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Post Reply Do u think that u r a nErD ??
Posted 10/21/08 , edited 10/22/08
umm I'm not sure if I'm a nerd..I have had nerd moments though...I think..I usually spend my lunches in thee library or reading a book or finishing up last minute homework..I try my hardest too finish all my work in class..I get annoyed when someone tries too copy off my paper..and I usually study for tests or quizzes early too get thee material..and I'm always thee first one too get too class..I can't really distinguish if I'm a nerd or just a loser because I have ZERO friends. ;( but I cope with it..ill be a loner for thee rest of my senior year..I dont really mind..but u guys tell me..nerd..or loser?
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26 / F / Mexico
Posted 11/23/08 , edited 11/24/08
Haha i am not shure if i am a nerd but i love reading, learning new things, listen to classic music, culture but i dont have the best marks on my school and i am bad at sience so i dont kow if im a nerd but if iam i wouldnt mind ... i think there are some cool nerds arround the world !!!
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23 / F / In Florida. [Wish...
Posted 12/9/08 , edited 12/10/08
I really do think so. XD Well, my biffle thinks I am. >< He says I am because
1) I'm super smart. XD
2) I always get A's
3) My HW is always first.

Those facts are true, so I guess I'm a nerd...according to my biffle. XD
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26 / M / Menifee/Temecula, CA
Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
uh i should b but im not
im in mostly all ap classes but i nvr study and procrastinate alot
i got like a 4.3 gpa tho
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26 / F
Posted 12/30/08 , edited 12/30/08
XD~ mee! lols i alwys find myself studying...even when i dnt want too...
im also excited when buying school supplies at the store wahhh~ XDDDDD!
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yes i have change...
Posted 1/5/09 , edited 1/5/09
im not sure if ima nerd..??.. hmm..i study nd revise hard.. is that a nerd?
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118 / Ikebukuro with S...
Posted 2/13/09 , edited 2/14/09
i guess ima nerd cuz everyone calls me that n stuff. but i think its cuz all of them get HORRIBLE grades and i get A's and B's =p NERDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!(especially hot ones *drooling*)
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25 / F / philippines
Posted 2/16/09 , edited 2/16/09
not really..
maybe a bit..

i have high grades in school..
an honor student..
wears glasses..
and everybody in class would always run to me whenever they had
difficulties in their math assignments...( i really hate that..)
they call me the so called "chemist girl"..
i don't know why..
Posted 3/11/09 , edited 3/11/09
I'm definitely a NERD!

Haha, and i'm darn proud of it too~
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F / ,, here in crunch...
Posted 6/2/09 , edited 6/2/09
.,lol xDD..
i dunno me suu well..
i am 50% nerdd..
lol xDD
*fiixes glasses*
i even luffs readiin books and needs to focus on grades and stuff..
but at sometiimes.. i lufffs to just have fun...
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