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^_I love FAIRIES_^

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Arioka Daiki - a simple boy and a the best friend of Yamada.
Yamada Ryosuke - he loves strawberries, bezt of Daiki. they are always competing in terms of foods and studies.
Ayumu Yoshikuni - a friend that makes Momoko safe with her.
Kyomoto Taiga - friend of Daiki and Yamada. He knows all what is happening about them. He believes in fairies.


Maiko - the third one in the family, she is a crybaby and always rely to Hikaru. She is always fighting with her childhood friend Kei.

Momoko - the youngest in the family and she is the nauhtiest girl in the family.

Miharu - second to the family, she is the heir of the throne ruling the fairy land.

Yaotome Hikaru - the eldest in the royal family of fairies. He is strict in terms of his sisters.

Inoo Kei - a fairy, childhood friend of the royal family. Maiko always fights with him.

Jenshent - a little fairy who is always with Momoko whenever she is. She is the guardian appointed by her mother.

Yurina - little fairy also, best friend of Jenshent. She is the naughtiest fairy guardian in the fairyland.

Shintaro - tree elf, he is the closest friend of Momoko.


Risako - bad fairy who always bullies and make Momoko suffers.

Miyabi - she is in love with Kei. Always make a competition with Maiko in terms of duties, love and foods.

Maki - bad girl from the human world that makes Momoko's life in pain. She is the daughter of the director in the school were Yamada and Daiki are in.

"Do u guys believe in fairies?"
"Is der really fairies in this world?"

... There is a fairy land and a human world here...
... It started with a royal family of fairies ruling the fairy land, they are the ones who are living peacefully and happy...
... Just now. there will be more complicated things will happen to fairy land and between human world...

"Do you think fairies and human will live in the same world peacefully and happy?"

,.,.,. Stay tuned for the chapters..^^ .,.,.,.


hope u guys like it..
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Chapter 1

“Momoko!!!” Hikaru was yelling around inside the castle.
“Where did that girl go?” Hikaru whined.

“Prince Hikaru” Yurina whispered.
“Yurina, did you see Momoko?” Hikaru asked.
“I think hime-chan is with Jenshent” Yurina replied.

“Arigato!” Hikaru said and flew away.

“Jenshent, where are you?” Momoko said while finding her.
“BOO!” Jenshent surprised Momoko.

“Hey! Yamero! That’s scary…” Momoko said and sighed.
“Hime-chan, why do you like go here?” Jenshent asked as they are walking.
“Ah… This place is safe and has good scenery. Unlike inside the castle, you need to do all of your duties” Momoko explained.
“And it’s boring…” she added.

“Hime, remember you are not a typical fairy that lives here” Jenshent said.
“You’re a princess here! The youngest daughter of the late queen” she added.

“Yea. I know…” Momoko whined.
“I want something interesting will happen to me” she grinned.

“Hey! Niichan! You sweat a lot!” Maiko commented.
“Yea. Because of your stubborn sister!” Hikaru replied.
“Don’t say its Momoko again?” Miharu smirked.

“But it is” Hikaru sighed.
“Just help me to find her!” he added.
“Not again!” Maiko and Miharu complained.
“JUST DO IT!” Hikaru shouted.

All of them are searching for Momoko and Jenshent. Kei and Yurina help also for the search.

“Hime, maybe they are all worried now… Let’s go back to the castle,” Jenshent suggests.
“Yea! Niichan will be mad again and scold me…” Momoko hurried back to the castle.

As she arrives her Niichan and neechan are not there.

“WHERE ARE THEY?” Momoko asked.
“Maybe they just have business to attend to” Jenshent said.
“WAA.. I’m tired!” Momoko complained and sleep.

Hikaru and the others went back to castle and found Momoko sleeping in her room peacefully.

“What the?” Maiko whined.
“She’s like a hippo” Miharu grinned.
“Yea..” they all agreed and laughed.

They left already and went back to their rooms.

“Kei… Thanks for your help today” Maiko thanked him
“Whoa… Oh crap! Where is Maiko?” Kei exclaimed.
“BAKA! Don’t play pranks!” Maiko shouted and hit his head.

“Anyway, thanks again for today.” Maiko said and smiled.
“JAA!” Maiko shouted and waved her hands towards Kei.

“Yea… I’m happy when I with you.” Kei whispered.


sorry 4 sum wrong grammars..
hehe.. i juz inspired 2 hve fairies.
(weird story) jaja..^^
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
wow nice story!
hehehehe i also have a fanfic in chinen yuuri's club!!
heheh wanna be in my fanfic??
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
wee.. deen22, up to u..^^ aha..!
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surely a good fic... but i don't like hashimoto... gomen!! >.<
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
wee... tnx chika-pyon...^^
hehe.. mybe i wil chnge the name ..
hmm.. chika-pyon. hu do u like instead of hasshi?
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
hmmmm dunno... someone other but not hashimoto... can't stand him..... he dared to sing "hanasanaide ai" which is actually kame's song...... well mayb not his fault...

how old is hashimoto?
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
i guess he is 17+ like takaki and the others.. haha
i dunno much about him also..
hmm... u knw nakayama yuma??
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
don't like Hashimoto either..
but it's the way you write the fic that matters..
Great job then!! ^-^

Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
hehe.. hasshi's name juz poped out in my head
bcoz i dunno wt will i name ...
nee... hsj9392 suggest another name..
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
umh.. Kyomoto Taiga??
Morimoto Shintaro??
it's up to you!! ^-^
Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
yea.. kyomoto~~ haha..
i 4got... wee..
nee... tnx a lot..^^
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Momoko is sleeping peacefully in her room with her guardian Jenshent.
"What is this new world?" Momoko commented.
"Hey... You girl, are you lost?" the boy asked.
"Huh? But who are you?" Momoko thought.

The boy just laughed. "Don't worry, I'm not a scary preson" the boy said.

Momoko and the boy just walking to a park, full of cherry blossoms.

"WHOA! It's beautiful" Momoko giggled.
"You think?" the boy asked.
"Haii... You know, we take care of them" Momoko whispered.
"Huh? Doyumi?" the boy asked in surprised.

"Do you believe in fairies?" Momoko asked suddenly.
"I don't know since I don't see a single one of them" the boy replied.
"Ah... Souka..." Momoko nodded.

"Why did you ask?" the boy asked.
"Nademonai..." Momoko replied.

Suddenly, a big black tornado and many disasters came, there is a big storm coming,

"Ikou!" the boy shouted.
Momoko is confused why is the boy helping her.

"Ikou!" the boy shouted and grabbed Momoko's hand that make her blushs.
"Do you like to die?" the boy scolded her.

Suddenly while running, Momoko saw a common figure that she realize she is not in fairyland but in another world.

"Matte! " Momoko shouted.
the boy stopped and looked at her.

"Nande?" he asked.
"I am not like you!" Momoko whined.
"Huh? Were the same!" the boy shouted.
"Were humans!" he added.
"NO!" Momoko struggle to the boy's hold.

Suddenly a blast of fire came and they separated.

"Hime... What happened?" Jenshent shrugging her,
"Momoko!" Maiko shouted.
"Neechan..." Momoko whispered.

"What happened?" Hikaru asked.
"I have a dream..." Momoko replied and scratched her hair.
"What like?" Miharu asked.
"Bad or Good?" Jenshent asked.

"I dunno..." Momoko whispered.
Momokko started to tell her dream.

"Maybe it's your future." Maiko commented.
"But she said she saw another world compared to us" Miharu added.
"AGh.. I dunno!" both of them said.

What do u think?
sorry if its not good.
wat is the meaning of her dream?

pls commemt..")

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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/23/08
awww nice!!
Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08
tnx chika~pyon.. hehe..
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