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M / uhmm...not here?
Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/23/08
my is seeing my cousin head get humped by his dog
Posted 12/13/08 , edited 12/14/08
Seeing a dog humpy arm .. and just wanting to every time I moved -_-
Hmm.. two lovers holding hands under there bookbags and teacher though it was something else
A kid getting signed up for sexual harrasment when all he did was ask a girl for her number
Oh and once a kid was slipping all over ice
Ohh..wait I got one more..
I think its the wierdest one I ever seen
This girl's earing fell off and she tries to grab it but it keeps going in the air
She tries capuring it and doesnt notice she is touching a guy and his most private part
And all he says is " Can you stop ? caz this feels wierd " .. and she finall stops
whish I had my camera .. funny how that went
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