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Karosagi City

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Posted 9/7/08 , edited 9/8/08

tearsanddreams wrote:

Beth looked at him for a moment then smiled "I dont think i could do either" she said then walked next to him home

*steps out onto the street at night and thinks "some1 blood smells good" and smirks*
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27 / F / waiting to see yo...
Posted 9/15/08 , edited 4/28/16
beth walked alone intot he park and sat on a bench staring at the moons reflextion in the water
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25 / M / In the complex wo...
Posted 12/23/08 , edited 4/28/16
Ken casually walks out of the door of his home with his hands in his pocket. He stopped for a moment to look up into the sky. He sighed and then continued to walk down the street.
Posted 1/20/09 , edited 4/28/16
-At Night-
Hiro walked down the road, until he stopped at a tree for him to rest. He thinks to himself "Why am I doing this?.... I'm lost and I have no where to sleep." Hiro started to walk a little more and stopped at the fountain. He yawned and said "I'm tried I need to rest, I'll try to find my way back on the road in the morning" sat on the bench and fell asleep.....
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