Cold as Iron
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Posted 6/23/08 , edited 6/24/08
“Hyung” Donghae said sounding exhausted “you can go back home. Don’t worry I’m all right. I can handle the rest.”
“Donghae, Heechul and the rest of the Super Junior members, and their managers were all at the wake for Donghae’s father. I t was late at night and everyone was beginning to feel tired.
“Are you sure?” Heechul asked his fellow member.
“Yeah. Im fine,” Donghae responded, “you go home and get some rest. We still have a busy day tomorrow.”
“Yeah. Well I’m going to be going now,” Heechul said.
“Alright. See you tomorrow.” Donghae said as Heechul started out of the building towards his car with his manager.

It was about a 3-hour drive back to Seoul from Mokpo. Heechul and his manager had been on the road for just over 2 hours and there was a large truck in front of them that was going very slow. Since they were on the highway they were able to switch lanes. As they were switching lanes the tire want flat and they lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle slammed into the guardrail. The guardrail did it’s job and sent the car back to the right side of the road away from oncoming traffic. The car tire then seemed to catch on something and started to roll. When the car stopped rolling and finally came to a stop Heechul and his manager lay there motionless.
“Heechul? You all right?” the manager asked.
Heechul didn’t answer.
“HEECHUL!” the manager screamed.
Suddenly there was a loud cough from Heechul that sounded like he had just coughed up water.
“Hyung” Heechul managed to say between coughs.
The manager them pulled himself from the wreck as cars come screeching to a stop. All around people were getting ou of their cars and looks in horror at what they were seeing.
“Heechul, just don’t more” the manager said.
Heechul didn’t want to move. His left leg felt like it was on fire and was separated from his body. His tongue hurt and his mouth kept filling with blood.
“Get his to the hospital immediatley” Heechul heard someone say.
“I must have passed out,” He thought to himself. He heard the sirens blaring and then he felt the vehicle he was in begin to move.
As soon as he reached the hospital he was rushed off to the operating room past his manager who had managed to excape with only a few cuts, past the rest of the Super Junior members who were shocked to see him like this.
He felt someone put a mask over his face and begin to count in a deep voice.
“You sound like Shindong” Heechul thought to the person.
“Hana (1), Tool (2), Set (3), Net (4), Tausut (5), Yausut (6)”
Heechul started to drift off to sleep.

“It’s been 6 hours,” Sungmin said in a worried voice.
“ I hope he’s okay in there,” Siwon said. His eyes were red from crying as were the rest of the members. Suddenly the ‘Surgery in progress’ light went off and Heechul was wheeled out of the operating room past the members. They all began to cry harder then they were before. When the doctor came out of the room Yesung ran over to him.
“Is he okay?” he asked the doctor franticly.
“Calm down. He’s fine. He is sedated. He sustained 5 fractures to his leg. The major ones were at the ankle, knee, and femur. We had to put a rod in his leg to help his leg heal correctly. You all can see him when he wakes up.” The doctor told them.
“Thank you” Eeteuk said.
10 minuets late the doctor came into the room and told the members that Heechul was awake.
“Heechul” Hankyung said as all of the members walked into the room.
“Hey” Heechul said back. His tongue was hurting because he has suffered a tear to it that required stitches.
“Will I still be able to perform?” he asked. He really wanted to know.
“Yeah” Kibum said “but not for right now. You’re going to have to rest for a while.”
“Dang” Heechul sighed under his breath.
He tried to roll over but something seemed to be holding his leg down.
“Don’t try to move” Eunhyuk said “you have a cast on your leg!”
“What? Why?” Heechul asked.
Well you hurt you leg and they had to put a rod in it to help it heal correctly” Kyuhyun answered.
“Now your like Iron Man!” Kangin said with a laugh.
All of the members started to laugh along. Heechul let out a little giggle as a smile came to his face. He had to admit it was sort of funny in that Funny-Kangin way.
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that was funny lol
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