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26 / F / Outta Dis World!!
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this is a really good story!! i love fairies!! XD
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118 / F / :]
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and I'm happy that Hashi would be replaced by Taiga!! ^-^
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xur!! haha..^^ u guys r my frens.. hahaa..
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Chapter 3

Chapter 3

The next day at the castle grounds,
Momoko is still troubling about her dream last night.

"Hime, daijoubu desu ka?" Jenshent asked.
"Jenshent, do you think that is my future?" Momoko asked.

Jenshent don't know what to answer.

"Nee.. since fairies can foretell their future and grant wishes" Momoko added.
"Hime-chan, dun say those" Jenshent stopped Momoko on thinking of those.


"Prince, Shintaro is here" Yurina said,
"What can I do for you?" Shintaro said and bowed.
"Nothing.. I just wanna ask you, how is the portal?" Hikaru asked.
"If you like to know, it's ok.. It's with under my care" Shintaro proudly said.

"Good job then," Hikaru smiled.
"Arigato..." Shintaro said and left.

"If the portal is ok.. I must not worrying about Momoko" Hikaru murmured.
"Prince, " Yurina grinned.
"Naze?" Hikaru asked.
"Is Momoko's dream connected to the portal?" Yurina asked.

"Maybe.. That portal is dangerous" Hikaru explained.
"Un.. Un.." Yurina nodded and agreed to what Hikaru said.


Under a tree,

"Hmm... Fresh air..." Maiko mumbled.
"Hey! Baka! What are you doing here?" Kei just suddenly popped out!.

"Hey.. Dun scare me! Or else, I will kill you!" Maiko shouted.
"Dun be serious" Kei said and laughed.
"What are you thinking and went to this place?" Kei asked.
"Ehem.. Am I not allowed to go here?" Maiko glaread at him.
"That's not what I mean," Kei replied.
"I mean, your a princess, and this is outside your castle, Hikaru will be mad again if he knew you went here" Kei explained.

"I know that! And I know what will be the consequence.." Maiko whispered.
"You are really a stupid girl" Kei commented.
"Who is stupid?" Maiko asked.
"Betchuni..." Kei mumbled.

They don't know Miyabi is watching them.

"Maiko, dare to still my Kei? hmm.. I am not scared with you!" Miyabi cursed her.
"You will pay for this!" Miyabi added angrily.

Maiko just shiver when Miyabi said that.

"Doushita no?" Kei asked seriously.
"Wakanai.. I feel there is something evil" Maiko whispered.
"BAKA! maybe your out of sleep!" Kei hit her head.
"ITAI! " Maiko shouted and hit Kei.


"GOAL!" Yamada shouted.
"Pal, you are really good at playing soccer..." Daiki commented.
"Of course! I'm the captain!" Yamada smirked.
"Proud huh?" Daiki grinned.

Yamada saw a tree who seems old and already not take care of and went closer to it.

"POOR YOU..." Yamada whispered.
"Dun worry, I will take care of you.." Yamada smiled at the tree.
"Hey, Ryo-chan, what are you doing?" Daiki asked.
"Ah.. I know... Your being kind again" Daiki added and sighed.

Yamada just smiled and water the tree.

"Ikou! the practice is started again!" Daiki shouted.
"HAII!" Yamada shouted.

Yamada and Daiki don't know that there is a tree elf at that place.

"Hmm.. There is still good people around here" Shintaro smirked.

comments are free.
tnx 4 reading it.
sorry 4 sum wrong grammars

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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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jsbluish07 wrote:

xur!! haha..^^ u guys r my frens.. hahaa..

jane chan! don't forget me!...ahaha.. oh yeah...gomen i just read this now and i found this soo good!...i hope you'll continue this since it's left unread by viewers for about 3 months already!..hehe..i want more!
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24 / F / My new account :3
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=O D=< Ugh ! I hope by now you know that Hasshi is 15 !!! Wah ! That was mean what you said about him ! Boohoo TTOTT Hasshi=LOVE<3 TTOTT
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wow where did you get all these things from ?
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