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Can you write something.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/5/08 , edited 9/6/08
Once in a blue moon, at around times like these. My brain cells perfectly align, hence giving my story telling skills near unlimited power!!!
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F / somewhere down th...
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ahem!......I dare say it's only limited. Only your murderous intend to me is so vast that you have infinite plans to destroy me..
I'm watching you Beeeware! beee afraaid! beee very afraaaid!
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Who wants to know...
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<__< ... >__>
Just as planned!

Nice avi pic. by the way.

I'll get up the next part once I figure out what to do next.
Shouldn't take me long, gimme a day or two.
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F / somewhere down th...
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/9/08
Whoah! changing topic!..........

And your avi it's like your oldest avi ever.^-^...still cool.
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
(As promised.)

-Part 3-

It was a short journey, they wanted to move fast in case a more powerful Devil showed up.
Originally, Takuma was going to take Ikukuru to the shelter...but he was suddenly called in by the head of the organization.
Ikukuru was allowed to come through up to the sacred gates which only an S-Class devil could get through and survive. The leaders had to allow someone to come through, or the automatic defenses would burn them to pieces like fire through toilet paper.
"Wait here, Ikukuru."

She nodded and let go of his hand, taking a seat by the door. Holding onto her knees...

Takuma looked back, than continued inside. The gates bore a contrast to the Gates of strange.
At least, Takuma always thought it was.

Takuma arrived in a completely dark room.
A single light shone above him, illuminating his figure.
"....." It was too quiet.
Sensing the kill, Takuma unsheathed his blade, blocking a quick-draw attack from his side. The blade still half-sheathed before another attack came from above.
"A pole-arm weapon." Takuma could recognize it by the way it moved and the distance it had on him.
Takuma flipped to the flat-end of his sword. Blocking the attack at the pole-arm's tip.
The force of the impact between blades was so great it caused Takuma to slide back about 5 ft. "Ranyu-dono." He recognized one of the 3 leaders of the organization.

Ranyu stepped out of the shadows. "Well done, Takuma-san, you've come a long way from when you began." Ranyu was a rather young woman, in her mid 20's probably.
A small pony-tail worn at the back of her head. She adjusted her glasses, spinning the massive Trident with one hand as it helied (made up a word) her back into the shadows.

"Takuma..." Gouta's voice came through the darkness.

"Old geezer." Takuma knew his own grandfather's attacks by heart, he already knew it was him before he spoke.

"That just leaves."

The room started lightning up.
A man with long, flowing black hair and a black bear to go with it, wearing a dark blue/green cloak over silver armor. His real age was unknown.

However, he was the 1st' leader.
Takuma bowed down to him, as was customary. "Fenrir-dono." Takuma sheathed his blade and placed it down in front of him.

"Well done...Takuma...Indeed, Gouta, you were right about him. He is probably the perfect candidate for this job." He spoke in a very strong, very commanding voice. The kind of voice that strikes fear in the hearts of the bravest of men.

"Pardon me sir, but, what job?" Takuma had not heard anything about a job, and he had just come back from something too.

"You didn't explain it to him, Gouta?" It was Ranyu who spoke this time.
She sat on Fenrir's left.

"It slipped my mind, I am going senile after all." Gouta cleaned out his ear as he jumped back up to his seat on Fenrir's right.
He turned his attention to Takuma, "Takuma, have you heard of the incident about a week ago?"

Takuma remembered that quite clearly, "You mean when several of our strongest were tempted by the promise of Devils and fled our judgment? At the time I was on another mission, so, my blade had not seen their hearts yet."
He looked up to Fenrir, "Could it want me to-"

"You're a quick one," He rest his chin on one of his knuckles. "That is correct...we want you to hunt them down, and make sure they never breathe again."

"As you command." Takuma accepted the mission without a second thought. "Any leads on where they might be?"

Gouta and Fenrir looked to Ranyu for this one.
She took a deep breathe, closing her eyes and placing one hand on her forehead...
"To the west, there's a black forest. In a patch of white flowers, the dirt knows."
Behold, one of Ranyu's powers...It was a good power, however, it hardly gave a straight answer...

"Alright, I'll be back as quick as I can." Takuma took his blade and started on his way, and than he remembered.
"Hey, old geezer, I found a little girl during my last mission...she doesn't seem to want to go the shelter, so take care of her will you?"

"To think you can order me're 1,000 years too early." He unsheathed part of his blade.

"You won't survive if I waited that long." Takuma unsheathed part of his blade as well.
It's not that they were hostile to each other...this was just their way of communicating...a very odd way, however.
"So you'll do it?"

"...Why not...? Haven't had the chance to take care of a kid since you...maybe they'll learn not to talk back this time?"

Takuma shrugged.
With that said and done, Takuma was back on his way...
(I'll put up the next part soon. )
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/9/08 , edited 9/10/08
-Part 4-

Since this author doesn't feel like going through the details of traveling. We'll just have him arrive there in an instant, so we can get to actiony violence...
But before that, day dream sequence.

This forest was recently called the black forest because all the plant-life had turned black for an unexplained reason.
Rumors went around said this forest was cursed in so many ways, Takuma never believed in curses...even if he did, he'd just cut it down.
As Takuma walked through the forest, he saw something moving with him, the trees constantly getting in the way.
His eyes widened in surprise.
Suzuna was walking beside him.
"...." He made no acknowledgment however. Just walked and stared...

Suzuna looked back at him, a warm smile on her face. She voicelessly said the sentence:
"Do you know the story of swords?"
After that she had vanished behind a tree.

Takuma stopped, running behind the tree. But saw no one there...
"Of was just my imagination." Takuma saw Suzuna die after all. His eyes gazed down at the blade by his side. "...The story...of swords...?"
White rose petals flew by Takuma's face. He must've been close...
Shrugging off what he had just seen he kept on his way...
He reached the field of white roses at last.
"The dirt knows?" Takuma repeated. "What does that mean?" He said quietly to himself.
Kneeling down he placed his hand on the ground. "...." Nothing happened.
Of course the ground wasn't going to speak to him...
He pressed his ear to the ground, if the dirt knew, maybe it was something that couldn't be heard. "......." With his ear pressed to the ground, he could feel the life of nearby creatures. Focusing on specific spots nearby, he found something odd...
There was a heartbeat...a human heartbeat! Takuma picked his head up, placing his hand on the hilt of his sword. No one attacked yet...
"They must be in hiding...if that's the case, they probably know I'm here too." If Takuma walked carelessly, they'd find him and cut him down before he even knew it. He had to keep his focus and watch the flowers...
If they moved it would be easier to track down the targets.
A strong gust of wind blew by from the east. Takuma's focus was extended as far as he could...searching...searching...
He saw a patch of flowers moving...from the west.
Without warning, Takuma sprinted straight forward. He sensed the kill upon arrival, so he unsheathed his sword in a low-sweeping quick draw......
Blood on his sword, and staining a patch of white flowers in red.
"Enemies discovered." Takuma held his sword in high-guard.
5 more patches started raising up...they all wore Tengu masks to hide their faces.
They unsheathed their long-swords, holding them in mid-guard...

Takuma took a good look at the enemies around him. "...." Nothing but silence.
"Move." A voice that always told Takuma what to do spoke in the back of his head. "Left."
Side-stepping left as a blade came down.
Flipping the sword to backhand, he stabbed it through the enemies chest.
"Pull them to the right."
Takuma turned around flipping the sword to front hand, the enemy going along with it. He moved them over to the right, using them as a shield.
"Cut through them."
Takuma crouched in ready position, he jumped forward. Slicing off the heads of the living and dead enemy.

There were now three left.
Standing in a triangular position, Takuma knew what to do from here.
He ran towards the one in the middle, saber-locking with them. And at the same time running them off their feet.
The other two were closing in, so Takuma, slid the sword out of the enemies hand and sliced them down their front.

And now there were a mere two left. They stood next to each other, holding their blades in ready position.
Takuma readied his blade in low guard. "....."

They made the first move. Dashing as fast as they could, they jumped into the air. Blades held in a sweeping attack.
Takuma blocked the first one and pushed him off to one side with his blade.
The other one, he collided with an uppercutting slash. He than back hand slapped them with his free hand, at the same time turning to the one attacking.
He blocked a mid-slash, a shoulder slash, and parried a straight thrust. Flipping to backhanded position, he kneeled and blocked a back attack.
The one in front tried a straight thrust, Takuma held out his palm, the blade's tip impacting the Aegis Knuckle. A collision of power between the two items.
Takuma's glove broke half of the blade, causing it's user to tumble backwards.

And now there was the problem with this one. In Takuma's present position, moving carelessly would be costly.
He slid his sword and his own sword to his left, his blade's tip going into the ground. Takuma than pounced off to the right, to get out of range. Still on his hands and feet, he pounced forward.
With the blade held in backhand position, he readied for a quick slash.
The enemy held their blade at low guard, going for a diagonal upper-slash.
Takuma stood behind them. Neither moved...and than the enemy fell as blood sprayed out from his side.

Takuma thought it was over...but than he forgot about that one he didn't finish off.
He sensed a spell...!

He saw the enemy with their hand on the ground. Invoking a spell...
A bundle of white rose petals floated around Takuma. If he tried to back away, he would be sliced into pieces.
There was no escape as Takuma was completely encased in it.
He held the hilt with both hands, tip embedded in the ground. He slashed upwards, a elemental mix of ground and wind collided, creating two walls of ground spikes that split the rose petal attack.
Takuma threw his blade straight into the enemies chest...and they fell.

Takuma moved his hand back as his blade flew back into his hand. The hilt had an invisible wire attached to it, that Takuma could pull back when he couldn't reach his sword.
Now that the fight was over. Takuma looked around at the damage he caused...
The once, pure white Rose petals were now dyed red in blood. "...." He remained silent, looking around at the fallen enemies.
They all died so uselessly...and for what? Promises of loyalty to the Devils in exchange for power.
Takuma scowled, "Why would you so stupid?" He couldn't understand why anyone would side with the Devils anyways.
His job however, wasn't over yet...There was still one enemy to kill.

And sitting on a log was this enemy. His presence had not been noticed up until now, because he had no killing intention unlike the others...
"Takuma..." He seemed happy to see him, yet he wore the tengu mask as well. "S-So, they sent you in. As expected, they say you're on your way to becoming the next leader."

"....." Takuma remained in silence.
He sheathed his blade. But kept his hand on the hilt...

"Hey, hold on, Takuma, I'm not here to fight you. I just want to get out of here...if those 6 couldn't kill you together, there's no way I can do it. Of course if I had been there it would've been 7 against's too bad they didn't listen to me. I told them, maybe there was a chance we could reason with you...but they said that 'anyone who comes after us is only interested in killing us', crazy right?" He laughed jokingly.

"....." Takuma didn't laugh, he just kept staring. He started closing the distance...

"Hey, wait, will you hear me out? Look, just let me one has to know, I promise not to get in your way. I just want to get out of here safely."

Takuma had closed the distance by about 9 ft.
"Tell me why? Why did you all run away if you knew what was coming?" That was the one thing Takuma would ask.

"Why? It's because, Fenrir is corrupt that's why! I'm not sure about the old man and the glasses woman, but Fenrir has gone mad! He's been prolonging this war, doing secret experimentation on the people-"

"Experiments?" This was the first Takuma heard of it. "What kind of experiments?"

"I'm not really sure myself, all I know is that we were his test subjects. We all escaped because he tried to kill us...not really sure why? Probably because we got too close to the truth." It wasn't like he really knew everything after all.

Takuma wanted to question him about one other thing,
"Why is Fenrir trying to prolong the war?"

"I don't know, ask him!"

"What if I say I don't believe you?" Takuma took a quick-draw stance. "Even if I did believe you, running away is suicide. If the organization doesn't kill you, the Devils that are over-whelming the world will."

"I don't care!" He spoke hysterically. "Even if I'm killed, I have to run away! There must be a place I can go!"

"There is..." Takuma stared at him. "It's called the Afterlife."

He reached into his coat, pulling out a one-handed axe.
"So, are you going to let me go, or do we have to fight?"

"Need you ask?" Takuma unsheathed a piece of his blade, ready to strike.

The wind blew by, the two were as still as statues.

A single white rose petal moved between the two......
It was split in half by the next moment.
Both of them standing in front of the other, blades already made their cut. However, Takuma's was quicker...
And so the final enemy fell.
"It's over now." Takuma sheathed his blade.
Since there was no point in staying here or burying the bodies, he was going on his way...
Suddenly, something grabbed his leg.

That final enemy was still alive!
Well...sort of...
His entire body was mutating...his body bulging in muscle, but it looked so wrong and uneven. He stared up at Takuma with red eyes.
"Let go!" He sliced through it's hand.

It didn't seem to feel it as it attacked with it's severed hand. Using it as a club. He grabbed it with the Aegis knuckle, the white hue shined and crushed the arm into a shriveled husk. Blowing it off entirely, and again it moved forward, this time trying to bite him.
Takuma ran backwards, he tried to slice through it.
However, with it's free hand it knocked Takuma's blade clean out of his grasp.
He still had one trick up his sleeve.
He placed his palm against it's forehead. "Stay dead!"
A flame grew over his hand...within the next moment.
A mid-scale explosion blew off it's entire face and about 4/5 of it's body.
Takuma panted heavily from the least NOW he was sure it was over. "What...the hell was that about...?"
Could it be...he was telling the truth...
Either way, it was best to report this in as quick as he could...
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Who wants to know...
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Phew, what a long fight scene...
I should probably put less fight scenes.........
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.... I don't really care.

I waz juat joking dude
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F / hiding ... ~WhEre...
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Can i post a story? I written a few chapters of my story but it's going to be quite long ....
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F / somewhere down th...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08

fate_chan_1994244 wrote:

Can i post a story? I written a few chapters of my story but it's going to be quite long ....

totally you can. I'll be waiting

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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 9/15/08

I realized I forgot to post.
Sorry, sorry! I'll get the next part up asap!
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-Part 5-
(Hmmm......damn writer's block. )

When he got back to his specific home, within the shelter.
Takuma was lying face up on the little, single bed. Staring up at the stone ceiling...
This hideout was built years ago, and it happened to be near a Devil Slayer's HQ. There were actually a lot of places like these, but they were hidden...
Just like the Hell Gate.
However, these hideouts lacked modern day equipment, so the people had to make do somehow...

Turning on his side, he saw the open window directly across the room. It had a great view of the former city...
Well, the Hell Gate at least...
Still hovering above the city.
It was like a constant reminder of the imminent danger to all of humanity. His memories flashed back to that day...
Suzuna died that day...that's also the day he became like this...
(I'll add more when my writer's block goes away. -__- )
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/16/08 , edited 9/17/08


My power as a Gensaku-sha has been activated...
This is gonna end up a long story...I know it... >8D )

-part 5 1/2 -

A black raven flew in from the window.
Through mental conditioning, he reached for his blade. But found there was no threat because of the raven's voice:
"Good work, Takuma-san." Ranyu's voice came from the raven. A red symbol appeared over the raven's forehead.

"I guess you really are, Ranyu The Watcher." Takuma sat upright, whatever reason Ranyu was communicating with him this way probably had a good reason to it...and probably important.
"So, why couldn't you come face to face?" Takuma asked.

"Because this is a private mission directly from Fenrir, I sent him the data on your last battle with the traitors so-"

She knew about Takuma's fight, she had used her powers to watch him. She was a witness to what that monster was!
"Wait, Ranyu, how far did you see?!"

"Up to when you killed the last one, the guy with the axe, the one who said Fenrir was corrupt and-"

"So you saw the way he changed into a monster afterward?!" This was great, now maybe he could get some answers?
That's what he was thinking, anyway...

"What are you talking about? I saw him fall, but that's when I canceled out my power. I assumed he was defeated, why did he reveal his Devil form?" She asked, now with an intrigued tone.

"...I...don't know?" He thought back to the way Suzuna transformed, it wasn't near as creepy and half-done. "Something about it just felt, wrong..."

"Hmmmm...I'll look into it if you want?" Even though she was called The Watcher, there were limits to what she could 'see'.
"Don't know how much I'll find though."

"Okay, go ahead...I'm kinda curious about that. Oh, that's right, what was the private mission Fenrir wanted me to do?" Takuma had forgotten about that momentarily.

"Oh right," She had forgotten too, "Alright, Takuma, I want you to really think about this request...Fenrir...wants you to kill some targets."

Takuma tilted his head in confusion, "An assassin?" He's killed plenty of Devils before, so why should he consider it...

"Yah...but the thing is, these targets...are human."

"...Human..." It always felt weird to Takuma, killing another human. He had gotten so desensitized to killing Devils, it was as natural to him as breathing...but killing another person may have been too much.
He still hadn't gotten over the time he killed those 7 people a little while ago.

"Well, they may and may not be human." Ranyu wasn't entirely sure...

"...Fine...I'll do it..." This was an order after all, not like Takuma could refuse anyways. "Whose my first target?"
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Who wants to know...
Posted 9/29/08 , edited 9/30/08
(Okay here you... I don't really like this part... )

-Part 6-

(Since I wanted just one scene where it wasn't one big fight scene, this is the result...)

As Takuma awaited transportation outside the settlement, he took a seat on a dead tree stump.
He stared down at the barren land, realizing this whole thing...was probably his own fault...
"Why did it have to come to all of this?" The surrounding area turned black.

-Inner mind-

Takuma stood before the Hell Gate. Suzuna's remains in front of it...
He felt saddened, however, the look on his face hardly showed it at all. "Suzuna." He kneeled down, and reached out to her remains...
But they broke into scattered lights that vanished the moment Takuma touched Suzuna's remains, blood on his hand.
"It's my fault...Suzuna died..." The ground beneath him opened up, he descended down with such speed, the moment he hit the ground he would die.
"On that day, I felt empty...It hurt for a while, and I felt angry too, but than after a while, I didn't feel anything anymore..."
He suddenly stopped falling...
"A void that opened inside me, unable to be filled by anything...the only thing that makes me forget that pain is all the Devils I've killed...and the many more I'll continue to kill...I won't stop I destroy that gate...than afterward....I'll go to where Suzuna is...That's what I decided long ago. And no one will ever change my mind."

-Outside world-

Takuma's eyes shot open, reaching for his blade he saw someone draped in a black cloak. "Who are you?" He demanded to know, getting to his feet, hand still on his blade's hilt...
They moved forward, Takuma saw the shining of a blade.
Instantly, he drew his weapon and stopped it just short of their neck... "What do you want?" Takuma had got them in a killing blow stance.

A woman's voice spoke; "You're pretty even noticed the one behind you."

Takuma's free hand was holding a handgun, aiming behind Takuma, at someone else behind him. A taller figure.
The end of the gun was directly aimed at their forehead, the tip could just barely touch their forehead...
"It's not that hard to detect Devils." Takuma already knew. "You must have a death wish, to have come here." Takuma was about to finish them off.

"Wait, it's about Suzuna." The taller figure spoke.

That was the only thing that stayed Takuma's hand from killing these two where they stood.

"What do you know...about Suzuna...?" There was anger in Takuma's voice, it was clearly told. "Tell me now!" Takuma demanded.
"What is your connection to her?!"

The smaller figure looked to the taller figure and nodded.
"Alright, we'll tell you our connection to her." They took off their hoods.....

Takuma's eyes widened in shock and disbelief. It was next to impossible for them to even BE here.
"You can't be..."

The girl looked like an older version of Suzuna, but with longer hair tied into a low pony-tail, and dark red eyes.
"I'm Suzuna's elder sister, Kazehane." She pointed to the man behind Takuma, who looked like a male version of the girl, only with one side of his face covered by his hair and shorter pony-tail.
"That's my twin brother, Kira." (What, I ran out of names and was short on time. )
Kira waved. "Wassup." He said. "Mind lowering your weapon now?"

"....." Takuma was hesitant. "How do I know you're Suzuna's siblings?"

"Look me in the eye, and ask me that." Kazehane placed her hands on Takuma's cheeks and had him look directly into her eyes.
There was a chance it was all one big trap.....however...
"Fine, I believe you." He could see it in her eyes.

He lowered his weapons and holstered/sheathed them.
"So why ARE you here?" Takuma wondered what they were doing here anyways...

"We were contacted by Gouta-san and Ranyu-san to be your personal guides to your targets." Kira said, placing the hood back on his head.

"You know them?" Takuma asked.

Kazehane nodded, "Gouta-san once saved our lives, we owe for Ranyu-chan, we saved HER life." She said with a tone of pride.
"So, shall we show you to our vehicle or-"

"Did Fenrir approve of this?" Takuma questioned, looking to both of them.

Kazehane looked to Kira and back to Takuma...
"....." She was silent for a few moments. "Of course." She said with a smile.

Takuma was going to ask why she paused, until...

Kira looked back to the settlement. "I smell something strange...It's not a Devil, or human...not like us either. Something, corrupt. Coming from there..." Kira pointed in a certain direction to the settlement.

Takuma looked to where Kira was pointing. "Hm, that's the prison barracks, we keep certain enemies there to interrogate but why-" Takuma suddenly remembered something. "Wait a minute...I haven't seen Ikururu for a while." Takuma didn't see her at his house, but he passed by Gouta on the way home, who said that Ikururu went to go play somewhere and that he was too old to chase little kids around.

"Who?" Kazehane tilted her head to the side in confusion.

"Some girl I rescued a little while back, you, Kira-san, can you find out what's going on there?" Takuma asked, praying that his senses were off this one time.

"From here, I can hear slightly." He closed his eyes, trying to focus on the sound. "I'm not sure but, there's a child...and someone else, I'm not really sure." He could be wrong. "It might be wise to leave it alone, it might be a trap?"

"Sorry." Takuma turned around, "But on the chance it's real, I'm gonna go check it out...wait here, I won't be long." Takuma took off as quick as he could.

"Hey, wait!" Kazehane called after him, but it was already too late. Takuma was long gone...
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