Cosplay Gathering on LACC
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Posted 6/24/08 , edited 6/24/08
These are the planned cosplaying days from

Thursday July 3rd

11:00am Prince of Tennis (LACC Stairs Site #2)
12:00pm Lucky Star (West Hall Lobby - Downstairs)
01:00pm Inu Yasha (Outside West Hall Flag Area)
04:00pm D.Gray-man (LACC Stairs Site #3)
04:00pm Disgaea/Nippon Ichi (NIS booth #311 South Hall)
04:30pm Resident Evil (LACC Site Stairs #1)
05:00pm Indiana Jones/Star Wars (Outside West Hall)
06:00pm .hack// (LACC Stairs Site #2)

Friday July 4th

09:00am Fruits Basket (LACC Stairs Site #1)
10:00am Rurouni Kenshin (LACC Stairs Site #3)
11:00am Cosplay Chess (West Hall Lobby - Downstairs)
12:00pm Kingdom Hearts (LACC Stairs Site #3)**
01:00pm CLAMP (LACC Stairs Site #2)
01:00pm Code Geass (Outside West Hall)
02:00pm Fire Emblem (LACC Stairs Site #2)
02:00pm Gundam (LACC Stairs Site #2)
02:00pm Tales of Gathering (LACC Stairs Site #3)
03:00pm Air Gear (LACC Stairs Site #2)
03:00pm The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (Outside West Hall)
04:00pm Magical Girls and Boys (LACC Stairs Site #2)
04:30pm Ouran Host High School Club (LACC Stairs Site #3)
05:00pm Capcom vs. SNK (TBD)
05:30pm Hellsing (Outside South Hall)**
06:00pm Katekyo Hitman REBORN! (Outside West Hall Flag Area)
06:00pm Super Smash Bros Brawl (Outside West Hall)
06:30pm Fate/Stay Night & Type-Moon (LACC Stairs Site #2)
07:00pm Evangelion (Outside West Hall)

Saturday July 5th

10:00am Pokemon (Outside West Hall)
10:00am Pokemon Gijinka (Outside West Hall)
10:30am Dead or Alive (LACC Stairs Site #1)
10:30am Final Fantasy Tactics (LACC Stairs Site #2)
11:00am Hollow/Arrancar (LACC Stairs Site #2)
12:00pm Bleach (LACC Stairs Site #2)
12:00pm Touhou Project (Outside West Hall)
12:30pm Trinity Blood (TBD)
01:00pm Yugioh Generations (LACC Stairs Site #2)
01:30pm Phoenix Wright (LACC Stairs Site #3)
02:00pm Naruto (LACC Stairs Site #3)**
02:30pm Vocaloid (LACC Site Stairs #3)
03:00pm Full Metal Alchemist (Outside West Hall)
03:00pm Legend of Zelda (LACC Stairs Site #1)
03:30pm One Piece (LACC Stairs Site #2)
04:00pm Soul Eater (LACC Stairs Site #3)

Sunday July 6th

10:00am Sailormoon (Outside West Hall)
11:00am Dragonball Z & GT (LACC Stairs Site #2)
12:00pm Crossplay (Inside West Hall)
12:00pm Final Fantasy (LACC Stairs Site #3)**
12:00pm Lolita Tea Party (Concourse Hall F Stairs)
01:00pm Avatar (LACC Stairs Site #2)
02:00pm Persona 3 (LACC Stairs Site #2)
03:00pm Beyblade (West Hall)
03:00pm Death Note (Outside West Hall)

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