Favorite Magical Girl anime?
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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/22/08
What is your favorite magical girl anime?
My favorite is Kamichama Karin ,, other then that, I think most magical girl
anime/manga are too childish and cliche for me..so what's your favorite?

I apologize if this is a duplicate,,,you hav my permission to report and delete. Thankyou :-)

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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/23/08
kamichama karin and magical girl lyrical nanoha my avatar is kamichama karin and\ this is magical girl lyrical nanoha you can watch it it on crunchy roll and second season is magical girl lyrical nanoha A's and strikers
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/23/08
Favorite Magical Girl

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