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Can you write something.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
(I never really liked this part myself.
It seems better seen rather than read. )

-Inside Suzuna's apartment-

When stepping through the door, Takuma got a good look at Suzuna's apartment.
The center of the apartment was a rather large living room:
There was a small couch in front of a large TV against the wall.
A game system was hooked up to the TV.
A stack of games were organized next to the system reaching almost as tall as the TV....that's sort of an exageration, but only a little bit. There's like, 6 more stacks of games.
In the back of the center area of the house was a door with a sign nailed to it, reading: Suzuna's room.

If you turned left from the front door, you'd see the kitchen...nothing really special there.

If you turned right, there was a hallway leading to 3 rooms. Who cared what was over there, not of much importance. Over there was probably the bathroom, guest room, and...another room? Who cared, I'm gonna stop trying to describe it because it's boring to me.

Suzuna made herself at home, plopping herself suggestively onto the couch. Apparently she didn't really care for Takuma being a boy or not. "Hey, Shinkurou-san, make yourself at home." She waved nonchalantly from the couch.

"Yah, sure." Takuma could imagine his grandfather saying something about how Takuma should be a man and take the opportunity in front of him.
Takuma pushed the thought aside.
It was at that moment, he saw something on the ground. "What's this?" He mummbled to himself. He kneeled down and picked it up, "Oh, I know what this is."
His school was holding a type of formal ball's...weird...
Think of it like a prom of some sort, I won't use the word prom because that word is like poison to me. Just like job, school, and homework.
Anyways, it was in about a week.

He picked it up, "I wonder if Kohinata-san has a date?" Takuma knew that he himself did not have a date....because he never had the guts to ask a girl in the first place.
He looked to Suzuna...
In secret, he did actually like her a little...but he figured he'd get shot down if he asked. However, this may seem like the perfect opportunity to take the Suzuna road and-

"I'm gonna go to my room for a bit." Suzuna walked off to her room, closing the door behind her.

And he missed his chance, Takuma wanted to sulk in a dark corner...but before he could even go there, he realized;
'Maybe I haven't blown my chance just yet?!'
He stood by Suzuna's door, "Hey, Kohinata-san," He started, but than he backed up when he heard a loud thumping sound near the door.

"Don't come in!" Whatever she was doing in there, she didn't want to be seen.

"Sorry," Takuma apologized, he cleared his throat before speaking again. "Hey, I was you have a date for the formal ball thingy?" Sion asked...

"A date?" Suzuna wondered why he was asking? She gasped, wondering if he was trying to ask her out to it?
"...." She remained silent, she had to think carefully about this. If she said no than what if he asked her, and than she agreed...they could end up becoming a couple. But than, Takuma would have to learn about Suzuna's dark secret that she'd kept hidden for so long...
"No I don't have one." She said, wether she was making the right decision or not remained to be seen.

Takuma's heart felt a bit of relief, he decided he would ask, "Than, in that case-" But before he could even say it. He felt the door, move? "Eh?" Was his response as the door crashed down.
Such a great pain. He slowly opened his eyes...he heard a gasping sound.
He was looking at a pair of legs...
The legs were attached to a body.
'Nice proportions.' Takuma couldn't help but think pervy.

Suzuna was standing there with her pajamas half open, a shocked look on her face. She had honestly not seen this coming. Even with her Devil's blood.

Takuma reacted instinctively by flailing his arms, "Wait! Wait! This wasn't my intention at all! This can't possibly be my fault?! Can it?!"

"...." Suzuna merely smiled.

"Eh-heh-heh." Takuma thought they were okay now.

But than that smile turned angry, and evil. Suzuna took hold of her evil persona. "Takuma....." She had a wooden sword in hand.

Takuma ended up sleeping out on the porch in a tent. It was freezing outside, less than 15 degrees out there.
"Achoo!" Takuma rubbed his hands together, "It's so fricken cold out here." Not even a jacket to keep him warm.


"Hmph, I should've hit him 10 more times." She was really pissed off about being peeped at while changing into her pajamas.

And than her Devil's blood reacted, there was something outside her window. A cracked, coal colored face, with flaming eyes and a firey mouth. It had a giant sword arm as it hung outside the window, growling at Suzuna as if seeing her as prey.

"You're really impatient, aren't you?" Suzuna wasn't the least bit scared. Already her clawed arm appeared, she turned around, her body was already changing into her Devil Form. "But I think you've got it confused, you're the prey here."



"Hm?" He said, the sound of cracking glass woke him up. "What's that sound?" He wondered, rubbing sleeping out of his eyes.


"Is that...blades?" He recognized the sound because he had heard it many times before.
He unzipped the tent's front, than peeked out to get a good look at whatever it was. However, there was nothing abnormal going on. But he could definitely hear something.
"Maybe Kohinata-san knows?" She lived here, so she probably knew something about it, if it was an everyday occurence.

It didn't take Takuma long to go up to Suzuna's door, he hesitated a little at first, but, he knocked on the door.
"Hey, Kohinata-san, are you awake?" He asked.

Suzuna leaped back into her room, just in time to hear Takuma's voice. She was perched on the window-sill, like a bird on a branch.
"Y-yah." She said, but she couldn't stay long. "Just a minute." She could see her prey scaling back up the side of the building, apparently they had multiplied. "Heh." She didn't see them as much a threat.
The ends of her hairs turned sharp, like blades. They lashed out at the prey, that would keep it busy for a little while.
"What is it, Shinkurou-san?" She asked as if not knowing.

"I heard a noise outside, I was wondering if you knew something about it?"

"Oh those noises, they happen a lot...I figure that there's just someone playing their game too loud." What a lame excuse.

'But the noise came from outside.' It was probably a bad idea to question any further.

"So, is there anything else you need?" She was just about to jump back out of the window and finish the job.

"Oh, yah, actually there is." Takuma didn't get to ask earlier, so he figured maybe now would be a good time. Of course he wasn't thinking completely because he was still tired.

"Hm?" She looked over her shoulder to the door, she wondered what else could he want? "What is it?" She asked.

"About what I was trying to ask before..." He was thinking of asking her to the formal ball thingy.

"?" She wondered what he was gonna ask. She felt a tugging feeling on her hair. "Hm?" She looked over her shoulder to see if it was over yet.
However, what she saw was a much bulkier version of the enemy she was trying to kill before.
It's very design was like an evolved version, spikes on it's shoulders and back.
It had four arms, the bottom half were blades, but the first two were regular hands.
"A higher class, wasn't expecting that." Suzuna called pulled down from below.

"So...I was thinking...if you wanted to...why don't you and me go together." Even though he asked it, he felt really weird for saying it.

"...." There was no answer...obviously.
Suzuna got free as she stood on the side of the building. She was cool like that. She looked back to her room window. "I wonder what he's saying?" She couldn't hear from there.
The devil growled at her.
"Aw, are you sad?" She tilted her head to the side, and made a sad face, touching her lip with her index finger. "Don't worry." She smiled darkly, "I'll give you all the attention you want." She bumped her knuckles together.

When hearing no answer, Takuma cleared his throat. He really did want to go with her.
"I can understand if you're uneasy about this, but, it's not like I would ask just anyone...the thing're...special to me. I know that we've hardly had any interaction with each other over the course of high school, but...." He was having a hard time saying it, "I like you, and I...want to be by your side." That was his confession. "I knew how I felt about you the moment I met you 3 years ago on that train going home."
He had expected now he'd have gotten an answer of some sort. And yet, no sound.
"Kohinata-san?" He asked.
"...." And still no answer.
"Kohinata-san?!" He was beginning to get worried, so he started knocking on the door. "Hey, are you alright in there?"
"...." Yet again, not a sound.
"Hey, Kohinata-san!" He was starting to get worried, he continued to bang on the door. "Kohinata-san! Kohinata-san!" He called out her name with worry...

Suzuna jumped back through the window, the enemies head on her claw. "My, you weren't much a challenge were you." The blood still fresh on her hand, she was about to eat the remains, when suddenly.

"Suzuna! Suzuna, I'm coming in!"

Her eyes widened, she worked fast to make things seem normal.

Takuma burst through the door. "Suzuna!" He abandonded the formalities.

"Hey there, Shinkurou-san." She smiled at him, obviously hiding something. She was back to her normal form, her clawed arm behind her back, she hadn't completely finished, her claw was still there.
She scraped the head off her claw as it fell outside the window. "Is something-"

She was interuppted by Takuma rushing over and pulling her into a hug.
'I don't know if this is the right thing to do or not...but...I just want to stay by her side.'

"!" Never, in her 17 years of life had anyone outside her family ever hugged her like this. "Shinkurou-san?" She was confused, she couldn't think of anything to say, and she was also worried that Takuma would feel her clawed left arm.

"I was worried...when you didn't answer..." He stroked her hair, hadn't even noticed the claw yet. "I'll say it again, if I have to...I want to go with you to the formal ball thingy."

Suzuna's eyes widened, she hadn't even...thought of asking anyone, or even being asked. She figured no one would ask a weird girl like her in the first place. "Okay...I'll go with you." She didn't hug back, her other arm slowly changing back to normal...
(Since I'm short on time, I'm gonna post faster.)
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Who wants to know...
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-The next day, lunch time-

While everyone was eating lunch, Takuma was called out by someone in the same grade as him. Takuma arrived at the shoe locker where he was supposed to go.
The only one there was a dude who looked about the same height and build as Takuma, his hair was a bright yellow color close to white, his burgundy colored eyes fixed on Takuma, he smirked.

"Yoma Katsuragai-san, I presume?" Takuma had never seen the dude before, so he figured the only guy there must've been him. For some reason, Takuma felt tense...bad intent? Normal people wouldn't feel it...but Takuma was small though. Still, he wasn't entirely off guard.

"Correct, judging by your reaction I can safely assume you're Takuma Shinkurou?" He un leaned against the shoe lockers. "I was wondering something..."

"What?" Takuma felt uneasy in this situation.

"It's about Suzuna Kohinata."

"Suzuna? What about her?"

"Are you going out with her?" A very weird question.

"Huh?" News must travel fast, but the wrong news apparently. "I don't think so?" He never got an answer for that last night, so he assumed that Suzuna needed time to think about it.

"Good." He was standing by Takuma's side.

'When did he get there?' He must've been sneakier than a guy wearing a trench coat.

He threw his arm around Takuma as if they were good buddies, "Because you see the thing is, I was planning on taking her for myself." The way he said that, with such arrogance...

It kinda pissed off Takuma, "Than why are you telling me this?" Takuma got free and faced him.
"Why aren't you talking to her?" He wondered if Yoma was merely a coward?

"Hmmmm..." He tilted his head to the side, "I guess you're right...Cya." He turned and walked off.

Takuma waited until he was out of ear shot, "Tch...something about that guy just pisses me off...not only that..."
Takuma could still feel that evil intent. "What's he planning to do with Suzuna?"
He had no idea where Suzuna was during the day, so he figured that he'd find her after kendo practice...being the captain was annoying some times.
-later that day-

After practice, Takuma was once again traversing the inside of the school, it was always so creepy during night time at this somethings about to come up behind you and than rip off your head.
Takuma turned a corner, "Suzuna!" He finally found her, but her figure was covered by shadows because the lights were broken.

Suzuna turned her head to look at Takuma, "Shinkurou-san?!" She was shocked to see him.
Luckily she was in the shadows, because her Devil Form was out right now. Not only that, she was covered in enemy blood...

"Suzuna-" He took a step forward.

"Don't come closer!" She suddenly shouted, not wanting him to see her like this. "I don't...want you to see me like this..."

"Suzuna, what's wrong?" He asked, having no idea of Suzuna's situation.

"I just...don't want you to see me like this." She raised her hand out to stop him, but hastilly pulled it back.

What Takuma saw, shocked him.
' that...?'
"Suzuna...that hand..." He remembered his grandfather saying something about strong Devils have the ability to disguise themselves. usual, he always assumed they were the ramblings of a senile old man.

"Shinkurou-san..." She averted her eyes, "Please...don't come near me..." In the past, people she had shown her Devil Form to had been terrified, called her a monster and ran away.
Those memories still haunted her to this day.
'Oh no...those memories...are coming back to me...' She didn't want to remember them. Tears streamed down her cheek.

"...." Takuma was silent, thinking of what he should do? If she was a Devil...he was born from a family of Devil Slayers. But she was also the girl he loved...
His choice was clear.
He moved slowly towards Suzuna.

"Stop it!" She cried out.
'Don't come near me, I don't want you to see me.'
"I'm a hideous, disgusting monster!" She had low self esteem because of what she was.
'If you see me, you'll hate me too!'
"I...I....!!!" She fell onto her knees, her face buried in her palms as she cried.

Takuma stood over Suzuna, the way he stood looked as if he was about to kill her. "What monster?" He said.
He kneeled down and wiped her tears away with his finger, a smile on his face. "I don't see a monster here, all I see is Suzuna." He pat the top of her head, "You're not hideous or disgusting at all." He was able to see her Devil form clearly.
"You're the girl I love, not a monster."

Her eyes widened in shock at these words, she hadn't expected this kind of outcome.
'The love...?' Takuma's words kept repeating in her head.
She looked up at him, the look of shock still on her face, but there was a certain happy feeling inside her.
She couldn't hold it in, "Takuma!" She tackled him to the ground, dropping the honorific.

"Wha?!" Takuma had not seen that coming, he was hoping for it but didn't exactly expect the tackle.

Suzuna was really happy, she didn't know why either.
'What's this...feeling in my chest...?' Her heart was beating really fast.

Takuma pushed some of Suzuna's hair out of her face, "See, you're not a monster at all." After all, even as a Devil, Suzuna still looked like Suzuna.

"Takuma..." She moved in closer, about to kiss him, it's what her heart and mind were demanding.

"My, what a touching moment." A voice sounded nearby, causing Suzuna and Takuma to get off eachother and turn to see....Yoma there...

"Katsuragi-san?" Takuma was surprised to see him of all people here, actually, not really. "What are you-"
Suzuna's hand appeared in front of Takuma, stopping him from speaking.

Suzuna growled, for some reason, she had a vicious look on her face, like a beast staring into the eyes of an another beast of the same caliber.
"Stay back, Takuma."

"Suzuna?" Takuma didn't understand why she was acting like this, even though it was really obvious.

"Takuma, he's a Devil too." She could sense it from him.

"Me, a devil? No you've got it all wrong." He had a smile on his face, he took a deep breathe.
Suddenly, radiant angel wings appeared on his back.
"I'm an angel."

"You lie!" Suzuna pointed her index finger at him. "Angels have never once come down to Earth, ever...that's why Devil Slayers exist. Someone has to protect the human race from Devils."

He tilted his head to the side, "Well, whether you believe me or not isn't the issue here." He turned his back to them, "A friend of mine wishes to speak with you." He was referring to Suzuna.

"And what about Takuma?" She was concerned for his safety.

"Well, there aren't supposed to be any, Shinkurou-san." A spike shot out directly at Takuma, it happened so fast Takuma wouldn't be able to dodge.

Suzuna grabbed the spike before it reached Takuma, "If you hurt Takuma...than I'll kill you..." She cracked the spike in half using only her strength.

Not wanting this to evolve into a full scale battle, he sighed to himself, "Fine than, he'll come along. Now lets hurry, the helicopter is waiting."

"Helicopter?" Suzuna and Takuma said at the same time.
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Who wants to know...
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And now they were in a helicopter, they were still in the city limits though. Both Takuma and Suzuna had never once rode in a helicopter before. So naturally, their reactions were like: "OMG!!! LOOK AT ALL THE STUFF DOWN THERE, IT'S SO SMALL!!!" Their faces pressed against the glass.
The helicopter was descending at the top of a large building. "We're here already?"

"Disappointed, Takuma?" Suzuna smirked at him, back to her normal form.

"A little bit." Takuma answered normally as the helicopter touched down.

Yoma opened the door for them, "Okay, Kohinata-san, you follow me. Shinkurou-san, you stay here." He held out his hand to help Suzuna down.

Suzuna slapped his hand away, "I'm not going without Takuma." She felt at ease being around him, not only that she was still worried for his safety. She held his hand tightly.

He groaned annoyingly and scratched the back of his head, "Fine, fine...just follow me."

The two were led to a room where there was only two chairs, and a very large screen TV.
The door was locked so they couldn't leave even if they wanted to.
Suzuna had held Takuma's hand the entire way.

"Hey, Suzuna, you can let go of my hand if you want." Takuma added.

"I know." Suzuna knew, she just didn't want to. "But I don't want to." She gave her Suzuna-like smile.
The two waited for a little while, but nothing happened. The TV wasn't even on.
"So, are they trying to make us wait?" Suzuna was not amused with being made to wait. She looked to Takuma, "By the way, I'm sorry."

"For what?" Takuma asked, not sure why Suzuna was apologizing.

"I mean, I'm sorry for dragging you into this world of Devils." She felt really bad about it.

"Hey, to be honest, I kinda knew about this world...but I never believed it." He scratched the back of his head, and laughed. "Technically, I come from a long line of Warriors, all of which had to do with slaying Devils, even my grandfather...who trained me day after day during elementary school all the way up to high school."

Suzuna's hand instantly tensed up after hearing his explanation, "But...would you...hunt me too?" She looked at him with a worried expression.

"No way." Takuma didn't even taken 2 seconds to answer. "Why would I kill the girl I love?"

"You said it again." It caused her heart to flutter, she moved one hand over her heart. "It...makes me happy to hear that..." She mumbled to herself.

"What was that?" Takuma didn't hear her.

"Nothing!" She said childishly, despite the fact that she was still too shy to say it clearly.
An exclamation mark appeared over her head, "Hey, one's here right now..."

"I can see that." He wasn't blind.

Suzuna let go of his hand, and held onto his neck for support. "Takuma..." She said cutely.

"Suzuna?" This kind of position...he saw it before when a girl was about to kiss a guy. "Wait, you don't mean-"

"Mhm." She wanted to kiss him right now, because she couldn't get a chance to do it before. She was being very bold right now. "You know, in case I never get the chance."

Takuma wasn't exactly used to this, but he wasn't rejecting it either. He wrapped his arms around her waist.
They moved in closer, their lips about to touch...


"Heh-heh, teenagers these days...willing to kiss in public." An old man appeared on the screen.

Takuma and Suzuna separated themselves after being interrupted.

"Especially, a half-devil and a descendant of Devil Slayers."

Those words got Suzuna and Takuma's attention.
"What do you want from me?" Suzuna got straight to the point.

"Right to the point I see, okay than..." A screen appeared on the TV. I showed a live feed of a very ancient doorway.

"!!!" Takuma stood up with a jolt, "That's-" Takuma instantly recognized it from the stories his grandfather told him.

"So you recognize it." The old man said with a tone of confusion.

"Of course I do, that's a Door to Hell. My grandfather said in his younger days, he and other Devil Slayers fought to keep it closed. If it's ever opened, the most dangerous kinds of Devils will pour out endlessly, plunging the world into chaos." Takuma quoted his grandfather exactly like he told him 10 years ago.

"That is correct...than do you know anything else?"

"I know that only a certain Devil Bloodline has the ability to open it."

"Correct," He laughed, "And through various research and tracking we've discovered exactly whose bloodline it is..." He pointed to Suzuna. "So, our goal here is to open the doors, and than slay every Devil there with the Angels we have created here. Of course, we could've went to your siblings, but we have no idea where they are."

Suzuna stood up from her seat abruptly, Suzuna laughed at the old man's foolishness, "I have found a flaw in your strategy, so kindly shut up." Suzuna than serioused up.
"You can't create Angels or even Gods because not a single one has ever come down to Earth." She pointed to the door, "The people outside aren't angels at all...They're just humans you genetically modified with Devil Blood." She started laughing, "They're no close to being Angels than me." And Suzuna was born with Devil's blood, so she was basically saying that the entire plan they had in mind was pathetic.
Than she serioused up again, "I'm gonna let you in on a little secret, weaker Devils always follow the orders of the Devil with the greatest evil aura. Your fake angels are no expection to that iron clad rule. It won't work on me because I was born with resistance to it, however, your angels will turn on you as soon as a high class Devil steps through that door."
She turned to the door, "Come on Takuma, lets go."

"Don't have to tell me twice." Takuma didn't want to be here any longer than he had to be.

"That's really quite a shame." He sighed in regret...
"Because it's not like I was really giving you a choice in the first place." A seal appeared underneath Suzuna.

"Shit!" Suzuna couldn't see it because it was hidden so well, she was unable to move from that spot because she was being sealed and it would take some time to break it.
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Who wants to know...
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"Suzuna!" Takuma turned to the screen. "Let her go, now!" He demanded.

"Sorry, Shinkurou-san, but you're not a necessary part of the plan."

The door opened, hooded figured rushed into the room. About 6 of them.

"It's not like we needed you alive, all we needed was your blood." He disappeared from the screen.

The hooded figures started mutating. The hooded cloaks were completely torn up and replaced with hulking figures clad from head to toe in silver knight armor with tribal markings all over.
Silver feathered cloak on their backs that doubled as wings.
Feathered ears on the side of their helmets.
One might actually believe they were angels.

One of them advanced on Takuma, while the other 5 surrounded Suzuna they started chanting.

Takuma backed away, thinking quickly.

It formed an axe in hand, it raised it over it's head and swung it down fast.
Takuma sidestepped, grabbing the chair by it's back and slamming it over the fake angel's helmet.

It was affected, sort of. Shaking it's head and backing away.

"You're resistant, aren't you." Takuma took the sharpest of two pieces of the shattered chair, they were the size of a combat knife but Takuma could still use them.
It moved in once more, taking the axe in a defensive position.
"There!" Takuma saw the hole in it's defense while it was getting into a defensive position. He dashed forward, stabbing it under the helmet where a small opening showed part of it's pale skin. He continually stabbed them as deep as he could...
Since it was partly a Devil, it wouldn't be killed that easily, but hopefully it would at least be injured.
And it looks like luck was smiling upon Takuma this day.

It bled silver blood, as it backed away holding onto it's neck. It kneeled, trying to recover.

The other 5 turned their attention to Takuma, they stopped chanting and drew their weapons.
They advanced.

"I could've thought this one through better." Takuma wished he had some better weapon than a sharp pointy stick.

"Takuma!" Suzuna shouted his name, she ran towards the edge of the seal but she rebounded. She started banging on the edge of the barrier. "Takuma! Takuma!" She shouted his name, not wanting him to die.
'He can't die! I won't let him die!'
Even though it was difficult, she half changed into her Devil form, her clawed arm against the barrier...starting to crack it.
She pushed. And pushed. And pushed some more...
A smirk appeared on her face.

The torso of one of the fake angels crashed out of the wall into the hallway.
A full Devil formed Suzuna stepped out of the giant hole in the wall, holding Takuma's hand.
Takuma held in his free hand a long-sword from one of the fallen enemies.
Suzuna looked to both ends of the hallways, "Okay than, Takuma," She turned towards him, "I'm gonna destroy this entire place." She held up her index and middle finger, "So, I want you to make two promises to me."
She lowered her middle finger, "The first one, wait for me outside."
The second, "Don't try to be a hero, I want you to survive no matter what."

"Isn't that my line." He had a cocky smile on his face. He held the sword over his shoulder with one hand because he was cool like that.
"In return for keeping these promises, than you have to keep one for me..." He embedded the sword in the ground for a moment, he placed both hands on her shoulders and pulled her into a kiss.

Suzuna kissed back, wrapping her arms around his neck in the process.

Takuma pulled away from the kiss, "You have to survive too." He took a step back, taking the sword by the handle and pulling it out of the ground, he gave Suzuna a thumbs up.

Suzuna giggled, "Alright, I'll survive if you do." She gave him a thumbs up too.
While they were talking, enemies had already appeared at both ends of the hallway, but more heavily on Suzuna's end. "I guess that's where I need to go." She used her judgment to determine the more enemies there were, probably meant they were guarding something important...maybe their boss?
They turned their back to each other, "Be careful, Takuma...they're stronger than normal humans." Suzuna warned.
"Hey, who do you think I am?" Takuma held the sword in high guard.
"Heh, you're rather confident aren't you?" She took an offensive stance.
"I guess so." The two of them leaped to their respective sides...
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Who wants to know...
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The old man stood up from his chair, watching his angels being torn limb from limb on a monitor. "It seems they were no match after all." He turned around, heading towards a steel-plated door. "But all that matters, is Nanako." He referred to an unknown female.
"Yoma, take care of that Devil girl...use your powers as an angel."

Yoma was leaning against the wall, his arms crossed and his eyes closed. "Understood, my lord." He vanished in a whirlwind of feathers...kinda like a ninja. Except ninjas were cooler.

Suzuna rushed at two of the fake angels up a flight of stairs. She jumped from one wall to the other, and than crashed into the one on the left. Using it as a dragging board, and shoving it's head into the ground.
Eventually, when the dragging stopped, Suzuna crushed it's head with her claw.
The other one rushed up from behind her, trying to catch her off guard.
Suzuna's hair sharpened up again and impaled it along the ceiling. Than tore it's limbs apart. "...these things are even weaker than low class Devils..."

"...Well in that case, maybe you'd like to fight something that can even defeat you?" That voice had to be Yoma's.

Suzuna looked around, "Where are you, Yoma?" She could sense his presence, but couldn't pinpoint it. "Afraid to fight me?"
Suddenly something clicked inside her mind. She jumped away from the windows as a sonic boom passed by, shattering the glass on the window.
The pieces of glass stabbed against the wall like blades.
If Suzuna had stayed in her original spot, she would've been a pin-cushion.

"Not bad, Suzuna." He perched himself on the window sill, his eyes staring at Suzuna.
His appearance changed drastically.
For starters, he was a lot taller and bulkier than his old appearance.
His armor was golden, with silver armored tassets and shoulder armor. The tribal marking texture was different than the others.
His arms had black wrist shields attached.
He had four wings instead of two.
His face was partially visible, he wore half a helmet, with one horn on the side.
The other half of his face was completely pale, but there was a horn on that side too.
His hair length increased, kinda making him look like even more of a douche bag than he already was.

"Behold, the power of an angel." He aimed his palm at Suzuna. "This is where you die." He fired spikes out of the hollow point under the shield.

"...." Suzuna was silent, she stared with apathy at her enemy. She swung her left arm underhand, storing some of her Devilish power in the strike which in turn caused a power surge that acted as a shield which knocked the spikes off-course.
"Is that the best you can do?" Suzuna questioned, already bored with this.

"Oh no, not by a long shot." He stepped into the hallway and faced her. Blades formed out of the hollow points in his shields.
He took that defensive-cross stance that twin blade users usually take.
Suddenly 2 fake angels appeared at Yoma's stance.

"Master Yoma, we are here for back up if you need us."

"Good, well than...go ahead and kill her...but leave something left, we still need part of her at least."

A smirk appeared on Suzuna's face, "Go ahead and try." She cracked her knuckles, her confidence showing in her expression, not a single drop of fear. She was either insane, or a natural born fighter.

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Who wants to know...
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(I rather liked the fight scene in this one.
Probably because I'm listening to music while imagining it:
Disturbed - Rise.


Another fake angel down by Takuma''s sword. He panted heavily, "Damn...I didn't expect it to be this difficult to get here." He was currently outside the building, waiting for Suzuna. He fought his way here...on his own...
Thank god he had that training or he would've done after the 32nd kill...
All he had to do now was wait for Suzuna.
He leaned against the fence with one hand in his pocket, the other holding the blade by his side. He looked up to the building...silently praying that Suzuna was still alive...


"Patooi!" Suzuna spat out the head she bit off from the fake angel. One hand through it's torso.
Her clawed arm crushing the head of the second enemy.

"I underestimated your abilities." Yoma laughed, if he had precognition skills he would've been able to foresee how horribly owned he was gonna get.

Suzuna didn't respond to him, she already had a plan in mind.
She kicked off and headed straight for Yoma.

Yoma had a high-guard ready, he was expecting Suzuna to attack with the claws.

"So predictable." That wasn't her intention at all...!
She grabbed onto his high guard, keeping his arms in place.
She than brought her feet to Yoma's torso, forcing him onto the ground. Blades grew out of her feet, she continually stabbed Yoma with the blades and than front-flipped off of him. "Tch, not even a challenge." The blades retracted, she figured Yoma was finished.
Suddenly a hand grabbed onto the back of her head and forced her to the wall.
She was pretty much pinned there, she would simply impaled him...but a seal was being placed on her so she couldn't focus her Devil's power. "What the hell...why aren't you affected?"

"As I said, we're angels...we're less affected by seals than a Devil." He applied more pressure. "Why, you could've become an angel like us? You would've been our messiah? You could've carved out your place in history...why did you throw it all away?" He questioned.

"What do you mean why?" She questioned, "I'm not interested in joining a group of delusional wannabe angels, and once I get to your boss he'll suffer more than you will." Even in this highly embarrassing position where she was basically at Yoma's mercy, she was cocky.
That's Suzuna for ya, absolutely fearless.

"Even in this situation, you're cocky." He leaned against her back, "The boss is safe at the top. You on the other hand won't survive as long as the seal is activated...also...this body of yours makes even angels go crazy, I can't imagine why you would choose Shinkurou over me. I can show you things he can't even fathom." For the record, yes, he IS hitting on her...

Suddenly, Suzuna started pushing back. Her head, which was being held against the wall, was pushing against Yoma's hand.
" don't exactly do it for me." She rejected him, turning her body to better position herself and strike at Yoma.

"How...How is that possible! The seal, you shouldn't even have the Devil's strength!" He applied more pressure in vain, he realized his seal was being broken.

"Someone like you...who was born human, and with such a small amount of Devil blood in no match for a blood-born Devil." Her left arm started mutating. The hand formed a giant version of a monster's muzzle, blade-sharp teeth, and blue tribal markings.
"Finally noticed...I over wrote your seal, and canceled it."
The mouth bit off a chunk of Yoma's armor.

Yoma jumped back in surprise. "So, you had this kind of trick up your sleeve...well than...I'll just-" He paused when seeing the muzzle open and a beam forming at the end of it. He was too petrified to move...

"Sorry, but you don't get another chance..." Suzuna didn't have the intention of letting him escape alive. "Also, you're two-faced, so I wouldn't have chosen you even if I met you first. "
She smiled warmly, "The reason I chose Takuma, is because he accepts all my good parts and my bad parts. So I'll accept him with all of my being." The beam was fully charged.

"You can't kill me! I am an angel! I will not surrender like this!" He shot out every single inch of his power at Suzuna in the form of a white beam from his chest.

Suzuna didn't even flinch, staring at Yoma with apathy... "Like I said, you're no angel...just a fake, a mistake which shouldn't even exist." Her energy fired, in the form of a red and black beam.
It completely overtook Yoma's power as if it was nothing.
It went all the way out of the building, creating a huge, gaping hole in the wall, the size of the hallway itself. Yoma had been taken with it.

Suzuna's hand turned back to it's Devil form after that blast.
"I guess you were all talk in the end."
She turned around and headed up the stairs, having got Yoma to tell her where the boss was, she didn't have to search every floor...just the top floor.
"And now there's just one more thing to get done."
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Who wants to know...
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"Woah, did Suzuna do that?" Takuma had watched the beam blast out from the higher floors. Takuma was glad he was on her side...he was also glad that he was safer down here instead of up there...

"Urgh..." Someone groaned around the rubble nearby.
A couple moments later, Yoma appeared out of the rubble. He was heavily damaged, his wings had been torn off...he was bleeding profusely from nearly every part of his body. He caught notice of Takuma... "Shinkurou..." He smirked.
A spike formed out of the one remaining shield he had. "If I kill you...I can devour you and take your strength to heal myself...oh yes...I will not let that Devil defeat me..." He charged forward.

"...." Takuma stared at him the same way Suzuna did.

He noticed and got angry, "That face...THAT FACE!!! THE SAME ONE SHE HAD!!!" He thrust the spike forward.

Takuma took the sword in both hands, he sidestepped than took one step forward.
"It's because you're so pitiful."
The blade cut right through Yoma's waist.
His waist sliding off and blood spraying.
And yet he was still alive...breathing heavily.

"Damn...why...I'm an angel..."

Takuma didn't feel that he deserved a response. He merely flipped the sword by it's hilt, having the tip of the blade pointing at Yoma.
He thrust it with enough force to pierce Yoma's heart. "Rest in piece." Was the only prayer Yoma would get from Takuma, even though it may have been out of character?
"You asshole." There we go.

"Knock knock." Suzuna tore the door of it's hinges and tossed it over her shoulder. She stepped into the office of the old man from earlier. "Hey, you old geezer...!" Suzuna called, but he wasn't there?
All she saw was a book shelf directly across from her.
A comfy armchair at the center of the room facing a window looking outside.
This entire room screamed rich person living here...
Even that steel-plated, open door in the ba-

"...." Suzuna paused when seeing the door. She sighed and took steps toward the open door, to get a look at what it had been previously guarding.
The inside looked like a giant lab, complete with computers, beakers, and even schematics...
At the back of the room was a tube with a silver-haired loli floating inside it in suspended animation.
And than, standing in front of the tank was that old geezer but he had a very strange sword in hand.
The blade was broad and of a katana.
The hilt was like a claymore, but it had the hand guard of a rapier.
At the pommel hung two ancient chains.
Very Ancient Runes were inscribed into the blade.

"I'm glad you're here." He greeted, holding the sword by his side.

"It's over for you, geezer." She didn't even know his name so that's what she was calling him.

"Oh really, say that after you've wo-"

Suzuna was already in front of him. Without even giving him a moment to notice, she thrust her right hand through his chest. The blood being spurted over the tank, and on Suzuna's wrist.
"You're delusions of a grand battle between humans and devils won't come true as long as I breathe."

"In that case..." He coughed up blood, attempting to raise the sword. "Than I'll cut your breath short..." He used an overhead slash as the blade's edge made contact with Suzuna's shoulder but didn't cut deep enough, all it left was a little cut that drew a small amount of blood.

Suzuna sighed to herself, "You didn't research on this sword enough." She pointed to the runes on the blade. "That's an enchantment that amplifies the sword's Anti-Devil powers IF the user is a true Devil won't even work as well as a normal sword if the user doesn't pour any power into the blade at all."
She kicked him against the tank, "Which're going to die here, without having accomplished a thing." She saw a big shiny self-destruct button.
"What is with villains and that self-destruct button?" She walked over to it and pressed it casually, she looked over her shoulder to the bleeding geezer. "Goodbye..." She said as she walked off and waved.

An alarm started blaring, he didn't have much time. The sword still in hand, the tank cracked with it's liquid spilling out.
His breathing heavy and blood dripping from his mouth and the wound. "Nanako..." He reffered to the loli in the tank
He pressed the blade's tip into the crack, making it larger. He pushed it in all the way to the hilt.....He smiled to himself as the tank started turning red.
Suddenly the loli's eyes opened, shining multiple colors until finally settling on a pale red color. The glass started cracking until it reached it's breaking point and shattered into hundreds of glass shards, the old man was injured even more than he already was.
" me..." He held out his hand for Nanako to use her Devilish healing powers, "My...little god..."

Nanako merely stared at the man known as her father with apathy, she tilted her head to the side in confusion. "?" She pointed at him with her index finger...

Suddenly his head twisted off.

Nanako smiled as his head rolled up to her feet, she tapped it with her foot and than kicked it like a ball.
Suddenly there was a rumbling sound, the floors, ceilings, and walls were cracking.
"?" She didn't seem to see how much of a threat it would be to an average person.
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Who wants to know...
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Suzuna jumped out of the building from one of the higher floors. Ironically landing right next to Takuma.

"You're late." Takuma was sitting on a motorcycle...he stole it from the garage.

"Sorry." Suzuna apologized as she took a seat behind Takuma, grabbing onto his waist and leaning forward as much as she can.
The area around them started exploding, it wouldn't be long before the entire complex was destroyed.
"By the way can you drive this thing?" Suzuna asked.

"Of course I can!" Takuma gave a reassuring smile. He revved it up, and than took off. Some fake angels were on their tail...
"Hey, Suzuna, can you shoot them?"

"Do I love you?" Suzuna smiled cutely, her arm mutating into the monster's muzzle. The mouth opened and fired off short bursts of power in the form of black and red spheres.
In case people didn't get it...she meant 'Hell yes.'

Some fake angels were blocking the way in front of them, Takuma had fixed the sword onto the bike's side beforehand so it worked as a piercing weapon.
The motorcycle's velocity only increased, impaling about two of them, however Takuma lost the sword.
"Awww...I liked that sword." One was closing in from the side.
Takuma strafed and rammed into it, the motorcycle swerved a little before he got control over it again.

"Takuma, be careful." Suzuna worried, wondering if he really knew what he was doing?

"Hey, Suzuna, can I tell you a secret?" Takuma made a sharp turn to avoid a blast from one of the fake angel's attacks. But now every single fake angel was in the way of their exit.
The motorcycle stopped and revved up as the angles prepared their attack.

"Right now?" Suzuna shout out the wings of one of them, causing them to collide into the one next to them.
"What is it?" She asked. Readying a giant blast.

"I've never driven a motorcycle before." Takuma said in a normal tone.

Suzuna nearly fell off the bike from the shock of the statement,

The motorcycle shot off to the exit, giving very little care of the angels in the way.

Suzuna fired a powerful lasting beam, which she used to blast it around the enemies in the way, leaving none alive.

Takuma leaned his weight back against the motorcycle, causing the front wheel to lift into the air and burst open the gate.
The entire complex exploded just as they got out safely.
"This seems like something from an action movie."

Something buzzed in the back of Suzuna's mind, causing her to look back at the destroyed complex, "Hm?" Suzuna said.

"What?" Takuma asked, hearing Suzuna's reaction.

"I thought I saw...never mind..." Suzuna thought she had seen something come out of the complex just before it exploded.
'It couldn't be...nothing could survive that explosion.'

-back at the complex-

Nanako floats in mid-air with giant wings of shadow. Three times her size, they are able to support her loli-self quite easily as she lowers herself at the center of the complex.
"...." She turns her head to look at her surrounding, as if searching for something.
She stops on a pile of rubble, she than raises her palm as the rune-sword bursts out of it and floats gently into her hand. She winces from it's touch, it must have a type of burning effect on Devils...but it subsides because of her part-Devil nature.
Soon she is able to hold the sword without being burned.
She stares down the road that Takuma and Suzuna took off on... "...Hm..." She started following on foot. A bad premonition for sure...
Que the dramatic suspense music!!!
.<insert music here>

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Who wants to know...
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-1 week later, day of the formal ball thingy-

Takuma was wearing a...dark-red tux...
"God I hate this thing." But he really didn't have much a choice but to wear it, luckily he was able to pick a color...but it just meant picking a different poison to him.

"Oh-ho-ho, relax, Takuma." Said a bald old man with a beard that went all the way down to waist. He was being supported by a cane in his left hand as he walked around Takuma.
"I honestly thought you were gay, until you told me you had a date...still thought you were gay, until you said it was a girl." He laughed again.

"Shut up, you senile old fart." Takuma grumbled as he adjusted his felt so...constricting...

Suddenly, the old fart serioused the f**k up. "Did you remember to arm yourself?" He was referring to the hidden weapons, charms, and talismans hidden along Takuma's body.

Takuma glared at him, "My entire body is pretty much an anti-devil weapon. I think I'll be fine...besides, what are the odds of me seeing a devil there?" He still hadn't said anything about Suzuna yet.

"Still, you never know when an evil one will show be prepared to defend than become their food." The old fart made sense.
"Though, don't forget, the equipment is basically unnoticeable to everyone but you until you remove that pendant around your neck...though if you get it on with your date tonight, she won't feel anything on you. So no worries there." The perverted old fart laughed.

"You had to say it didn't you?" Takuma responded...

-At the formal dance thingy-

Once there, Takuma waited outside for Suzuna. Lots of people were coming around, but he hadn't seen Suzuna yet.
'Maybe she decided to skip out today?'
While Takuma was thinking that, his eyes had been covered. "The world has gone dark."

"Nope." Suzuna was standing behind him, covering his eyes. "Before you turn around, I want you to promise you won't laugh." She had an embarrassed tone in her voice.

"Okay, I promise I won't laugh." Takuma agreed.

"Okay." Suzuna let go and took a step back, waiting for Takuma to see.

Takuma turned around to face Suzuna, "...." He stared at her attire.

Suzuna wore an elegant black and purple dress.
It even had it's own frills, and it was completely strapless...awesome.
The sleeves were completely black.
The torso was purple.
The bottom was a mix of the two colors.
On her neck she wore a black choker collar with a silver cross on it. Probably for safe measures?
Her usual headband was different, it was now a white ribbon with bells at the ends.
Suzuna's cheeks were blushed bright red, and that embarrassing expression was priceless...all the money in the world couldn't buy that kind of face.

Takuma stifled a laugh, because he had never quite seen anything like it.

"You promised!" Suzuna pouted.

"Sorry, I couldn't help it." He paused to look at her from another angle. "Just never seen anything quite like it." Moments like these were rare to come by.
He held out his hand, "Well, lets go."

"Yah." She nodded as she took his hand.

On the dance floor, lots of people danced including Suzuna and Takuma. However, for this young couple, dancing was kind to say...weird...neither of them had much an idea on what they were doing. But they were at least able to pull it off.

Suzuna had something to say, "Hey, Takuma, can I ask you something?"

"Depends what it is."

"After this day...will you...still like me?" She hesitated a bit before asking.

"Of course I will." Takuma answered quickly.

"You're not lying to me are you?" Based on her track record in trusting people, she had reason to be suspicious.

"Why would I lie?"

"...." She couldn't think of any good reasons.

"If I only wanted to date you so I wouldn't be dateless, I would've dumped you when I learned the 'truth'." Hurtful words, but the truth. "However, I love you so...I'm gonna stay by your side."

Her cheeks were bright red at these words.
She bumped her head into his chest. "Thanks...Takuma..."
Now if only they could get a room...
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This formal ball thingy was now nearing it's end, some people had already left...obvious reasons.
Takuma was actually glad it was ending, he would be able to get out of the suit.
Suzuna had went to the bathroom...girl stuff probably. Devil or not, Suzuna was still a girl. Takuma didn't ask what exactly, he stopped at the word 'girl stuff.'
"She really is taking her time." Takuma said as he waited, leaning against the wall off to the side.

"Excuse me, can I talk to you?"

"Huh?" Takuma heard that child-like voice just now, wondering if they were talking to him. He looked around, but saw no one referring to him.....
He looked down.
There was a girl standing in front of him. Wearing a very large and elegant cloak.
Takuma wondered if she was someone's sister or if she just wandered in by herself.
"Do you need something?" Takuma asked.

"I'm looking for Suzuna onee-chan." She had a cute voice, the type that doesn't sound evil at all.

'Suzuna's sister?' He did remember Suzuna saying she had a sibling...he couldn't remember if it was a younger or older one though.
"Uh, well, she went to the bathroom. I think she'll be out soon though." Takuma pointed to the bathroom.

She sniffed Takuma's scent, for some odd reason.

Takuma felt his personal space was being invaded. "Yes?" He wondered if she was a Devil too?

"I smell it in you, the blood of a descendant of generations of Warriors." She had a drunk look on her face, "That really is an intoxicating scent."

Takuma pressed his hand to her forehead, wanting to push her away. But instead he saw something in his mind...
He saw a little girl playing alone in the park, whenever she tried to get near the other kids they would go somewhere else.
The vision shifted to the girl swinging by herself on the swing set, someone threw a rock at her. But she didn't respond...
Now, she was going on a plane, she looks outside on the open sea and sees a light rising, Devils appear and attack the plane.
The vision changed to what's left of the girl's body being put in a giant tank of liquid, lots of people she doesn't recognize staring at her.
So many much testing...she hated all of it.
At times when she could, she would try to reach out to the world around her...but it was all in vain.
The place she spent her days were like a prison to her...

Takuma took a step back, his head still spinning from what he just saw. "What was that?" He said to himself...

She just stood there, "You...reached into my memories..." She didn't move an inch. "That wasn't very nice, onii-san." The voice was kind of a twisted sweet voice.

"Hey, Takuma, sorry for the wait." Suzuna came out of the bathroom, her eyes darted to the little girl standing beside Takuma.
"...." She remained silent, one of her eyes changing to resemble a reptilian eye or a feline eye. The rest of the eye was black but the slit was silver and gold.

"Isn't that an invasion of privacy, onee-chan?" Both her eyes changed exactly the same way, confirming Takuma and Suzuna's suspicions.

"I remember you now..." Suzuna didn't care if there were people around to see, they'd all die anyways if she chose to ignore it anyways.
Her arm shifted to it's claw state.

The sound of another claw collided with Suzuna's.
The young girl had a similar claw on the opposite arm, hers was much larger though. "Onee-chan, that's not very nice." She frowned.

"Shut up!" Her other arm shifted too, "Go back to hell!" She swung her arm in a wide sweeping motion.
That made contact.
The force of the swing had been enough to hurtle the evil loli through the wall, and than another, and than more...lots and lots of walls...
Of course, people would scream. They had never seen anything like that, and right now Suzuna's arms were in there full Devil state. "...." She wasn't even a little concerned about that.
Her focus was entirely on Nanako.

"Hey, Suzuna, are you okay?" Takuma could sense Suzuna's angst and uneasiness.

"Not entirely." Suzuna glared at where Nanako had fallen. "That girl, her killing's unlike anything I've ever seen."

A dark shroud was flowing from where Nanako had fallen, "Onee-chan...that wasn't very nice. If you really want to kill me that badly, I suppose I have no choice."
The shroud was entering the ball room.

Suzuna could sense it's danger, she turned to Takuma, "Takuma, get everyone out of her immediately!"

"What about you?" Takuma could do that job, but he was more worried about Suzuna.

Suzuna crakced her knuckles, "Same as usual. With a Devil of that level, it might just make me get serious" She was fully transformed by now. Her excitement levels were high.
The shroud was spreading, mostly around Suzuna.
Suzuna didn't retreat, "For a human this would probably be dangerous, but not for a Devil." Her palms glowed, a shining light eliminating the shroud.
"Is that the best you've got?" Suzuna mocked.

Nanako moved around Suzuna, "Onee-chan, I can see your back." She attacked.

Suzuna moved out of the way, but she got grazed a little.
"Eh?" She felt the attack burn more than normal. "What?" It really hurt, even more than a normal attack.
The skin where the weapon had cut was burning, possibly because it was an anti-devil weapon.

"So you've noticed." Nanako smiled, revealing the blade she was using. "I think you remember this weapon don't you?"

Of course she remembered it, the old geezer had been carrying it before being killed. But it was different now because someone who knew how to use it was wielding it.
"...That that must mean..." Suzuna couldn't recognize her before, but now it was clear. "Your that girl." She figured out who it was.

"Correct, Onee-chan." She chuckled playfully.
Than she turned serious, "And now...goodbye, Onee-chan."

Transparent claws came from the ground and grabbed onto Suzuna's arms and legs.
They forced Suzuna onto her knees and spread out her arms.
"Do you think this'll hold me?" All Suzuna had to do was break them.
But there was a buzzing sound in the back of her mind, preventing her from reaching out to her Devil powers. "What's this?"

Nanako started walking towards Suzuna, "My Devil power is greater than yours, so I'm blocking out your powers."
She stood at Suzuna's side, the blade raised in high guard.
"I'd like to have played this game a little longer, however, I'd prefer to nip you in the bud before you become too much of a threat."
She flipped the sword to backhand position, having the tip of the blade pointing at Suzuna. "But I'll be content with hearing your screams of death first."
It seemed all over for Suzuna.
But suddenly, another sword blocked Nanako's sword.

"No way, I'm not allowing you to kill Suzuna." Takuma said through barred teeth, it was taking all his strength just to block.
He parried Nanako away. Standing between her and Suzuna.

"Takuma, why are you still here?!" Suzuna thought he would've left with the others.

"I wouldn't be considered a man if I left you to fight alone." Also, this kind of stuff was Takuma's specialty.
He swung the sword in mid guard.
He didn't know if he could win or not, but might as well try.

"...." Nanako didn't really see him as much a threat.
She aimed the sword at him, "The Devil Slayer descendant? Don't you think you're biting off more than you can chew here?"

"I don't care." Takuma's hands were shaking, of course he would be scared.
They say a true warrior could sense the battle abilities of their opponent without having to fight. Whether that was true or not, Takuma could definitely feel something from this enemy that caused him fear.

Than she attacked! Starting off with a fast swing to the torso.

Takuma barely had enough time to deflect. He would've counter attacked at that moment, but Nanako's attack came without a moment's rest and just as fast.
'Dammit. I can't see an opening in her defense.' Takuma was too busy trying to keep himself from getting cut.

The fear in Suzuna's eyes were as clear as day, she had to find a way to save Takuma.
"But what can I do?" She was trapped by Nanako's spell, if she tried to break it through sheer force she'd definitely lose her limbs.
But still, the more she watched the fight. The more danger Takuma was in.
"So it's come to this..."
This would be a decision to test Suzuna's love for Takuma...
'I could work on breaking the seal using my own Devil powers...but...that could take a while, and Takuma might die. I could break it enough to minimize the damage to my body...but if I do that there's no guarantee I'll even survive.'
She had already started breaking the spell.
"My life...or Takuma's...?"
Suzuna sighed to herself, "My choice is clear. Takuma would do the same."
Wings of shadow formed on her back, slowly she started moving forward. But she stopped as if something was pulling her, of course...the hold on her arms were still too strong.
She pulled...knowing the consequences.

Takuma was knocked onto his back by Nanako's last strike. Backing away with the blade held out, it seemed like it was over.

"Aaaahhhh!!!!!" She screamed as her arms were torn from their joints, the pain was more intense than she could've possibly imagined.
Regardless she shot forward.
However, her goal wasn't to kill was impossible with no arms anyways.
The blade of Nanako's was driven right through Suzuna's chest, Suzuna's role was that of a shield for Takuma..
Acting quickly, she turned her body. Forcing the blade out of Nanako's hand. The horns on her head grew sharper and bigger. She moved past Nanako at lightning speed...

The attack had done it's job.
Like a blade through her skin, Nanako's arm had fallen off. Blood spewing from it's severed point.
Nanako was weakened but not dead. She didn't even show the feeling of pain. She turned towards Suzuna, staring at her with disgust, "What was that? If you had waited long enough, you might have got me."
She stopped when sensing something dangerous.
(Such a shame...the first part is one post away from being over.

Than I have do the 2nd one. )
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sazoe wrote:

bluea52394 wrote:

Oh can i post my writings here too ^^

yes! definitely you can. Anybody can write their stories here.

K thx ^^
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Well here's my story tho it's not really tht good & creative

In the year 2121 in Japan, a tragic fairytale was written and told. It was about an elegant princess who lived on a magic kingdom. During her lifetime as a child, all she did was fulfill her duties as a princess. One night, at a grand ball, she met a prince. With just having their eyes meet and a dance, they both fell in love. Unfortunately, on the sixth day of the six month of their six year anniversary, the princess was kidnaped.
The rest of the story was never written and told. Thus, the story is trying to repeat itself in reality. Only this time, the mystery ending of the story would be revealed. The princess’s cursed fate was passed. As well as the prince’s misfortune.
In a city called Okinawa, there lives an affluent girl named Reika Kotomi. Her life was exceedingly impeccable that everyone envied her. Not only does she lives on the most advanced computerized mansion, she was also dazzling, intelligent, and talented. Even though her life was perfect, in truth, it’s very normal. Like everyone else, she goes to a school, have friends, and of course she get assignments, too.
Though she was a fortunate girl, she was never really happy. Everyday she’s put into signing paper works and other dull duties. Reika impressed numerous of people that everyone admired her. Still, she was not happy. The people may be admiring her, but they were only doing that because she was the daughter of the company’s owner. Reika Kotomi is sharp enough to know that everyone close to her are only pretending. Someday, they would all leave her alone once they get what they want.
Then, on her thirteenth birthday, everything changed direction. As usual, she put on her smiling face that mesmerized the others. When Reika was walking through the dancing guest on her velvet gown to get a drink, she bumped into a guy she has never met before.

“Oh, pardon me, miss,” the guy apologized.

“Oh, don’t worry yourself,” she said. “It was my fault for not paying attention at all.”

“Haha, nice to meet you,” the guy greeted. “My name is Takanari Shun. I believe we haven’t been introduced yet.”

“Nice to meet you, too,” Reika responded. “I am Reika Kotomi.”

“Ah, I see,” Takanari smiled. “You’re the only child of Yue Kotomi, and Ayame Hanasuka, right?”

“Yes, that’s right,” Reika answered, while already thinking that he was like all the other guys.

“How swell,” Takanari said politely. “I got to go. It was nice meeting you, Reika-san(Ms. Reika).”

Takanari walked off, and Reika just stood there amazed that there was a guy like that.

“Haha, I was wrong,” she giggled to herself. “He was not like them after all.”

She has done what she was going to do and put up with the extravagant party her parents arranged just for her. Reika was standing there with the people socializing. Then, their attention was changed when Reika’s father stood in front of the microphone. Mr. Yue Kotomi has thanked everyone for coming, and also he announced the conclusion of the party. A dance between Takanari Shun, who was actually the son of the man who owns the biggest company in the world, and Reika Kotomi. At last, the party was over. For the first time, Reika has never felt so happy in her life.
Three years later, Takanari and Reika was now a couple. To be exact, they were made for each other. The two are always together, spending each of their time watching the beautiful scenes of the world. Ever since she fell for Takanari, her troubles faded little by little. Though her heart might have stopped bleeding, it will still have scars. A fragile breakable heart.
On June 6, Saturday, Reika was peacefully sitting in the garden. It was the only place that was tranquil and free of technologies. The birds are chirping, and the wonderful fragrance of the flowers filled the room. Without a warning, she was surrounded by an unknown people in long black cloaks. They put her to sleep with some kind of spell, and took her away. There, they transported back to where they came from.
Reika slowly opened her eyes and found herself in a diminutive room. The place was empty. There was no furniture or anything. Not even a door, and there was only a holographic window. Not even a sign of any other life. Well, except for hers. Again, she was abandoned in the depths of despair and suffering. All she could do now is cry.

“Takanari, I know you would come and save me,” Reika whispered. “Please, hurry!”

After so many years have passed, Reika wept bitterly waiting for her love to come. In the end, her prince never came. She could not face the reality now. She continued to think that Takanari has deceived her. She was lied to & betrayed. Because of her growing devastation and hatred, she was overcome by the darkness in her heart. She knew it already, no matter how much she cries and wait, he would not come. Reika laid down on the cold metal floor, staring blankly at the ceiling, crying, waiting, until she died.

“I see that you never really loved me, but why does my heart still yearns for you, Takanari?”

The princess in the story suffered through a lot. She has trusted the prince for her escape, but he never showed up. Both the story never really showed why their prince didn't showed up in the first place. The unknown was, both the princes was killed before they reached their destination. Hence, the two girls believed they were betrayed. With that pain inflicted in their hearts, they both still loved the guys. Forever they would love them.

“On the other side, let us meet again, my love.”

~The End~
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Takuma was standing up, "Suzuna..." The blood of a warrior and Devil slayers were reacting to Takuma's emotions.
He pointed the blade at Nanako, "Your a danger to this a Devil Slayer...I can not allow you to continue existing." A faint red hue was glowing around Takuma. "Shinkurou Takuma, son of Gin and Misako Shinkurou as well as the grandson Gouta Shinkurou....will send you back to hell."
Without warning Takuma lashed out with a straight thrust.

Nanako dodged around it, her hand mutated into a wide-edged blade.
She took a swing at his abdomen.

Takuma grabbed the blade with his bare palm. Normally, he would be bleeding. But there's always an explanation to come eventually.
"Aegis Knuckles." The gloves Takuma had been wearing.
(PS: If my information is correct Aegis = Shield or something to do with defense.)

"You're persistent." Nanako hated persistent men.
Her eyes glowed as she invoked the Devil Blood within her...literally.
The point of severance (I think I just made up a word...take that Dictionary!) from earlier started bubbling (for lack of a better word), her blood formed like whips and whacked Takuma with enough force like the hit Suzuna gave to Nanako.
Of course the sword broke in two.
Nanako panted and started floating, "I'd love to stay and chat...but I've got a world to destroy." She figured she had won, that Takuma was human could've survived that kind of impact.

And now, to defy the laws of physics.
Takuma kicked out the rubble, he fell on his knees in the ball room. He was injured, badly. But he didn't care about his injuries...
"Suzuna..." His eyes were focused on her.
He crawled to her.
Holding her up as much as he could, "Suzuna...Suzuna!" He called.

"Takuma?" She said weakly. "Sorry...I lost." Her senses were going dull.
"Even now, the blade's' power is killing me slowly, there's no way I can be healed." She knew what Takuma was going to say; 'we can heal it somehow'
Her time was short...
"Farewell...Takuma..." She slowly reached up to him, and toucher her cheek with his hand. She knew he would cry...and she was right... "Don't...cry...Takuma...." She smiled, "A man...shouldn't...cry..."

"Please don't go." Takuma begged, "I love you! There's gotta be something we can do!" Takuma said, even though Suzuna knew more about this than he did, and she had already said it was useless.

Suzuna shook her head, "I want to say...before I am taken" And than...her heart stopped. The blade in her body had done it's Devil Slaying Job.
Red cracks appeared along Suzuna's body, than she turned to stone...and finally...crumbled. Now particles of light were floating away from the remains...Suzuna was gone now...

Takuma walked into the school grounds, staring into the sky. The sword that killed Suzuna in hand.
Off in the distance, he saw a giant gate being opened. Though it was far away, it looked so close. It was opening, and a black smoke blanketed the city in seconds, moving onto the world.
A very large flying snake-like devil started flying down to Takuma.
"....." He was silent, not even taking a defensive stance.
As it neared, it would swallow Takuma whole.
"Sorry, I'm not your food."
(*Insert epic theme music here*)
He flipped the sword to backhand holding. He sliced through it, the blade cutting it's body entirely in half from the mouth.
Takuma didn't seem to care that the blood was spraying everywhere, he had been changed. To him, it was survive or die.
"This is the way the world ended."
Takuma made his way again.
"But...we as Devil Slayers...won't let that come to pass...for that is why we exist in this world."
More Devils started coming down. Some near Takuma, they were as large as him, larger actually...twice as wide too.
He stared at them as if they were nothing. He smirked in an overconfident way.

Before they could make their move, someone had already cut off one of their arm.
An old man was sitting on it's shoulder, drinking tea. Takuma's grandfather...yes...these were guys were f**king done now...

"What the-" Said that one before his head was chopped off with just a flick of the Gouta's wrist.
A green sword in hand, he took another sip of tea. Smiling in the same way as Takuma.

"Why you!!!" The other one raised it's fist and slammed it down into the corpse of the other one.

Gouta stood behind Takuma now.
"So, still think my warnings were 'the ramblings of a senile old man?' " There was a big 'I-told-you-so' that Gouta seriously deserved.

Takuma scratched the back of his head. "Yah, yah." Takuma acknowledged that he was wrong, and Gouta was right.

The remaining Devil was getting pissed off for being ignored like that.
"Hey! Don't just ignore me like th-"
A line appeared down his face...and he split in two.
Gouta didn't just put that there, he cut him like...before the battle even began.

"Well, aren't you glad I trained you?" Gouta said as he held the blade over his shoulder.

"I admit nothing." Takuma started walking. "Come on Old Geezer, we've got a battle to fight. By now other Devil Slayers will probably have noticed by now."

(And that's that. I don't know when I'll start on the next one...probably not for a long time... )
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..... wow. Long. Very long. Whenever I see the names Takuma and Kohinata, I think of Footprints in the Sand. Hmm. Oh well.

And to stay on topic...

A fanfiction, no doubt, but it IS writing.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 8/15/08 , edited 8/15/08

OMG!!! I just realized that!

Yah...I know what you mean...
I try to make something short, and yet it always turns up longer than it's supposed to be.
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