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let's try to get to know each other...but to be more organized, let's have a format

about yourself:

i'll start:

username: chiyu-mica-chan
hobbies: playing the flute, watching anime, reading books and manga, surfing ther internet, drawing and writing
birthday: january 4
about yourself: i am a friendly person. i love to get along with everyone as much as possible. i'm also frank. sorry then to those whom i have offended. i didn't mean to.
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hobbies:surfing the net, watching anime, chatting, reading manga
birthday:april, 23, 1995
about yourself:i love watching anime and of course i'm an anime lover, sometimes i play franks in my other classmate and sometimes i'm very hyper.
sorry for them
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I'll introduce myself nxt tym
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hobbies:reading manga and other stuffs, watching anime & dramas, singing, playing my guitar and piano, drawing, surfing the net & writing poems
birthday:July 15, 1994
about yourself: Hi! I'm Ritz, you can call me Eli! I love manga and anime so much! I am a friendly person. What I love the most is music and Daa! Daa! Daa!. You can tell when I'm addicted to something because I often talk about it. According to my friends, I'm a "nerd". Well, I don't consider myself one coz, I'm not that smart, hehehe!
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name:jenny <--- real name
hobbies:watch anime, read manga, play volleyball, swimming, surfing the net, still more but don't rem
birthday: jan 22, 1992
about yourself: im very nice and have some meaness but try to control my temper and i love to read lots of manga and watch lots of anime. i like to read vampire knight when it gets to a intresting scene i cant stop reading it and when i like to listen to anime sons like the opening of vampire knight i listen to it a lot and i rem the song. im a hard working student but im also a a lazy person like i dont like to study and i have a long story
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username: 112593
name: Kathlene
hobbies: watching anime, surfing the net, playing piano and drawing
birthday: November 25, 1993
about yourself: I'm a shy and friendly person. I have a long black hair
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