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Posted 6/22/08 , edited 6/23/08
Arron Yan (from left), Jiro Wang, Calvin Chan and Wu Chun rode tandem-bike with some lucky fans, play-acted to be romantically touring the riverside.

On June 21st, as spokesmen for healthy activities, the four big boys from Fahrenheit participated in physical challenges under a hot sun in Harbin Park at Dagui. It made sense that as a former fitness instructor, Wu Chun was not fazed by either the tandem-bike racing with fans or rock-climbing. Jiro Wang and Calvin Chan almost became “iron legs” in riding the bicycle. Arron Yan due to his old cruciate ligament injury in his right leg was not suitable to strenuous exercise. Furthermore, he was also suffering from stomach pains at the scene. In the end, he had to rely on help from the fans to reach the finish.

[Fahrenheit] participated in tandem-bike riding and numerous Chinese and international fans chased behind them. Because there were simply too many people, the speed was sometimes fast and sometimes slow. There was even an accident during which some fans crashed into each other. Wu Chun was assigned to do wall-climbing. He put on a safety harness and a red safety helmet which led to Calvin Chan teasing him: [Red hat is at least better than green hat.] It was easy for Wu Chun to do rock-climbing. He even humorously did a trade-marked Spiderman move. He said that because his fitness center in Brunei has rotation-style rock climbing, he had already climbed three times.

Wu Chun’s attempt at rock climbing was totally effortless because he had practice from his own fitness center.

Next month Wu Chun will start prom
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