Battle of the Orders : For the Empire!!
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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/26/08
This is the second roleplay....
1) Since you know that this group have only two clans or called Orders; the Vargicans and the Mortisgrad....
2) Now, anyone who wants to participate in this topic... please introduce yourself and what type you we (the moderators) know where group (order) you are from okey^^..then you should know that these Orders are fighting each other; as archrivals, arch enemies, arch nemesis, ancestral rivals...whatever...
3) If you want to fight or want to battle with other members, please choose the member from the opposite of your group (that means each members of their orders are ALLIES)
4) You can also conquer other properties (but you must inform the chosen person you want to play)
5) Lastly...have FUN!
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