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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08

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Search QuizillaSearch GO ~~Melting Ice Kiseki~~{Toushiro Hitsugaya Story}[Part 8] Hot Springs Resort!
Heres part 8! :3 Sorry it took so long. >_ Created by sayume on Sunday, September 09, 2007
Tagged: love, bleach, hitsugaya, toshiro, toushiro

It was yet again calm.Everything seemed alright.Everything seemed...peaceful.That is...Until...

Yelled a loud angered voice. It was Hitsugaya's voice. Matsumoto had done something wrong yet again,or did she? You woke up after the yell of Hitsugaya's voice.Yawning,you sat up straight from your bed and looked from side to side.
"Huh?..What was--"
Barging in,Was Matsumoto,quickly showing you a ticket.You blinked cluelessly.
"What's that Rangiku-Chan?"
Matsumoto grinned widely,and placed the ticket closer to your face.
You held the ticket in front of you,as Hitsugaya followed Matsumoto from behind,taking a breath or two.
"Oh well,Taichou. It's better then later!"
You read the ticket to yourself,in your mind.
-Ticket Passage;One
Shinigami Hot Springs Vacation!
Great Place for couples or singles to relax!-
While Matsumoto and Hitsugaya were bickering,You looked up at them.They both payed there attention to you,noticing your face expression.The expression in your eyes looked excited.
"Shiro-Chan! Are you really inviting me?!"
Hitsugaya looked up at you,as he turned his head to the side,blushing just a little bit.
"Hmph..Well it WAS Matsumoto's ticket...Since SHE bought it..But..."
Matsumoto smiled and hugged Hitsugaya.The white-haired boy gave off a glare,telling Matsumoto to let go.
"Well I guess all four of us will be going~!!PACK UP MIZUMI-CHAN!"
Requested Matsumoto cheerfully.She hurried out of the room,and went to pack her clothes.Blinking you turned to Hitsugaya.
"Four of us? Who's the other?"
Hitsugaya looked at the door enterance,as a red haired,pineapple headed man came through the door.
"OI." He yelled. You froze still, your eyes shocked.
"A-Abari-kun!?Why are you coming?Is it because your tired?"
"Well,yeah..cuz i've been working too hard now and then...NO IDIOT!FOR ME IT'S A MISSION."
"A mission?"
You tilted your head to the side.
"Case?" Hitsugaya then decided to chammer in.
"There were rumors that when people bathe in the hot springs within the Hot Springs Resort, they seem to have all there reiatsu sucked from there bodies, and there personalities become completely changed...Well..So i've heard.I do not know if it's completely true though.I haven't talked to a witness."
Your eyes glimmered as if you were even more excited.
"WOW! REALLY!? This is just like those case's that include a amazing detective!! Shiro-Chan,You'll be...Near! And I shall be L.!"
Matsumoto peaked her head from the enterence.
"Eh?Death Note? I've watched that in human world before! It's amazing! But it's terrible how they think we shinigami look!"
As you and Matsumoto chit-chatted about Death Note,Hitsugaya turned to Renji.
"I warn you Abarai-San. This may be hard...We don't even know if this is true or not."
"Either way,At least we get to relax,Eh?"
Hitsugaya glared slightly.
"Now You--" Matsumoto then threw her arms over Hitsugaya,huging him tightly.
"Nehh Taichou lets go!!!"
Hitsugaya brushed Matsumoto's arms off him,and walked torward the enterence,Renji following behind.
An Hour Later..
Matsumoto yelled loudly.
"OI.SHUT UP. We need to assort our calculations nicely."
"Eh? Well Fine! Me and Mizumi-San will go ahead of you!"
And thus,You and Matsumoto went off.
o_O;. . . Wah?
Walking with Matsumoto to the Hot Springs, you began to wonder when Hisugaya and Abarai will come with you two.
"Don't Worry Mizumi-Chan,Taichou is always late when it comes to hot spring stuff."
You stopped where you stood and looked at Matsumoto. Matsumoto, turned at you,and smiled,as you smiled in return,then,without a thought you walked with Matsumoto.


"I-i would..if these stuff weren't ..AS HEAVY AS EVER."
Sighing,the infuriated taichou grabbed two of the 4 suitcases.
"Abarai-San." Hitsugaya said while walking.
"What do you...Think of Mizumi?" Shocked to hear this,Renji stopped where he stood.
"Uh..Why Hitsugaya-Taichou?"
"Just..Answer it."
"Uhh Well I think of her as a kind person.Maybe pretty idioticly hyper and crazy,But I guess that shows how lively she is.I don't even know much but I could tell that just from looking at her."
Hitsugaya stopped,shocked to hear Renji's answer.He shook his head,as if shaking the thought out of his head.
"Hmph." He scoffed.
After a while,Hitsugaya and Renji finally made it to the Hot Springs.
Hitsugaya walked up to you, crossing his arms and sighed.
"This is so pointless." Matsutmoto quickly patted Hitsugaya's back hard.
"Nehh~ Taichou You know it's not pointless!!"
Slapping Matsumoto's hand away from his back,he turned to the counter.
"Alright,Hurry up and pay." Matsumoto handed the lady and the counter about 10,000 yen. [100 Dollars.]
"Alright Taichou,Me and Mizumi-Chan go this way! And you two go that way!That is..Unless you wanna bathe with us." Matsumoto said,snickering.Hitsugaya rolled his eyes,and went off,while Renji watched as the aggrivated Taichou walked off.You stood there,giggling a bit,But suddanly Matsumoto pushed you into the girls side,and smiled.
"You should go over to the girl's Hot Spring's side,Mizumi-Chan.I'll be there in a sec!"
"Uhm,But Rangiku-San..."
"No worries! Go on!" You nodded a bit and walked torwards the hot spring.
You layed back in the water,with nothing but a towel. Was it comfortable! You loved the hotspring so much,infact,this is probably the first time you ever been in one.Sighing, you closed your eyes relaxed-Like.

Hitsugaya sat in the hotspring,relaxed and calm.As Renji was probably yelling at a frog for jumping on his head.
"Shut up..Abarai." Renji sweatdropped, and turned to Hitsugaya.
"What about all the hollow's in the living world?weren't WE suppose to care for that?"
"Hm. The others in the Soul Society wouldn't be stupid enough to ignore the holl--"
Suddanly,a loud howling roar was heard from nearby.
"..." Hitsugaya paused,with an aggrivated look.
"Oi..Hitsugaya-Taichou..I think the Soul Society is stupid.."
--Your side--
Both you and Matsumoto heard the growl also.Matsumoto stood up from the hotspring with her towel on,but you were too shy to stand up with just a towel.
"Err--Uhm..I'll get the clothe--"
The wooden wall blocking the girls side and the guys side was crushed.
Hitsugaya and Renji saw both you and Matsumoto.Your face became completely red,as you shrieked.
"AHHH PERVERTS!!!!" You dunked your head underwater as Hitsugaya and Renji blushed.
"O-Oi! Sorry Mizumi-San!" Yelled Renji. Hitsugaya stayed quiet. As the hollow came closer,Renji jumped up,as his zanpakuto appeared before his hands.
"ROAR.ZABIMARU!" The blade had extended,cutting the hollow into two pieces,and destroying it.Jumping down from the air,Renji's zanpakuto disappeared from his hands...As did something else appear from his body...
Hitsugaya looked very disturb,so he looked away.Matsumoto began to burst into laughter,as you looked away also.Renji tilted his head to the side,wondering what was so funny,and before he said anything,Matsumoto yelled out.
Renji's face completely reddened. His towel had fallen off.What an idiot. He ran back to the guys side to change,as Hitsugaya sighed.
"I'm not going back in until he's done dressing up..." He mumbled.Matsumoto giggled,and said,
"I think i'll go dress up also."
She walked into the girls side,leaving you and Hitsugaya alone.You felt nervous,but you had to think of a subject...and fast.
Hitsugaya stood there,his face so clueless,and even more disturbed.
"...What?" He asked.You sweatdropped and sighed. "There goes my subject.." He shruged,and waited.
"What's taking them so long.." He thought.You and Hitsugaya were quiet...too quiet.
"Alright,what's wrong?Am I that disgusting?" You asked,feeling a bit hurt.He looked at you,shocked at what you said.You looked down,knowing it was true.
"..No..Don't ever say that." Hitsugaya said,staring at you.You were shocked.
"Mizumi,your never disgusting...I can never ever find you dispising..Your nothing like those things.."
Your eyes widened,and your cheeks reddened a bit.
"O-oh.." You murmured.He began to walk up to you[With his towel on..of course.xD] And stared at you,with his emerald eyes.
"...Mizumi..Do you love me?"
You looked at him,shocked.Your face couldn't get any redder!
"I...I..." You stuttered.
"I..I love you...Shirou-Chan." You couldn't believe you had said that,Really.He placed his hand on your cheek.His hand felt ice,but you liked the cold. He looked at you in the eyes once again,and mumbled,
"I love you also..Mizumi."


Next time,On ~~Melting Ice Kiseki~~!
You and Hitsugaya have finally gotten alot closer!Possibly couple wise! :3 But what about that case dealing with the reiatsu loss?And What's this? Someone's trying to get Hitsugaya to destroy his feelings for you! What are they up to!? Find out next time in...
~~Melting Ice Kiseki~~{Toushiro Hitsugaya Story}[Part 9] The Mysterious Case; Espada and Arracar!

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29 / F / my dreams
Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08
i loved it ^o^
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25 / M / Heaven~!!
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
haha me too xD
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