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Chapter 1
After working four nights in a row, nonstop at the hospital, Sakura Haruno takes a lunch break and heads off to the Sakura fields. On her way there she tries to ignore al of the ogle-eyed stares all the men, (young and old) were giving her. You see, Sakura was no longer a weak girl but a VERY strong woman. (Thx to Tsunade)
She is 16, her air had stayed the same bubble-gum pink but, was now 2 inches past her shoulders, & she now had all the right curves many girls and women wished to have. When she was happy Naruto noticed that Sakura’s eyes didn’t have that same glistening look anymore, even when she was happy.
And it was all because he left her
Without notice, Sakura stopped walking. She stood in front of the bridge that She, Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi, or Team 7 had met for training or a mission 5 years ago. Sadness began to overwhelm Sakura but, no tears fell.
NO. She wouldn’t cry over him anymore.
Crying is a weakness.
Crying makes you weak. And she was NOT weak.
Things had changed.
After Sasuke left 5 years ago for power from Orochimaru in order to kill his older brother Itachi, Sakura went to Tsunade to become her apprentice so she could get stronger. Well, it worked! She had become Konaha’s most beautiful and strongest Kunoichi.
(Enough about her lets talk about Naruto.)
He had gotten much stronger than he was before and was the top Shinobi in Konaha. He was also the most popular choice of becoming the 6th Hokage. However, despite his new strength and skill he still acted like a little kid at times. There was only one thing that scared our future Hokage and that was…….Sakura’s insane strength.
(Now onto Kakashi! –coughcoughpervertcoughcough-)
Even though he was older, he was the same perverted sensei Sakura had known almost her whole life. Besides his tardiness, another thing that makes Sakura mad is him reading Jiraiya’s DAMN PORN BOOKS!!
Oh, he was married to Anko too.
Next, she remembered an incident that happened 2years ago. The Akatsuki had invaded Konaha to capture Naruto but, Sakura had prevented them by hiding Naruto in a different village and guarding him. Itachi, being the smartest member of the Akatsuki, figured out Naruto went into hiding and searched for him and eventually found him and Sakura.
When he found them he immediately attacked Sakura. In a matter of minutes she had beaten Itachi with just a few simple moves and two jutsu. But, his last words before he left kept ringing in her head.
To Be Continued…….

Chapter 2
Next, she remembered an incident that happened 2years ago. The Akatsuki had invaded Konaha to capture Naruto but, Sakura had prevented them by hiding Naruto in a different village and guarding him. Itachi, being the smartest member of the Akatsuki, figured out Naruto went into hiding and searched for him and eventually found him and Sakura.
When he found them he immediately attacked Sakura. In a matter of minutes she had beaten Itachi with just a few simple moves and two jutsus. But, his last words before he left kept ringing in her head.
Bruised all over, smirk plastered on his face, Itachi spoke to Sakura (who was standing in front of a K.O.ed Naruto). “It seems I have underestimated you Haruno Sakura. You are indeed very strong and full of hate for me. In fact, in myopinion you are NOT that weak Kunoichi my foolish little brother had told to me about” He chuckled. “In fact, you are far from it and could probably defeat Sasuke”, he said truthfully and at the same time trying to catch her off guard.
Sakura smirked and put her head down trying to stifle a small laugh. “What’s so funny?” inquired Itachi. “I’m just so flattered”, replied Sakura before disappearing and reappearing behind Itachi and slashing his arms with two kunai.
He grunted, jumped on a roof of a building, turned around and shouted at Sakura. “Believe me Haruno Sakura you will pay for this, just you wait!” and with that, he vanished.
End of Flashback
And she did pay.
A horrible image of her parents’ dead bodies flooded her mind. Itachi had killed Sakura’s parents on the day she had become a Jonin. (A/N: Did I spell that right?)
She hadn’t come out of her room in a week until Ino came back from her mission in the Land of Waves and coaxed her out of her house.
Naruto, Ino, Tenten, Hinata, Shikamaru, Neji, and Lee all helped Sakura get back to her back to her old self. But, Naruto and Lee were with Sakura everyday for 3 weeks. To Sakura, Naruto and Lee were the best non-blood related brothers she never had. They had also been with her after Sasuke left, including praying everyday that he would come home.
But he never did and it seemed like he never would.
(Ok, let’s get back to what Sakura’s doing)
Today she was supposed to go on an A-ranked mission as a Medic Nin. When she was finally done with her hours at the hospital, she headed over to the gates. Out of nowhere, a mob of fan boys started chasing her, so she pumped some chakra into her feet and ran towards the meeting spot.
‘Oh dear Kami help me!!’ she screamed in her head while running as fast as she could go.
“This is so troublesome, where’s Sakura?” asked Shikamaru.
“I think I know why she late guys”, said Tenten pointing at a giant glob of fan boys ready to pounce on Sakura.
“Well then we better help her”, said Neji getting up, followed by Naruto and Hinata.
Just as she was about to be trampled, Sakura ran behind a big tree and was suddenly pulled up onto a high branch. She panted heavily as she spoke to Hinata.
“Thank –pant- you so –pant- much Hinata –pant- “.
“Your welcome”, replied Hinata smiling. (In my story Hinata stopped stuttering when everyone became closer, due to the whole “Comforting Sakura ‘cause Sasuke left her” incident)
A few moments later they jumped down from the tree onto the ground. Neji was leaning against the tree with a bored look on his face and Naruto was sitting on the ground mumbling curses.
Neji’s head turned and he gave a small smile. “Hey Sakura” he greeted. “Hey Neji, Naruto” She replied. Naruto just grunted in reply. “Hey Neji, what’s up with Naruto?”
She asked.
Neji smirked, “Well, when we came to help you Naruto (of course) jumped right in and got punched square in the face by one of your fan boys so, I took care of them”, he said in his I’m-so-cool- tone. Hinata gasped and ran over to Naruto. Sakura couldn’t help but suppress a soft giggle. She hugged Neji and thanked him, and did the same thing to Naruto.
“So how’s our little celebrity today?” asked Kakashi smirking, when they got to the meeting spot. Before Sakura could reply “Never Again” started playing. Sakura picked her cell up and answered it.
“Hey Tsunade-sensei what’s up?”
“Today’s my day off though!” she wined. Everyone sweat-dropped, their friend could be so childish sometimes.
“Ok, fine. Yes, I’ll tell them, bye!”
Sakura turned, only to see all of her friends lounging around the area. Neji was leaning against a wall, Tenten was lying on the grass talking with Hinata, Naruto was chasing a butterfly, Shikamaru was watching the clouds, Ino was fixing her hair, and Kakashi was happily reading his perverted book. She made a mental note to burn all of Kakashi’s Icha Icha books later.
“Oi guys!! Listen up!” she shouted. Everyone’s head perked up from what they were doing.
“Ok, first of all our mission is cancelled, second Tsunade-sama wants Naruto and me at the hospital and for you all to pick up an injured Nin. In the forest and bring him there” stated Sakura.
Everyone nodded and went out into the forest. Naruto and Sakura sprinted towards the hospital.
At the Hospital
Tsunade spotted Sakura and Naruto and walked over to them.
Tsunade POV
“Sakura go change into your uniform and wait for me to call you and give you the room number for you to go to” I said looking at her.
She smiled and nodded. “Sure Sensei”. Then she walked to her office. Now I turned to Naruto. “Naruto there’s something I need to tell you…” I said. His expression turned to a concerned one. “What’s wrong Tsunade baa-chan?” “It’s about the injured Nin….”
End of POV
Sakura sat in her office chair looking at a picture of her, Sasuke, Naruto and Kakashi.
‘I wonder why Tsunade-sensei chose only me to heal that injured Nin. I mean, I’m on my day off for Kami’s sake!’
‘Yeah, But what if he’s cute?’
‘Hey! Where were you!?’
‘On vacation in Aruba, I’m going back to meet a cute inner in a few minutes, I just came to check up on you’
‘Whatever have a good vacation’
‘Okay! Don’t do anything rash while I’m gone!’ Inner Sakura leaves.
A few minutes go by and Tsunade calls Sakura and tells her the room number.
“Wait! What’s the name of the patient?!” asked Sakura.
“Well, it’s uhh, his name is –“Tsunade was cut off by Naruto shouting forma distance.
“Sakura-chan!! Please come quick he’s gonna kill me!!” Then the phone went dead.
But, before the line was cut off, she could’ve sworn she hear someone yell ‘Dobe’.
TBC(To be continued)……

Chapter 3

But, before the line was cut off, she could’ve sworn she hear someone yell ‘Dobe’.
Sakura was walking down a hall in deep thought. ‘If this injured Nin is on the 700th floor,
he must be pretty important’ She paused
‘Is that why Tsunade-sensei wants me to heal him?’
‘I wonder who he is’
She was now facing door #753 just staring at the handle. She snapped out of her gaze and turned the handle and opened the door.
She sweat-dropped when she saw this scene.
(From left to right)
Ino was yelling at Shikamaru for some random reason, Shikamaru was asleep (how can he stand Ino’s yelling?!), Neji was yelling at Lee, Lee and Tsunade were shouting at Naruto, who was shouting and furiously pointing at a hospital bed with a man in it, Hinata had fainted, Tenten was trying to revive Hinata, and Kakashi was leaning against a wall reading his precious, perverted book.
When everyone in the room realized Sakura was at the door, (which took about 6 or seven seconds) they froze.
“Well?” asked Sakura in annoyance.
“Sakura-Chan we were uhh, well you…see…we were………..discussing what flavor ramen you liked the best!!” Naruto stuttered/blabbed.
“Really? Well, what did you come up with?” inquired Sakura suspiciously.
“Cabbage!?” exclaimed Naruto. (A/N: I don’t even know if that is a flavor!)
Everyone sweat-dropped and Sakura fell over anime style.
“Never mind” said Sakura getting up. (A/N: Put in your ear plugs everyone!)
WARNING: You may become deaf if you do not use something to cover your ears.
Blast off!! Err… I mean go ahead Tsunade.
“Okay everyone, Sakura needs all the peace, space and quiet she needs to heal this injured Nin, so EVERYBODY OUT!!” thundered Tsunade.
Sakura (yet again) sweat-dropped, her sensei must be drunk again.
“Good luck” whispered Neji as he and the others walked out of the room.
Before he walked out Naruto turned to her with a serious face.
“Sakura, if he gives you any trouble at all, just yell for me or one of the others”, he whispered as he pointed towards the hospital bed. I nodded and he went out of the door.
She gazed at the door in thought, until she heard her name called.
“Sakura…” came a muffled voice. A/N: You probably already figured it out who the injured Nin is haven’t you? You know what? I think I’m annoying you so I’ll just shut up now ;-)
“Oh! I’m sorry sir, I’ll heal you in a min—“. Sakura was cut off by shock.
Suddenly painful memories full of hurt, pain, and rejection engulfed her mind as she stared at the b—err… man that had broken her heart long ago. Yes, the man she was looking at was indeed Uchiha Sasuke. (OH the irony!!) Just when Sakura thought he was out of her mind, he came right back in.
Sasuke was also very shocked.
‘Is this the same12yr old Sakura I knew?’
‘Heck no!! She’s way hotter!’ exclaimed Sasuke’s inner.
‘Ye--, wait who are you?!’
‘Your inner you, which by the way is in love with Sakura and her fabulous new body!!’
‘Whoa! Is it me or did she fill out more?!’ outer Sasuke screamed.
‘It looks like she’s a DD what do you think?’
Sasuke mentally slapped himself and his inner self, which is basically himself for being so perverted.
‘Hey! What was that for!?’
‘Well, ‘HN’ to you too!’ his inner shouted before leaving.
While he was having his conversation with his inner Sasuke didn’t realize he was staring right into Sakura’s gorgeous emerald orbs.
For a while neither of them spoke before Sakura broke it. “Sit still while I heal you”, she said looking at the chart to see where he needed healing.
Sasuke snapped out of his gaze at the pink-haired beauty.
“Huh?” “I said, SIT STILL WHILE I HEAL YOU”, she repeated in a threatening/cold tone that made Sasuke wince on the inside and have chills run down his spine.
As she was healing his legs, Sasuke finally got the courage to speak.
“Is your job here at the hospital?” he asked.
She kept her gaze on the glowing green chakra. “Sort of, I come here when I’m not on missions for the ANBU”
Sasuke’s eyes were as wide as saucers. ‘How did she get to be in the ANBU? How strong is she?’ he thought.
Once Sakura was done healing Sasuke, she stood up and gazed down at him.
(A/N: Uh-oh! What’s going to happen?)
Sasuke opened his mouth to speak but was cut off by a hand.
He flinched from the pain on his now ruby-red cheek. Sakura just glared at him.
“That’s for leaving me and betraying the village!” she exclaimed in a cold voice. (A/N: Anger management alert! Anger management alert!)
Sasuke looked up at Sakura. Sakura looked at Sasuke’s endless onyx eyes which had softened and had sadness and regret in them”.
Just. Great.
Now, she felt guilty; she shouldn’t have to feel guilty! She never betrayed her village! She never tried to kill her best friend! (Trying to kill Ino doesn’t count) She never knocked anyone out and left them on a bench, outside on a cold night and left for power!
Her expression softened. “Why did you leave?” she questioned.
Sasuke looked down. “For power in order to kill Itachi” he answered.
“Why did you come back?”
“I defeated Itachi, killed Orocihmaru, and I…” his voice trailed off.
“You what?” asked Sakura urging him to continue.
“I wanted to ell you that….” He sighed he was never good at this sort of thing.
“SPIT. IT. OUT. SASUKE. UCHIHA.” She exclaimed.

Chapter 4
Her expression softened. “Why did you leave?” she questioned.
Sasuke looked down. “For power in order to kill Itachi” he answered.
“Why did you come back?”
“I defeated Itachi, killed Orocihmaru, and I…” his voice trailed off.
“You what?” asked Sakura urging him to continue.
“I wanted to tell you that….” He sighed he was never good at this sort of thing.
“SPIT. IT. OUT. SASUKE. UCHIHA.” She exclaimed.
“I……I love you Sakura!” he exclaimed. Sakura froze. She thought that for an instant her heart had skipped a beat.
“I love you”
‘Is this real? Did he really just say that to me?’ she thought.
She had waited so long to hear these words from Sasuke. She felt a wave of happiness engulf her entire body.
“Sakura?” Sasuke questioned wondering if she was ok.
(A/N: Here’s the good part for all you SakuxSasu fans!!)
Sakura immediately leaned over and pressed her lips against Sasuke’s.
(Kohano haru- Wait, don’t the guys usually have to make the first move?)
(Sam- Uhh, I have no ideal clue)
Sasuke responded to the kiss and wrapped his arms around her waist, as she wrapped her arms around his neck.
Their kiss was no ordinary kiss. It was a true passionate kiss, not full of lust; but of love.
(Sam- sniff sniff it’s so beautiful!!)
When they parted, Sakura moved her mouth to Sasuke’s ear.
“I love you and always will” she whispered.
Both tired from the day’s events fell asleep on the hospital bed in each other’s arms.
But, little did they know that a loud-mouth blonde was doing a victory dance outside the hospital door……
The End……………………Not!!
Jk! It’s not the end, its only the beginning!
A few weeks went by and Tsunade had given Sasuke’s punishment.
He was allowed to stay in Konaha, but he was banned from missions for 3months and wasn’t allowed out of the village. Sasuke had moved in with Sakura until his Manor was repaired and infumagated.
That wasn’t a problem for Sakura b/c she and Ino used to share a house before Ino moved in with Shikamaru.
Sakura was supposed to come home from a mission today. She had been gone for almost two weeks. Sasuke sat on a couch staring at the front door awaiting his girlfriend’s arrival. But, something was wrong. He had been sitting there for 3 hours now.
Right now it was 10:25pm.
‘All she had to do was go to Suna and retrieve a stupid scroll, how long will she keep me waiting?!’ he thought.
Suddenly, the phone rang. Thinking it was Sakura; he jumped up and ran to the phone.
“Sasuke, this is Tsunade; come to the hospital immediately. Sakura’s hurt”
“Hai” he replied and hung up the phone.
-At the Hospital-
Sasuke saw Tsunade at the front desk waiting for him.
“Room 632” she told him. Sasuke nodded and ran towards the stairs.
(A/N: I’m sure your all wondering why Sasuke is taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Well, Sasuke doesn’t have what you call patience; especially if it has to do with Sakura being hurt.)
Sasuke grabbed the door handle and opened the door. The room was dark, and the only light that was coming through a small window.
When he saw Sakura laying on a bed he rushed over to her.
“Sasuke?” whispered Sakura.
“Sakura I’m here now, everything’s gonna be alright” he whispered back.
(A/N: Sorry Sasuke’s to OOC!! But, I mean come on it isn’t called Fan Fiction for nothing right?)
Sakura looked up into Sasuke’s eyes. “I missed you Sasuke” she said.
The only response he gave was a sweet kiss on the lips. Sakura could tell he had missed her too.
Turning serious, Sasuke asked in a firm tone, “Sakura who did this to you?”
Sakura put her head down.
“Ne, Sasuke-kun I don’t think I should tell you” she responded.
“What?! Why?” Sasuke whined.
(A/N: Oh snap! Sasuke whined it’s the end of the world!)
Chuckling softly at her boyfriend’s reaction, Sakura responded.
“Because, if I tell you there are a number of ways you would react” she stated.
Sasuke gently lifted her head up by her chin.
“How so?” he inquired.
“Well, 1) you might go crazy 2) you might end up getting killed if you fight him 3) you might get enraged and run off to Kami-knows-where, leaving me here--“
“Ok, ok, I get it now please tell me who it was” he said a little irritated.
Sakura sighed; she wasn’t in the mood to argue with Sasuke so she gave in.
She mumbled something Sasuke couldn’t hear.
“What did you say?”
“I said, Itachi” answered Sakura with her head down.
Sasuke gritted his teeth while he clenched his fists.

Chapter 5
Sakura sighed; she wasn’t in the mood to argue with Sasuke so she gave in.
She mumbled something Sasuke couldn’t hear.
“What did you say?”
“I said, Itachi” answered Sakura with her head down.
Sasuke gritted his teeth while he clenched his fists.
(A/N: Once again Sasuke is OOC!!)
He lowered his head; his eyes filled with hate, hurt, and a lot of anger.
“Sasuke?” asked Sakura worriedly.
“It’s all my fault”
“If I had gone with you, I would’ve protected you and you wouldn’t be in pain”
Sakura sighed. “Yeah, but then you would be in my place and I’d still be in pain because you
would be hurt”
Sasuke slowly raised his head and gave a small smile.
Sakura tried to sit up but winced from the pain on her back and fell to the floor.
Luckily Sasuke grabbed Sakura before she hit the floor and gently hugged her before putting her back on her bed.
A few seconds later a nurse came in to tell Sasuke to leave so Sakura could rest some more.
He nodded, kissed Sakura on the forehead, and whispered something in her ear.
“Promise?” she asked.
“Promise”, he responded nodding before leaving to go home.
A couple hours went by and for some reason, Sasuke couldn’t sleep at all, so he decided to go for a walk.
(During the same night)
Sakura woke up with an uneasy feeling in the pit of her stomach.
‘Something doesn’t feel right’
‘Cha!! Let’s go check it out!’
‘But, I’m not fully healed yet’
‘But what if Sasuke is in danger!?’
‘He’ll be fine. He’s very strong’
‘But, what if it’s Itachi and he tells Sasuke about our eyes!!’
“Oh crap!!’
And with that Sakura hopped out of bed, changed clothes, and went out of the window to find Sasuke.
Sasuke had ended up at Team 7’s old training grounds.
He sighed remembering all the good times when he was part of Team 7.
Just then, he saw a dark figure perched on a rock.
Sasuke noticed who it was and took out a kunai.
He masked his chakra and snuck up behind the figure and stabbed him with the kunai.
Suddenly the figure turned into a log.
“You really are foolish, little brother”, said a deep voice in the shadows.
Sasuke activated his sharingan (sp?) and clenched his fists.
The owner of the voice chuckled. “You know, it’s so nice to feel hatred from a person”
“And it’s all towards you!” shouted Sasuke throwing a kunai in the direction of the voice.
“I was actually talking about your friend” said Itachi stepping out of the darkness.
“No, guess again”, said Itachi.
“Sakura?” asked Sasuke confused.
Itachi nodded.
“What do you mean?!” asked Sasuke surprised.
“Simply that she has shown more hatred towards me than you have”
(A/N: I know that what I made Itachi say isn’t completely true in the show, but I just wanted to try this out and see how it worked)
“You mean she hasn’t told you?” inquired Itachi smirking.
Sasuke shook his head.
“Well, this may be hard to believe, but she nearly killed me” stated Itachi.
Sasuke’s eyes were as wide as dinner plates.
“How…why? He asked.
Itachi sighed; this would take up a lot of time explaining.
So, for the next half hour Itachi explained the memory Sakura had remembered in the first chapter.
When Itachi ended the explanation Sasuke’s mouth was slightly open and his eyes still very wide.
‘Is she really that strong?’
‘How could she nearly kill my brother?’
‘Is she stronger than me?’
Itachi interrupted the rest of Sasuke’s thoughts charging at him.
40 hou- err I mean minutes later…
Sasuke lay on the ground panting (and slightly paralyzed).
“Pathetic”, said his brother.
He threw kunai at Sasuke. Sasuke braced himself for when the pain from the sharp blades came, but it never did.
All he did was hear the sound of weapons clash and a flash of pink hair.

Chapter 6
Sasuke lay on the ground panting (and slightly paralyzed).
“Pathetic”, said his brother.
He threw kunai at Sasuke. Sasuke braced himself for when the pain from the sharp blades came, but it never did.
All he did was hear the sound of weapons clash and a flash of pink hair.
‘Sakura’, he thought.
“Sakura…get away –cough- this is…-cough- my fight”, said Sasuke.
“No.” responded Sakura in a cold tone.
“What…why?” asked Sasuke.
“-sigh- Sasuke you’ll just have to trust me”
“I’m going to delay long enough for you to perform Chidori so this can end once and for all……unless you want to die” whispered Sakura smirking at the last part.
“Fine” replied Sasuke trying to get up.
Sakura nodded and turned towards Itachi.
“So my cherry blossom, how have your eyes been?” he asked smirking. Luckily, Sasuke didn’t hear Itachi’s question.
“Let’s skip the talk and fight” said Sakura in an annoyed tone.
“Fine with me” stated Itachi still smirking.
Sakura closed her emerald eyes, only to reopen with striking violet eyes; and ran at Itachi.
When she was 11 feet away from her, Sakura jumped into the air, fist ready to make contact with Itachi’s face or gut; whichever hurt him was fine.
Itachi (yet again) smirked. “You know an all on attack won’t work on me, cherry blossom” he stated jumping away from Sakura.
“I know” said Sakura before her fist mad contact with the hard ground while smirking.
Meanwhile, Sasuke had finally gotten off of the ground and focusing all the chakra he had left into his right hand.
Sasuke turned to see a cloud of dust slowly fading.
When the dirt finally cleared Sasuke (yes, THE Uchiha Sasuke) gasped at what he saw.
(A/N: I’m not so good at describing this but, I’ll try)
Ok, Sakura had her left leg kneeling on the ground and her right foot standing firm on the ground. Her right fist was slammed into the Earth (poor Earth), and her left hand was supporting her self on the ground.
About 13ft away, (if you can picture this) Itachi was being crushed/held by a big piece of the ground that was shaped like a fist. (Just imagine a large fist made of dirt came out of the ground caught Itachi and was slowly squeezing him) (I’m sorry I’m so mean to Itachi!!)
“..whoa…” he whispered.
“Sasuke now!!” shouted Sakura.
Snapping out of his gaze, Sasuke took a quick glance at his hand and then charged towards Itachi.
“You did well, foolish little brother”, smirked Itachi.
Sasuke slammed his Chidori onto his brother’s chest.
He screamed.
The great almighty Uchiha Itachi actually screamed in pain.
Before taking his last breath Itachi whispered, “Beware of her eyes” then his eyes closed for the last time. (A/N: -sob- even though he is an S-class criminal –sob- Itachi is one of my favorite characters –sob-) (Itachi- Wow. That was random) (Sam- Shut up!!)
Sasuke fell to his knees, and turned his head towards Sakura.
She was panting as she turned her head and smiled at me.
His breath suddenly hitched.
‘Her…eyes…are…violet……how?’ he thought.
‘Beware of her eyes’
End of Flashback
He blinked.
Now her eyes were emerald again.
Before blacking out, he thought:
‘I need to find out why that happens to her eyes’

Sasuke’s POV
I heard someone call my name before I fell unconscious.
I finally opened my eyes and looked at my surroundings. I was lying on a bed (with my clothes on), and saw a clock. It read 10:27am.
‘Where am I?’ thought Sasuke getting up from the bed.
I noticed that all of my wounds were either covered up by bandages or completely healed. I heard someone humming from another part of well, wherever I am. I smirked. I knew exactly who was humming that relaxing tune.
Suddenly, a delicious aroma filled the air. I walked out of the door and followed the luxurious scent into a kitchen. There, standing in front of the stove, was Sakura cooking one of his favorite breakfasts; an egg omelet covered in tomatoes.
(A/N: Holy crud!! What is up with Sasuke and his fruit?!)
End of Sasuke’s POV
Sakura sensed Sasuke’s presence behind her and smiled.
“Well, good morning sleepy head!!” she said cheerfully.
“Hn” said Sasuke sitting down.
“What happened yesterday?” he asked as Sakura placed his meal in front of him.
She spoke as she sat down with a cup of hot tea.
“Well, for one thing you made me worry my ass off when I saw you were with Itachi…” She smirked a little, “…about to be killed.” Sasuke merely grunted in reply as he at his food and glared at her, but soon enough he returned to his food.
“After you hit him with your Chidori, he was killed and you fell unconscious” she stated.
“I know that part, what I meant were your eyes…why do they turn…violet?” Sasuke stated/asked.
Sakura almost spat out the tea she was drinking. How was she going to explain her eyes?
“Uhh, well y-you see Sas-Sasuke I sort of obt-obtained m-my own pow-power and we-well I-I can’t use it un-unless I’m in a li-life or death si-situation” Sakura stuttered out.
Sasuke had thousands upon thousands of questions in his head.
“What is the name of it and how did you obtain it?” he asked.
Sakura lowered her head.
“I can’t tell you that Sasuke; the only one I can talk to about it is Tsunade-sama” she replied sadly.
“Hn” was all Sasuke said. He would just have to persuade her later. (A/N: Not in a bad or dirty way though!!)
The next day
‘Hn, the sunset should be in a half an hour away’ thought Sasuke as he and Sakura began eating dinner.
After they finished their meal Sasuke asked Sakura if she wanted to go to the park for a walk. She accepted.
It was a very peaceful walk. When they got to one end of the park, Sasuke sat on the grass in front of the sunset and motioned for Sakura to sit next to him. When she sat down she sighed.
“What’s wrong Sakura?” asked Sasuke.
“Oh, it’s nothing Sasuke-kun” replied Sakura with a fake smile.
‘She’s faking that smile’ Sasuke thought.
‘No duh Sherlock!!’ replied his inner.
‘Should I ask her now?’
‘Oi vey, why wasn’t I the outer?’
‘So what?’
‘Should I ask her now?’ asked outer Sasuke annoyed.
‘Did you remember the ring?’ inquired his inner.
‘Uhh……’ Sasuke checked his pocket, he felt a small box.
‘Yep’ he replied.
‘Then ask her already, befor I take over and ask her for you!!’ exclaimed his inner.
‘Ok, ok sheesh’
Sakura’s voice brought Sasuke back to reality.
‘Nice answer genius remarked his inner.
“I asked if you thought the sunset was beautiful” she said.
“Hn” Sasuke replied.
Sakura sweat-dropped. She should’ve known that Sasuke had not gotten rid of his favorite word.
“Sakura?” Sasuke asks.
(A/N: OMFG is he going to do it?? Oh wait, I know what happens…just don’t kill me for it ok?)
Sakura looks up at Sasuke, “Yes Sasuke-kun?”
Sasuke looks into her beautiful eyes and gulps. (OMG! The Great Almighty Sasuke is nervous!! Someone call the media!!)
“Sakura…w-will y-you—“Sasuke was interrupted by Sakura’s phone. (She changed the ringtone)
“Some people search forever
for that one special kiss
Oh, I can't believe it's hapenning to me
some people wait a lifetime
for a moment like this"
(Ironic, ne?)
Sakura picked her phone up and answered it. She excused herself from Sasuke and walked away him; a good 6 or 7 ft.
‘Damn, Damn, Damn!! Why did that happen? Just when I was gonna ask her to—‘ his thoughts were interrupted when Sakura sat next to him with a sad look.
“What’s wrong?” Sasuke asks pushing aside some stray hair out of Sakura’s face behind her ear.
“-sniff- Sasuke, Tsunade-sama called and said I—“, Sakura’s voice trailed off.
Sasuke looked at Sakura with concern and curiosity, silently wanting her to continue.
“She assigned me to a solo A-rank mission that’s going to take a while to complete”
said Sakura softly.
“How long?” asked Sasuke.
“Two years!” Sakura chocked out. She silently gasped when she felt two strong arms wrap around her, pulling her into a loving and comforting embrace.
“I wish I could go with you” Sasuke murmured stroking her hair.
“So do I” Sakura said before burying her head in his chest crying her eyes out.
Sasuke thought that this wasn’t the time to ask her to marry him; he would wait until Sakura came home from her mission.

Chapter 8
The next morning, Sakura and Sasuke along with Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten, Naruto, Hinata, Lee, Kakashi, & Anko made their way to the gates of Konaha.
Just as everyone said good-bye to Sakura, Neji appeared out of a puff of smoke.
“Neji!” Tenten cried, “You were just about to be left behind!” “What?” asked everyone.
“Tsunade-sama wants me to accompany Sakura on her mission” Neji plainly said with no emotion.
“Wait what?!” asked Naruto not fully knowing what Neji had just said.
“Tsunade-sama said she wanted me to go with Sakura on her mission” he repeated.
“Oh, okay I get it know!” exclaimed Naruto. Everyone just sweat-dropped.
In seconds, Sakura (although very sad) turned cheerful and giggled.
“Come on Neji!! Or do you want to get left behind again!!” said Sakura in a teasing voice before sneaking one last glance at Sasuke before turning around and sprinting down the path out of the gates.
Everyone looked at Neji. He had a small tinge of pink on his face and smirked.
“Oh, you are so dead Sakura!!” he yelled back and started running after her.
After a couple of seconds a voice was heard; “Ahh!! Hyuuga Neji don’t you dare throw me in that wa-“
“EEEEP!! Ok that’s it Hyuuga you’re DEAD!!”
No more voices could be heard after that.
‘Awkward’ everyone thought.
Being the idiot we all know and love, Naruto nudged Sasuke in a playful manner; “Don’t worry Sasuke, they only have a brother-sister relationship” he said teasing him.
“Ow!! What was that for Teme?” whined Naruto as Hinata helped him up.
“Hn” replied Sasuke.
Ino suggested that they all go to Ichiraku’s (sp?) for something to eat. Anko and Kakashi declined; they had more important things to do……like go to the bookstore to get Jiraiya’s new Icha Icha book, according to Kakashi.
Tenten walked up to Sasuke and smiled.
“Don’t worry about her Sasuke; Neji won’t let anyone hurt his ‘little sister’ and Naruto’s actually right too” she said.
Sasuke nodded and took his eyes off of the now closing gates that won’t open for a pink-haired Kunoichi for 2 years.
A/N: I thought about ending it here but, it’s TOO SHORT for one chapter!! So uh, here’s the rest of the chapter!! XP XD
2 Years Later
‘She finally coming home today’ an anxious dark-haired man thought, staring at the gates to Konaha.
Around him, were Ino, Shikamaru (who was sleeping), Tsunade, Tenten, Naruto, and Hinata. During the two years, Sasuke and Sakura had missed each other desperately.
Sometimes, during missions Sasuke thought he could sense Sakura’s chakra somewhere nearby; Sakura too, had thought she could sense Sasuke’s chakra a couple times during her mission; though it was very distant.
“Oi! Someone’s approaching the gates!!” yelled a guard to Tsunade. She told them to open the gates. (Someone?! OMG!! Is it Neji? Sakura? Did one of them die!! Well, ur about to find out…)
Everyone’s head turned towards the gates to see who was coming.
When the figure was identified as Neji, Tenten wasted no time running into his arms crying happily. No one else was in sight. Where was Sakura?
Sasuke walked over to Neji and Tenten and looked Neji in the eye.
“Neji, where’s Sakura” he asked.
Neji smirked, “How come you don’t know where she is?” he countered. (Now, some of you might be going ‘huh?’ or WTF?! But, it’s not as confusing as it seems…at least not to me…)
Confused, Sasuke opened his mouth to talk but was stopped by someone tapping his shoulder. He turned around only to meet with sparkling emerald orbs.
He was suddenly embraced by the owner of the emerald orbs. Of course, he returned the embrace. When they let go, Sasuke got a good look at Sakura. She looked as beautiful as ever. Her hair had grown about 4in longer & she got a little taller.
“I missed you so much” Sasuke said as he pulled her in for another hug.
“I missed you too” she replied.
“Hey! Why don’t we go to Ichiraku’s to catch up on things!” exclaimed/shouted Naruto.
A mix of responses was heard:
“Okay Naruto-kun”
“So, how was your mission?” asked Ino as she sipped her drink.
“It was very interesting” replied Sakura giggling. “Wouldn’t you agree Neji?”
Neji’s face went slightly red. “I-I sup-suppose s-so” he stuttered.
“Holy Ramen!! The Great Almighty Hyuuga Neji stuttered it’s the end of the world!!” shouted Naruto sarcastically.
“SHUT.UP.NARUTO.” threatened Neji while crossing his arms across his chest, clearly embarrassed.
“HAHAHAHAHA!!” Everyone turned to see Sakura bursting with laughter; like she couldn’t contain it anymore.
“Sakura, what happened to Neji?” inquired Hinata, clearly interested in why her cousin was so embarrassed.
Before she could speck, Sakura was interrupted by a fuming red-faced Neji.
“About what?” asked Sasuke interested; even Shikamaru was awake from hearing something happening to Neji.
Just then, a squirrel appeared next to the window Neji was sitting next to and Neji screamed like girl when he saw it and hid behind Tenten.
“Well, -giggle- too bad –giggle- Neji!!” said Sakura.
‘Oh, crap’ thought Neji as he tried to sit back in his chair.
“Ok, this is what happened……” began Sakura.

Just then, a squirrel appeared next to the window Neji was sitting next to and Neji screamed like girl when he saw it and hid behind Tenten.
“Well, -giggle- too bad –giggle- Neji!!” said Sakura.
‘Oh, crap’ thought Neji as he tried to sit back in his chair.
“Ok, this is what happened……” began Sakura.
It was a wonderful day. The birds were singing, the sun was shining, all of the little creatures in the forest were just waking up... (Oh screw that let’s see what Sakura and Neji are doing…)
Said ninja were sitting near a river in their camp, eating breakfast. Neji finished eating before Sakura so he began brushing his hair trying to make it less frizzy. (Pretend there is a lot of humidity) (A/N: WOW. That seems too girly for Neji)
“Hey Neji how did you sleep last night?” inquired Sakura as she ate.
Neji looked up from brushing his hair and scowled.
“Three words” He said angrily while clenching his teeth, “I.HATE.SQUIRRELS.”
Sakura giggled. “Well, that’s what you get after taking your frustration out on a tree; which happens to be the home to a few squirrels” she replied.
“A few?!” Neji asked angrily, “There were thousands trying to KILL me in my sleep!!” he screamed.
After Neji cooled down a bit and Sakura stopped herself from having a laughing fit Neji smirked. It wasn’t just an ordinary smirk; it was an evil smirk.
Sakura raised an eyebrow in question.
“Neji, why do you look like Naruto when he makes up this weird revenge plan to get revenge against Sasuke?” she inquired.
“Wait a second guys! I have to use the restroom!” exclaimed Ino.
“Fine but hurry up!” said Sakura. Ino nodded and left.
A few minutes passed by without a word until Sasuke broke it.
“So Naruto, what were some of these plans of yours?” he inquired looking his “friend” straight in the eye.
“Umm w-well I-I uhh, y-you see—“
“Ok I’m back!!” said Ino skipping back towards her seat.
‘Phew!’ thought Naruto.
“Ok, now back to the story!!” said Tenten.
“Alright……” said Sakura beginning again.
Neji pulled out a sack-full of acorns. “I thought I’d teach those stupid fur balls not to mess with a Hyuuga” he said ending with an evil laugh.
Sakura sighed. “Neji, you better put them back before they try to kill you again” she said as she got up and went inside her tent to get something.
He scoffed, ‘Yeah, and Lee has a girlfriend’ he thought sarcastically.
After he thought that he Sakura’s voice from inside her tent: “Neji, Lee DOES have a girlfriend; she’s from Suna”
“Wait, how did you know what I was thinking?” asked a bewildered Neji.
“Because you unconsciously said it out loud while you thought it” stated Sakura.
Before Neji could respond, a huge number of VERY angry squirrels appeared from the bushes and attacked him. He started screaming as the angry creatures were clawing and biting his flesh. (Hence the reason he screamed when he saw the squirrel through the window)
‘AHH! My face!! My flawless Hyuuga face is being destroyed!!’ thought Neji.
Meanwhile in Sakura’s Tent
‘Idiot’ she thought
‘You said it’ replied her inner.
‘HEY!! Where were you?!’
‘I was in Aruba remember?’
‘Oh yeah!’
‘So, did you miss me?’
‘-sigh- Of course I missed you!! I’ve been stuck with Neji for the past 8 months now’
‘AWW! Th- wait Are you two dating?!’
‘WHAT?! NO WAY!! We’re just on a 2 year mission!’ (Sorry Saku/Neji fans)
‘OOHH! Well, from what it sounds like out there I’m guessing he doesn’t like squirrels?’
Sakura listened to a couple of Neji’s shouts from outside her tent.
“STOP BEFORE I GO ALL NINJA ON YOU!!” (A/N: HAHAHA I couldn’t resist putting that in there ;-) )
‘Wow. Who knew a bag of nuts would get such adorable creatures as made as they are now’
‘UHH, I’m no genius but I think that’s our cue to go and save him’
Sakura rushed out of her tent only to stop dead in her tracks and almost laugh herself to death.
In only a few feet away from her was THE Neji Hyuuga; the famous Hyuuga Genius getting beat up buy little forest creatures.
When she quickly recovered, Sakura ran over to t he bag of nuts and pumped some chakra into her hands and threw the bag as far away from them as possible.
A few moments later, the squirrels disappeared, apparently running after their precious nuts; leaving a VERY bruised Neji behind on the ground.
Sakura quickly ran over to Neji to inspect the damage and noticed he had a look of horror written all over his face. His hands were shacking, his eyes were twitching and Neji kept mumbling something about evil little monsters and ways on how to kill them.
When he noticed Sakura healing his body, Neji became more relaxed than he was in these past few minutes. He sighed, and tried to forget what just happened.
“Th- thank y-you Sa- kura…” then everything went black.
End of Flashback
Everyone sat in silence...
For a few moments no one spoke, they all just had a huge grin on their face except Neji. (Yes, even Sasuke)
Then, another squirrel appeared next to the same window and Neji shrieked and hid under the table. As if on cue, everyone started laughing their heads off.
Tenten pulled Neji from under the table and hugged him affectionately.
“Don’t worry Neji-kun, we still love you; no matter what you fear” she said comforting him then giving him a kiss.
Meanwhile, Naruto just gawked at Sasuke in astonishment.
“What are you looking at dobe?” asked an annoyed Sasuke.
He didn’t respond. “Naruto-kun, what’s wrong?” asked Hinata.
“I-he-he laughed! HE actually laughed Hinata-chan!!” exclaimed Naruto.
“So? I can laugh whenever I want to” retorted Sasuke as he and Sakura stood up.
“Where are you two going?” inquired Shikamaru.

He didn’t respond. “Naruto-kun, what’s wrong?” asked Hinata.
“I-he-he laughed! HE actually laughed Hinata-Chan!!” exclaimed Naruto.
“So? I can laugh whenever I want to,” retorted Sasuke as he and Sakura stood up.
“Where are you two going?” inquired Shikamaru.
“We’re going to take a walk in the park and—” “And go see if my Manor has been repaired and infumageted (SP?) ” finished Sasuke.
“Well, Shika-kun and I are going to see a late night movie”, said Ino.
“It’s going to be so troublesome if she picks a chick flick” muttered Shikamaru.
Upon hearing that, everyone laughed. “Well, me and Neji are going to go get some ice-cream, Neji’s treat!! ”, giggled Tenten. Neji seemed to have a look on like he was saying ‘Why me?’
“So, what are you two doing tonight?” asked Sakura to Naruto and Hinata.
“Well, Naruto and I were going to go to a drive-in movie,” responded Hinata. A/N: I really wanted to put that in there!! )
When he heard what Hinata said, Neji gave Naruto a ‘you-better-not-try-anything-on-my-cousin-‘ look. A/N: Don’t worry Neji! They won’t do anything!!…Or will they…hehehe) Naruto gulped and shrunk down in his seat.
Soon, everyone left and Naruto was stuck with the bill again!!
With Sasuke and Sakura
“Whoa, Sasuke I love your home!” exclaimed Sakura looking around a large dining room. “Hn” said Sasuke.
‘Same old Sasuke’ thought Sakura as they walked through a door, which led to a huge living room.
With Ino and Shikamaru
“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!! Shikamaru save me!!” screeched Ino shutting her eyes. “Troublesome” muttered Shikamaru. Ino felt an arm around her shoulders hugging her.
“Don’t worry Ino, it’s only some weirdo in a costume” whispered Shikamaru in Ino’s ear, calming her down. Ino opened her eyes and turned her head. She blushed really hard.
You see, when she turned her head, her and Shikamaru lips met.
With Tenten and Neji
“Whoa! Look Neji a shooting star, make a wish!!” exclaimed Tenten while licking her ice cream.
“Same to you” he replied after nodding. Both of them closed their eyes and made a wish.
Tenten’s Wish: I wish that Neji could open up to me more…like expressing his feelings for me more often.
Neji’s Wish: I wish that she’ll say yes when I ask her tonight…
With Hinata and Naruto
“ Hinata-Chan which movie do you want to see?” asked Naruto driving up to a big screen.
“Well, I’d like to see the new movie ‘Halloween’,” replied Hinata. “ Are you sure Hinata? It’s pretty scary,” asked Naruto. (A/N: I haven’t even seen it so I’m just guessing it’s scary! )
“Yeah, I know you’ll be there to protect me if I get scared Naruto-kun” responded Hinata followed by a kiss on is cheek.
Naruto smiled and turned the car off, and went to get the speakers for the car; “Ok Hinata-Chan” he said.
Back with Sakura and Sasuke
“Your house is so peaceful and calm, I love it!” said Sakura flopping down on a big comfy couch. “ I bet”, said Sasuke sitting next to her and putting her head on his lap.
Sasuke had started a fire in the fireplace and was now staring at it lost in thought while stroking Sakura’s hair.
He was thinking about what life was like before the massacre, and how he would have a family, and his brother wouldn’t have killed anyone if that never happened.
Sakura looked up to see his expressionless face staring at the blazing fire. She gently sat up and shook his shoulders to snap him out of his stare. Sasuke snapped out of his gaze and faced Sakura.
“Sasuke-kun, what was it that you were going to ask me that day that I was told about my mission?” Sakura sweetly asked.
“Oh,” Sasuke’s right hand went inside his pocket and took the small box and held it.
Before he spoke, Sasuke chose his words very carefully.
“Remember when I told you about my main goal in life?”
“You mean to kill your brother and avenge your clan?” Sasuke nodded.
“Well, since I’m finished with that, I can start on my new goal” He stated.
“Wait, do you mean…” Sakura had a confused expression on her face.
Neji and Tenten
“I’ve never seen anything more beautiful,” said Tenten gazing at the stars.
“I have,” muttered Neji.
“What was that?” asked Tenten looking at Neji who was slightly blushing.
“Tenten may I ask you something?”
“Of course you can Neji,” said Tenten smiling.
‘Ok, here goes nothing’ Neji thought.
Ino and Shikamaru
Ino and Shika had decided to take a moonlight walk through the park while walking back to their home.
Shikamaru saw a beautiful rose and picked it and handed it to Ino. She happily took it; knowing that a rose means ‘love’.
“Hey I-Ino?” asked Shikamaru nervously.
“Yeah Shika-kun?”
“Can I ask you something?”
“Sure, what is it?” asked Ino.
Hinata and Naruto
After the scary movie ended, Naruto and Hinata went to the woods and over to a large hill.
“Naruto…Its so beautiful up here!” exclaimed Hinata hugging Naruto. Sam- AWW!)
Naruto smiled and returned her hug. “How did you find this place?” asked Hinata looking at the scenery of their village below them.
“I have my ways,” replied Naruto playfully. They both laughed.
“Um, Hinata do you mind if I ask you a question?” asked Naruto fidgeting with something in his pocket.
“Not at all Naruto-kun…” replied Hinata.
“Sakura…” began Sasuke.
“I-Ino…” stuttered Shikamaru.
“Tenten…” asked Neji still unable to hide his blush.
“Hinata…” Said Naruto biting his lip.

(A/N:TBC 4 real this time!! Sorry 4 having a lot of TBCs!!>.<)

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this is so sweet ^^ I luved it....the second part most be their life together when they are all married, Ne?
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