.
"And finally," She took Yuuto's shirt collar and unbuttoned the first two buttons on his shirt. "Yep, dragon shaped birthmark leading from your collar bone down your abdomens." She didn't need to see the whole thing, all she needed to say was the head. She re-buttoned them.
"Yep, you are definitely Ryuugan Yuuto."

Yuuto had let all this happen, but he took a step back after his shirt was rebuttoned.
"And who are you exactly?!" He asked.

She blinked, "Oh my, how rude of me...allow me to introduce myself." She courtsied. "Blood Witch of the Shadow Blood Sect, number XIII, Louise Rika Sattelizer, at your service." She introduced herself, and once again, topped it all off with a smile.

"....." Yuuto merely stared at her, "Are you serious?" Yuuto needed some kind of proof or he wouldn't believe it.

"Yes, I do have proof." She dropped her suitcases, "Lets see...which one was it again?" She wondered to herself. Looking from suitcase to suitcase.
"My my, it was this one!" She opened the left one, a lot of women's clothing were in there including personal belongings.

Yuuto was un-phased. With his apathetic stare. (-_-)

"My my!" Her cheeks flushed as she laughed it off, "Th-that's not it at all!" She closed her suitcase and opened the other one instead.
Inside THIS suitcase was instead, two guns, a combat knife, some parts of a staff. And on the upper half were a bunch of ammo and weapon attachments.
She reached for the staff parts. It took her merely a few seconds to assemble the 3 pieces.

The 1st piece, the top part:
The shaft was colored black, at the top of this piece was a crescent shaped end. A purple-colored orb in the center.

The 2nd piece, the mid-part.
The shaft was colored silver instead, in the middle of this part was a golden knuckle guard where the user's hands went. Tribal markings on the knuckle guard.

The 3rd piece: The lower part.
The shaft was black like the last part. At the very bottom, two chains were attached to it. A devil wing on the end of one chain, and an angel wing on the other end.

"See!" She showed the magical staff to Yuuto. "Only someone with magical ability can use this!" She waved it around at Yuuto.

"....." Yuuto was still not convinced at all.

"Than, look over here." She turned around, and moved some of her hair aside to show the tattooed symbol of a phoenix on the back of her neck. "This is the mark of a Blood Witch, with it, I can tap into my magical power."

Yuuto didn't entirely believe it, seeing it as a simple tattooed design. "Than do magic." Yuuto pointed out.

"Eh?" She wanted to know if she heard him right. "Are you sure?" It was very dangerous for her to use magic right now. Plus she could cause collateral damage.

"It's fine, just do it." Yuuto was sure she wouldn't be able to use magic anyways.

"Okay, if you say so." She closed her eyes and took a deep breathe.
"Spirits, hear my call and grant me power..."
She twirled the staff in front of her, but it ended up slipping out of her hand. "Oops!"

The staff hit Yuuto in the face. It was an instant knock out.
"Oh my! Yuuto-sama!" Was the last thing Yuuto would hear before everything went black as he drifted off into la-la land.

Images were flashing in front of him: An image of a boy and a girl watching the sunset.
The young girl was wearing a cloak and a witches' hat. "Oh my, I'll be leaving now...will you miss me, Yuuto-sama?"

"Not at all." The boy didn't hesitate to answer, he didn't even look directly at her. What a cruel boy he was.

"Wha-Really?!" She frowned, about to cry.

But the boy pat the top of her head, "Because I know you'll come back..." He smiled at her. "So always keep your smile."

"My my." At once, her tears vanished and was replaced with a happy smile. "Okay!"
She grabbed onto his hand and brought it to her chest. "When I come back...can we stay together?"

"....Okay...It's a promise." He held out his pinky for a yubikiri.

She nodded and took hold of his pinky with hers.

"Yu-bi-ki-ri." They both said at once.

Yuuto's eyes slowly opened. When he sat up, he looked around his room. There was no one one except...

Louise was sitting by Yuuto's bedside. Her head resting on her arms, she had fallen asleep waiting. The staff leaning against the wall nearby.

".....?" Yuuto was confused as to why she was here? He pat the top of her head. "Crazy girl." But somehow, because of Louise's personality and the way she seemed to give it her all, it made Yuuto want to believe in it...just a little.

"Oh my. Are you awake, Yuuto-sama?" Louise called to him. She looked at him with a smile on her face. "Did you miss me?"

Yuuto looked away, "Not really." he didn't blush at all, just kept his same apathetic face.

"My my, ah-ha-ha-ha-ha." She laughed at him, "You did miss me didn't you?" She laughed at him some more.

"Nope." Yuuto answered without hesitation again. He stood up, "I'm gonna go out now." He wanted to take pictures. He reached for his camera on the desk.

"Oh my, Yuuto, I shall accompany you." She stood up, dusting off her outfit.

"No way."

"Oh my. But why not?"

"Because you stand out in a crowd."

"Stand out in a crowd?" She had absolutely no idea what he was talking about...seriously. "My my." She palmed her cheek in a cute way.

Yuuto pushed open the heavy double doors of the church. "Communion is done for the day, so I guess no one would mind if I took pictures here." With that said, Yuuto looked through the camera's lense, seeing the church through the camera.
This was such a weird time really is completely separate from our own time.

Meanwhile, Louise was walking behind Yuuto.
"Oh my, Yuuto-sama." She got his attention.

"What is it?" He asked while taking another picture.

"Why is it you don't seem afraid?" She tilted her head in confusion, never before had she seen someone so apathetic to the danger they were in.

"What do you mean?" He didn't know...or rather, chose not to know. He just continued taking pictures. "It doesn't matter anyways, everyone has to die at some point. My death...won't change anything." Despite these words...Yuuto said them half-heatedly.

She clutched her chest, "But Yuuto-sama! You have to care if you die!" She suddenly said with an irritated voice.

Yuuto cleaned out his ears from the sudden volume increase, "Not really." He was a little surprised at Louise's sudden reaction.

Her smile disappeared, " you really...not care if you live or die? Won't anyone be sad if you're gone?" She asked.

"......" Yuuto was silent, remembering the words of the rumor spreaders.
"Not really...I don't think...anyone would care if I'm gone anyways..." These words struck a sadness in Yuuto. "Not...a single person..."

"Oh my, but...there is someone who will care..." She held Yuuto's hand, and brought it to her chest, over her heart.

This action, caused Yuuto's eyes to widen and than he asked; "What are you-"

"Do you feel my heart?" She interrupted. "Do you feel it beat?"

Yuuto could feel it...Louise's heart...was beating very fast. But why? They had only just met and...
That dream was flashing inside Yuuto's mind.

"If you disappeared...Yuuto-sama...I'd miss you. Because despite your outward appearance, I can tell, that you are a kind and gentle person." She looked up to him, with her cute and innocent face.

Yuuto stared into those eyes, "I...I...I don't...want to die..." Yuuto said what he really felt.

The moment Yuuto said that, Louise hugged him tightly against her chest...lucky bastard. "My my, than...Louise will give everything she has to fight for you...Yuuto-sama..."

The windows shattered, humanoid figures wearing black and gold knight-styled armor crashed in through the windows. Each of them carrying silver katanas.


Louise's fired off her gun with one hand, the other holding onto Yuuto. Each shot skillfully hitting their intended target.
It took no time at all for these enemies to fall, and than turn to dust.
Louise merely kept up her smile, "Oh my...Yuuto-sama...I want you to go back home." She let go of the hug, "like the promise I made with you 7 years ago, I'll come back to you." And with those words, she gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and jumped out of the shattered window.

"...." As Yuuto stood there in awe, his cheek on his hand. He looked to the door, "....." Nothing but silence. Was there nothing he could do...?

-The old mansion/castle where the billionaire resides-

Now, when the rumor spreaders said 'mansion' earlier on in this story. THAT was merely an under exaggeration. This fricken place was more like a giant castle that overlooked the city, it was even bigger than the walls surrounding the city. It was the single tallest place in that entire city...
Strange sounds have been coming from there.
Oh, look, lightning.....always a dramatic sign that the villains are doing something evil. Lets take a look inside shall we...?

At the very top of the castle, in a giant ball-room like area, because a villain is ALWAYS at the highest point. The black knights stood at attention, swords drawn and holding them cross style (Refer to one of the Assassins Creed trailer).
And, here comes the main villain...
To be different, he had to be adorned in silver armor instead, bone-like armor to be specific. No helmet, but he did have a freaky looking crown. And his shoulder pads were actually blades. A giant sword rest next to his chair, about twice his size.
He sat in his throne of bones (ha, I rhymed) with a lazy posture, resting his cheek against his hand. Oh and he's got an eye patch, and long silver hair...because fan girls go crazy for the guys with long white hair...for some reason...

He sighed because he was really bored, "Hm, this is boring." He had a glass cup in his hand, filled with red liquid. "These townspeople are so easy to control, they're afraid to venture out into the world so they don't order help from the outside, and everyone's scared to come here because of the rumors." He took a sip from the cup, and laughed a crazy man's laugh, "Pretty soon I'll have an invincible armor, and than...this continent will belong to me! The great Splicer-sama!!!" Due to a lack of a better name, that's what I ended up calling the bastard. And yes he is mentally all bad guys should be...
He reached out for one of his black knights, the closest one. His hand traveled along it's he gay now?! TAKE THAT FAN GIRLS!!! HE'LL NEVER LIKE YOU!!!
"Ah, my greatest creations...It took me a while, but I finally perfected them. The perfect undead soldiers, used from the body parts of the idiot villagers, they do everything I command. They are the ultimate army." He stood up, talking to himself like a crazy and lonely person, he laughed as loud as his crazy voice could...

"Oh that is what you were planning..." Louise's voice called from all around the room. "In that case, I, a member of the Blood Witches Organization...will stop you here and now." The ceiling exploded, black knights who had been on the ceiling fell in pieces on the ground below.
Louise was coming down, in her arm was a giant gun resembling a MUCH larger Barret M82, but much wider and cooler looking with a strap around her was kinda like a magical version. Only with Louise's super human abilities could she even pick it up.
As she was descending on a platform which was basically a flat blue platform with magical inside it, she fired off magical shells: A flat circle with magic runes inside would appear over her gun's exit point and than fire off purple bullets.
The bullets would than hit a knight and damage the ones surrounding it.
Louise landed with grace onto the ground...staring up at her enemy...with a smile.

"Who are you?" He didn't even seem the least bit scared. "I didn't expect the Blood Witches would catch on to my plan."

"Than you underestimated us..." She tilted her head cutely, "As for me, my name is...Louise Rika Sattelizer, number XIII of the Shadow Blood Sect." She aimed her gun at him. "Surrender now, and I'll take you alive."

A wide and conceited smirk grew on his face, "What makes you think one Blood Witch can go against me?" He snapped his fingers, and the black knights turned their swords into mid-guard position. They slowly advanced on Louise.
"One more thing, I'm in anti-magic don't even think of shooting me, it'll just get, with that said...why don't you surrender and die?"

As Louise looked around at the insurmountable odds around her, she looked back to Splicer, "Well, Splicer-san...don't you think you're underestimating the Blood Witch organization a tiny bit?" She moved her thumb and index finger close together, as a visual representation.
The gun vanished, only to be replaced with her staff. "In times like these, it's best to use a melee weapon." Her staff started glowing.
The staff spoke: "Mode Change...spear mode..."
The staff started changing.
It replaced the original crescent orb end with a golden sword-like edge, the orb was now in the center of the blade. The blade was about the length of Louise's hand to her forearm.
At the beginning of the blade, where the hilt would've been, two red cloth-like extensions were portruding from it.
Also, on the other end, a smaller version of the front blade was present.

"Okay, ready for battle now." She hung the spear over her shoulder as she threw her fist in the air...this was all like one big game to her...

Splicer let out a booming laughter, "You're going to fight my knights with a simple spear? Is this a freaken game to you?! Don't you care you're going to die and be used in my experiments!!!" The knights laughed best an undead horde could laugh.
He raised his hand, and all grew silent.
"Tell you what, because of that nice body of yours, why don't you swear allegiance to me, and I'll make you my slave. You won't die...yet at least..."

"Oh my, a slave?" She wasn't exactly fond of S&M play. "No thanks." She laughed...alone that is...

"Suit yourself," He said in a cold voice...being rejected must suck a lot for this guy. He snapped his fingers, "Knights...kill her for me...don't leave anything left."

The first row of black knights took one step forward. But they were instantly cut down by Louise before they even had time to attack. "Oh my, is that all?" She aimed her spear's point at Splicer. "Is this all you throw at me, Splicer-san...than I'll clean up this mess and come for you..."

He had a confident smirk on his face. "Don't get cocky, witch...these knights...are different from any you've fought..."

A black knight charged forward, sword raised in high-guard as it would crash down.

Louise stepped on it's blade, forcing it on the flat side, she thrust her spear at it's face.
But it moved it's neck out of the way. "Oh my?" She hit it with the back side of her spear, the smaller blade was still a blade nonetheless. So it did it's job.

While Louise was airborne, a black knight cut upwards.
Louise spun around it's left side and slashed at it's neck.
It brought the blade up, blocking with the hilt.
"My my, again?" Louise was beginning to notice...
A shielded enemy rushed Louise.
Louise was able to block with the spear's shaft, but she was still knocked off balance by the shield.
And than, an enemy with a polearm weapon attempted to cleave off her head. She would've just blocked or countered. But another enemy was coming from the other direction, attempting to slice off her legs.
She couldn't block both, so...she relied on magic... "Thema of incendia" Two balls of flame appeared around her. "pierce per.." And with her chanting alone, they shot like bullets through the torsos of their targets. Setting them both on fire until they were nothing but ash.
(Translation: Subjects of the flame, pierce through.)
It was than, that Louise noticed...

"So, I see you started to notice...let me save you some time..." He stood up from his throne. "These knights are my special bodyguards, through each battle they see and fight, they learn and adapt to become the ultimate knights. I call them...Black Knights Elite Edition."
He threw out his arms, "So as you can see, it's pointless to resist! My offer still stands...though you'll have to be punished a little first however-"

"Oh my..." Louise interrupted him. Her body was glowing a purple hue. "If that's the case...than...if I defeat them all before they learn to adapt to my skills, than I'll be victorious." Louise already figured out the flaw in his plan. The spear vanished into particles...don't worry spear'll come back...but in different forms...
"I'm combining the magical essence of my staff into my own magical essence...this is what a Blood Witch does when she has no other choice but to go all out."
Her outfit started changing as the particles floated inside her body. The seal on the back of her neck shined brightly...
Her outfit was now better suited for battle:

Her torso was outfitted with silver body armor, an intricate design around the stomach.
Red gauntlets with extra padding on her palms.
A silver tasset (Kinda like an armored belt with sheets of metal along the side, front, and/or back of the wearer...think of it as a metal over-dress. In Louise's case, it's on her sides.) that extended down to her legs.
They were all made of plate armor.
Her witch hat had been changed into an angel winged tiara. A green gem in the center.
And finally, a silver shoulder cape with a black devil wing design.

"Valkyrie mode...activate..."
Louise looked at all the enemies around her, "My my, so many of them..." She cracked her knuckles. "But it's no trouble at all." She shot forward, and than...she started to tear each and every black knight apart with both magic and weapons.
'I can do this...I can do this!'
She believed in herself as she thrust her blade into the torso of one black knight, stepped on it's shoulder and than smashed her gauntlet through the face of another. And than blasting a row of them away with wind sickles.
' waiting for me.'
She pressed her palm against the ground, a circle of black knights charged forward. And suddenly they were all impaled from below by Earth Spikes.
'So I won't lose!'

And than, when the dust cleared...
All that was left was Louise, a bunch of dead enemies, scattered weapons, and a LOT of collateral damage.
Louise panted as she kneeled on the ground, even for a Blood Witch like Louise...this was a lot for just one Blood Witch.
Louise however, remembered her mission, she aimed her gun over the shoulder in a cool way, she didn't even have to look at her target because that's just how cool she was. "Oh my, Splicer-san, I seem to have broke all your toys." She said in an apologetic tone.

"No worries," He smirked, and raised his palm. "Theres last toy you've yet to break." He lowered his hand, aiming his palm at Louise.

"Oh my." Louise palmed her cheek.
Suddenly there was a rumbling sound from below, something was coming up.
Louse leaped back before a giant, gray hand shot out from the ground.
"My my, what a big boy." Louise noticed as it was starting come out. This was probably why the ball room was so large.

"You like it? This one is merely a prototype, but it should suffice...behold...Carrion Edition."
The Carion edition was similar to the black knights in structure. However, it was a hell of a lot larger.
Because of it's gigantic size, only it's bottoms (thank god) was covered completely with plate mail.
It wore the same black helmet as the black knights.
The rest of it's body had loose bits of armor that weren't symmetrical at all...!!!
The skin that could be seen had been repeatedly stitched together with various skin colors...but the majority of it's skin was gray.

"Oh my, your going to make this fight against me?" She seemed pretty cocky right now.

"Don't underestimate it, Carrion, kill that woman!" He shouted.

Carrion turned it's ugly head to Louise, the only weapon present was it's left arm which was heavily covered with the same plate mail, the hand had been replaced by a giant claw. Other than that, no weapons, it's whole body was a weapon anyways.
It threw a straight right hook at Louise to start off.

Louise grabbed onto two blades next to her. She front-flipped over the hand, landing on the palm. Before she could even cut anything, Carrion moved it's hand in the air, flipping Louise in the air.
'No way.'

"Oh, did I forget to mention that it has the same Learning program as the other Black Knight Elites?" Yes...yes he did forget to mention it, on purpose. Why would he tell his enemy anything that could save their life.
"It's been watching each and every one of your attacks...face it, there's nothing you can do to stop him. He knows everything you'll do and will counter you..."

While Louise was airborne, she made a square with the thumbs and index fingers on her hands. "Voco , Veneficus obex." A barrier formed around Louise.
(Translation: Summon, Witches barrier.)

Carrion whacked Louise off to the side with it's left arm.

"Ah!" Louise slammed into the wall, with enough force to crack and dent it.
'Oh's...too powerful for me...'
Her vision was fading fast, she was going to lose consciousness at this rate.
I can't...go on at this rate...I'm sorry...
"Yuuto..." She said, just about to lose consciousness, hence, admitting defeat in this battle.

"LOUISE!!!" Yuuto's voice shouted, it was close too.

Everyone in the room (Louise, Splicer, Carrion.) was surprised something else was here.

Yuuto stood on the other side of the ball room, at the foot of the stairs he shouted out.
'Be more gar like my dad huh...?' Those were the words of Yuuto's grandmother. Well...this was one of the few times where Yuuto would throw off his apathetic shell and be gar enough.
He crossed his arms in a gar way. "Are you giving up already?! I thought you were supposed to be a Blood Witch?!"
As in most gar statements, question the strength of your allies.
"You said, you would fight for me with everything you have! Is this it? You take one little beating and your gonna give up already?!"
Than, you say something that would ignight a fire in their heart.
He thrust his finger into the air, pointing to the night sky, closing his eyes. "How can you expect me to believe in you when you can't believe in yourself?! Louise, if your body has determined your fate than cast off your limits!"
And than the finisher.
"Fate isn't determined by anyone else, it's something you make for yourself...!"

"What the hell was that?" Splicer wasn't moved at all. "Is that your attempt at trying to be gar? It needs some work." He figured all Yuuto did was some shouting.

However, it did it's job for Louise. "Yuuto..." She was already getting back up. "Okay than, I'm not gonna hold back." The moment she said this, her power started rising.

"What is this?" Splicer was sounding scared now.

Louise smiled, "A specialty of the Shadow Blood sect...manifestation." Louise explained.

"Carrion, finish her now!" Splicer shouted frantically.

Carrion thrust it's claw at Louise, if she didn't dodge she would be pierced.

Louise was struck, the claw going through her torso.

Carrion lifted her up towards it's face, just...looking at her...weirdo...

"Oh my, look at all this blood." She was bleeding profusely. She sounded weak, her hands slowly moved to touch the claw that impaled her.
"Cruor in meus vena , hereditas ex meus ancestors.
Umbra ut velieris secundum panton.
EGO sum a veneficus.
Huic pugna , fio meus mucro quod meus contego.
Umbra Cruor Dominatus."

(Translation: "Blood in my veins, inherited from my ancestors.
Shadows that hide behind everything.
I am a witch.
For this battle, become my swords and my shields.
Shadow Blood Mastery.")

The blood on the claws reacted to Louise's chanting.
A smile appeared on her face, "I'm sorry, Carrion-san...but this has to be done."
Louise's blood suddenly wrapped around Carrion's arm. It slowly started applying pressure, it was small at first, but the pressure increased rapidly...but no matter how much pressure was applied on the arm, it wouldn't snap.
And Louise couldn't muster enough strength to apply more force, it looked like she made an error in judgment.

"Louise! The wrist, focus on that!" Yuuto had a feeling that the wrist would be the best point. "Trust me!"

Louise looked to Yuuto, she believed in his judgment and nodded a quick yes. The blood moved to Carrion's didn't take her long or as much strength...
Carrion's hand fell to the ground, Louise was gently lowered by her own blood. She fell on her knees, panting heavily...even with a move like this...she wasn't immortal. She took some time to heal enough to strike a finishing blow.
"That was an excellent decision." Louise was amazed at Yuuto's judgment, now she could heal herself easier.

Carrion shrieked out in intense pain, it bled profusely. As it clutched it's broken stub of a hand, wailing like a baby.

Louise formed a magic circle under her and Carrion. And than it was like time had stopped for the two of them...
Spikes of blood and shadow impaled Carrion's legs to the ground, and nailed it's arms in place. It was completely unable to move or defend itself in any way.

A black raven over shadowed Louise, it stretched it's mighty black wings and flew over Carrion. A black trail following inside Carrion......
Louise stood on the other side of Carrion. Blood on her hand, which lead to various blood hands on Carrion's body...
Louise raised her palm, the blood still fresh in her hand...And than, she closed her hand into a fist.
Carrion burst into pieces, pulled apart by the blood hands...

When the spell ended, Louise was the only one left standing. The way she appeared, with that smile on her face...was like a demon in disguise as she advanced on Splicer.

Splicer threw his giant sword at Louise in retaliation.

Louise caught it with one hand, and flipped it by the hilt. "Oh my, you're giving me this? Sorry, but I can't accept your gift." She was going to give it back to him alright...

Splicer was absolutely petrified with fear now. What kind of idiot throws his sword at the enemy...what a moron. He deserved to die for that...oh and all the crimes he's committed too.
"W-Wait! Okay, I'll surrender now! I give up!" Now he gives up, but too bad for him.

"I'm sorry, but it's too late to surrender." She touched his cheek with the blade's flat end. "In the next life, be a good person. Okay, Splicer-sama." She smiled her usual Louise smile, and than...she raised the blade overhead...
It was over at last...

While walking home in the middle of the night, Yuuto loaned his jacket to Louise to keep her from standing out even more among the public. Louise held his hand, she was the one who requested it.
"Hey, Yuuto-sama, you were a really big help today." She complimented Yuuto's coolness a while back.

"I just showed up and tried to be like my dad." Though Yuuto's father was much more gar. "I didn't really do anything."

"My, my, I couldn't have done it without you." Louise smiled at Yuuto. She grabbed onto the collar of his shirt.
"You were really cool, Yuuto-sama." She pulled him into a kiss.
After a couple seconds, she pulled away. "Thanks for everything, Yuuto-sama." Afterwards, she walked past him, leaving the stunned Yuuto in confusion.
With her job complete, she'd have to return the Blood Witch Organization, as much as she wanted to stay with Yuuto....she had an obligation to fulfill. Because, she was a Blood Witch.

"Wait, Louise," Yuuto called her by her name. "I'll go with you." Yuuto turned towards Louise, the look on his face said he was completely serious about following Louise.

Louise's eyes widened, her sadness evaporating, she looked over her shoulder to Yuuto, "Are you sure?" She asked, realizing the danger Yuuto would be putting himself into. "It's a dangerous world I'm involved in."

"I don't care." Yuuto said without hesitation as usual. "A while back, we made a promise to stay together." Yuuto held out his pinky, "It was a I can't break that promise, now can I?"

Louise nodded, "You're can't break that promise." She locked pinkies with him...

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That was an awesome story...Post Your Other One Up Here I Want To Read It!
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/6/08 , edited 7/7/08
*Puts on annoyed face.*
If ever there was game that proved this mot.

It would be Ninja Gaiden 2...
No game I've ever played in my 12 to 14 years of gaming out of 17 years of life has EVER been more difficult to beat.
Now, I need to rest from such an intense game with a torturing difficulty level and infuriating camera controls to deal with.

I'll try to get the next story up as quick as I can, but I can guarantee's longer than Blood Witches.
If anyone needs me, I'll be over there *points to the dark corner.* I'm wiped out....stupid Archfiend...
*Falls over.*
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F / somewhere down th...
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hahahaha! take your tym..^_^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
(Since I don't feel like making people wait for much longer, here's the next part of Devil Killer.
I need to do some editing here and there on the remaining parts. )

-Phase 2-

-3 years prior-

At this time, the sun was setting.
He wore a white buttoned long sleeve shirt under a black vest. Also with black pants, is what his uniform was.
He ruffled his downward sloped, spiky, navy-blue hair. His brown eyes staring off into space.
He was going home from kendo practice, a pair of headphones in his ears, allowing him to listen to his favorite kind of music.

"It was a day like any other day, but I guess, this was our first official meeting."

The train doors opened, through the crowd of people, his eyes were drawn to one in particular. A girl, actually.
Long, dark brown hair that stretched past her knees, strands of hair falling over her forehead. A red ribbon was tied to strands of her hair off the side of her head. At the top of her head was an ahoge that stood out the most about her.
The iris of her eyes were as green as emeralds.
Oh and she had a nice figure too...heh-heh-heh...
She wore the sailor fuku uniform, the colors were black, red, and green.
His heart beat against his chest, it was a strange feeling.

This girl ended up standing next to him, reading a manga, not paying him any mind. As if she didn't even notice him there.

He just continued to stare at her, and she was standing next to him to. Than he thought to himself,
'Why do I feel like...I've seen her before?'
They most likely went to the same school, so that was possible. But he felt it was something else.

The girl eventually felt his stare. She looked over to him out of the corner of her eyes.

At once, he averted his eyes to look in another direction.

"It was an awkward first meeting...but, I guess luck was shining on me that day."

She tapped his shoulder.

This action, caused a shiver to crawl down his spine. He imagined himself getting slapped in the face, or scolded. Or maybe she was the shy-type? She could've been a yandere too-

She tapped his shoulder again.

Oh well, it wasn't like he could just turn invisible and avoid the situation.
He looked over to the girl, "...." Silence.

She was pointing to the manga in her hand, "You like this?" She asked in an low-tone.

'Huh?' Maybe she had thought he was looking at the manga instead of her, well, he was a fan of manga. So, might as well, "Yah." He had already read the manga, so he knew what he was talking about,
"The artist who drew it is really good." He was trying his hand at small talk.

She blinked, and than answered, "In my opinion, the art itself is a little rough around the edges. On page 37, it's hard to tell what the character's actions are."
She turned to another page, "Than, she's wearing this," she pointed to the character on the page, "as a coat, but for the remainder of the volume she wears it as a cloak." She closed the book at once,
"However, the story itself is clear and easy to follow, so that's why it's good."

Obviously she wasn't a newbie at this kind of stuff,
'Who is this girl?'

The girl looked to the door, "This is my stop." She placed the manga inside her bag, "Bye." She walked through the doors.
The boy stared after her, "....." He felt like he had lost. He sighed to himself...

"As you can tell, I suck when it comes to conversations."

His stop was coming up soon, so he prepared to leave.

"During my next few years of high school, I did see her a couple times here and there...but it's not like we were friends or anything. Probably just acquaintances.
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F / somewhere down th...
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love it I'm very patient when someone needs time off.
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24 / F / Somewhere......
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Oh can i post my writings here too ^^
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Who wants to know...
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Attention to all readers:
This is turning out longer than I thought.
Because of my own need for the best possible story I can think of.
Which means I'll have to extend the story considerably.
Basically, right now would be the first of two arcs.
I'm currently working on the second arc which focuses on the male lead.
In the next post, I'll put up another part of the story.
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-present day-

While locking up the kendo dojo, and mid-way through picking up his bag, he noticed it was lighter than usual? He looked inside. "Ah, I forgot my text book." For homework, he really did need that text book.

Even though the school was locked, he knew how to get in. There was almost always an open window somewhere...such a high-security school. Still, he wanted to check to see if the front door was open at least to save him the trouble of having to wander around the campus.
He placed his hand on the handle, and miraculously the door was open.
"It's open?" It was weird because the last time he tried that door was locked up tighter than a safe at a high security bank.

He closed the door behind him, making his way through the halls. Of course no one was around, but he couldn't help but shake the feeling he was being watched? Probably due to inherit senses from his long line of warrior ancestors. What a nice family tree he had...if only his grandpa didn't make him train constantly to make him uphold the family tradition of learning the ways of the was pretty much useless in today's society.

"Here it is." He entered his homeroom, digging through his desk he found the textbook he was looking for. He placed the text book in his bag, "Alright...time to head ou-" He saw a shadow streak through the hallway.
"Whose there?!" He ran out of the class room, his eyes were drawn down to a strange looking golden pendant with a pentagram on the front. "...A fan of black magic...?" He guessed.
He looked down both ends of the hallway, expecting to see the owner. He saw a something dark and long head around the corner. "Hey, stop right there!" He chased after the strange figure.

Every time he got to one end of the corridor, he would see it down the other and chase after it. But it was beginning to annoy him, because he really wanted to get home. He eventually came to a forked road...well, not really a road. But one way led to the roof, another way lead further down the corridor, and the other led to the lower floors of the school building. "Where'd it-"
He heard a crash down below, so he ended up going downstairs. Too bad a rational human being would've just plain left the school after hearing the commotion, oh well...he was a moron after all.

Descending the stairs as quickly as he could, he noticed claw marks on the walls? He just realized that he hadn't stopped to think about what it could've been? 'There's no way it could be...a Devil, right?' He remembered his grandfather's stories, always thinking they were nothing but the crazy ramblings of a violent and senile old man. "But...what if it's true?" He eventually got to the floor where he heard the crash. More claw marks and now broken windows. "It-It's probably just a burglar." He tried to make a rational explanation out of all of this. Besides, who the hell robs a school?!
As he followed the path of broken stuff, he heard a voice around the corner:

"Damn, it got away." Said the mysterious female voice.

He saw a shadow on the ground around the corner, however, before he could say something he heard a strange sound and saw the shadow change and move away.
"Wait!" Seriously...just f***ing go already, do you have a death wish or something?! Who the hell goes towards the scary and mysterious figure?
He moved around the corner, and there he saw a girl. "Kohinata-san?" Kohinata Suzuna. He recognized the girl from 3 years ago, and who he occasionally saw around the school.

"Shinkurou-san?" Shinkurou Takuma. She recognized him instantly because she had a good memory, but she was more surprised to see him here than relieved. "What are you doing here?" Suzuna asked.
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08

bluea52394 wrote:

Oh can i post my writings here too ^^

yes! definitely you can. Anybody can write their stories here.
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F / somewhere down th...
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what happen next kouta- kun...
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Who wants to know...
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(This. )

"I should be asking you the same thing." Takuma scratched the back of his head in confusion, "I forgot my text book here, than I found this pendant and-" He had the pendant in hand.

"Yoink!" Suzuna snatched it out of his hand. "I knew I dropped this somewhere, thanks, Shinkurou-san." She placed the chain in her mouth while she pulled her hair up so she could tie it around her neck.

"....and I saw this weird figure so I started chasing it." Takuma finished his story.

Suzuna twitched, "That's weird." She was obviously hiding something.

Takuma could sense this as he narrowed his eyes at her, "Yah...." Takuma looked behind Suzuna. "So...Kohinata-san...why are you here?" Takuma asked suspiciously.

Suzuna twitched again, she averted her gaze, looking away from Takuma, " see...I was chasing something too." She laughed a nervous laugh.

"What were you chasing?" Takuma continued with his questions, Suzuna was definitely hiding something.

"I was...chasing!" Suzuna said suddenly, realizing how stupid of an answer that was.

"....Do you ever think before answering a question...?" Takuma wasn't buying it.

Suzuna smiled nervously. "It's the truth." She was apparently sticking to the story.

"....." Takuma pointed to the claw marks. "What kind of pet do you have? A dinosaur?" Based on those claw marks, that was the only logical explanation.

"It's a...special pet?" Suzuna gave another nervous laugh.

"Really?" Takuma asked again.

"Really." Suzuna confirmed.

"....." Takuma might as well just give up, there was no way Suzuna was gonna spill the beans anyways.
He turned around, "Whatever than, keep your secrets." He started to walk away.

"Hey, wait!" Suzuna called after him.

Takuma stopped in his tracks, to look over his shoulder. "What? Are you gonna tell me?"

"The thing is..." She twiddled her fingers nervously, "It's...kinda dark, and..." She was struggling to say it.

"What is it? Spit it out." Takuma wanted to go home already.

"It's dark outside..." Suzuna was embarrassed to say more, because she'd seem weak.

"So?" Takuma wasn't following the obvious statement.

"And...there are a lot of perverts out at dark right? So, I was wondering'd escort me home?" She asked in a cute way.

"....." He just stared at her, a kind of annoyed stare. "Don't you have anyone else you can call?"

"No." She answered honestly.

"....." Silence.

She tilted her head to the side, and made a cute face, "Please? You wouldn't let a girl walk alone on these dark streets?"

"....Fine..." Takuma just gave in, his conscience wouldn't allow him to.

Suzuna brighted up, "Thanks, Shinkurou-san!" She hopped over to his side joyfully, "Come on. I'll take you there."

"Obviously." It wasn't like he knew where her house was, and yet...he still couldn't shake the feeling he was being watched.

Though Suzuna was being escorted by Takuma, she was the one who was really escorting him. Her eyes constantly glancing around the corridors.
'It temporarily got away from me, I picked up it's scent already but I can't follow it with Shinkurou-san here.' She bit her lip without Takuma noticing. 'I must not be very lucky today.' She had to keep alert, knowing that it could attack at any moment. It would most likely attack Takuma because he wasn't aware of it, Suzuna was however. So she was waiting in anticipation for it to make it's move, but it was a really obvious trap to be caught in.
If it attacks Suzuna, she could transform instantaneously and kill it in front of Takuma, but that'd expose her identity.
Likewise, if it attacked Takuma, there was a 50/50 chance it'd kill him, but Suzuna would be able to kill it too the moment it got close enough, and than there'd be no witnesses.
Suzuna had to hope it was smart enough to realize the the obvious trap and wait for an opportune moment to strike than she could kill it.
But, though Suzuna was thinking rationally, the Devil's blood in her was a different story. Suzuna was suppressing it's awakening in front of Takuma. She knew that she couldn't hold it down for too long, she just hoped it would be long enough to keep her identity a secret.

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Who wants to know...
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It turned out, that Suzuna lived in a large apartment complex. The kind that people with a lot of money lived in, it kinda pissed Takuma off.
He had been living in an old, run-down house with his skirt-chasing, violent, half-senile, perverted, superstitious, old fart of a grandfather.

They made it to Suzuna's door, it was around the 13th floor of a 30 floor building.
Suzuna looked over to Takuma, "Okay, this is my place."

"Finally." Takuma was relieved, cause now he'd be able to go home. "Wait a minute, what time is it?" Takuma had stayed out late today to practice his skills for the upcoming Kendo tournament, so he lost track of time and stayed behind even longer than a captain usually does.
And than he had chased that mysterious figure (which he still had no answers for) for a while too. And than he ended up walking this pain of an ass distance, which was time consuming enough. Also, after all that was over, he'd have to walk even further to go back to his house which was off in the other direction.

Suzuna tilted her head off to the side, and thought about it, "I's around 9 or 10." But she wasn't entirely sure, not like she carried a watch on her or anything.

Takuma groaned in disappointment, "I should've just went home." He mumbled to himself, following another series of mumbling about how his grandfather had told him not to follow strange things because it would most likely get you killed.

"What's the matter?" Suzuna asked, because she didn't know Takuma's house rules.

"My grandfather locks the house after 9:00, something about zombies." Takuma explained, with a look of dread on his face.

Suzuna had never heard of a grandfather do that, "Well, wouldn't he let you in-".

Takuma gave her a look meaning, 'serious business.' "That's what I thought too once, but I ended up sleeping in the backyard that night."

"......" Suzuna was speechless, she figured it was probably true and this might've been her fault too. Also, she could still smell the Devil's scent nearby. It was too dangerous for an average human to go outside right now. "Than, you could...spend the night here."

"....." Takuma was struck utterly speechless, he narrowed his eyes at Suzuna. "...Don't you think this is moving a little too fast?"

She narrowed her eyes too and frowned, "This isn't an eroge you know. There's no guarantee I'll end up doing that." She knew all about H-games.

"I'm sure you know all about them." Suzuna's otakuness wasn't exactly a secret after all. "....Wait a minute, you're still in high school, how do you know anything about ero games?"

Suzuna showed a devious smile...
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F / somewhere down th...
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it is kind of a little funny.....
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