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Posted 6/25/08 , edited 6/25/08
this is the background of the army its self any one who wishes to contribute to the story may post they're addition in this forum

It is not known how this world came to be the gods claim they made it and we demons say it was us. At first

we lived together with the other races peacefully but an argument arose as to how would be the leader of the

collective each species had its own representative and would except no one else therefor all the races went

they're separate ways and picked they're own leader we picked a very powerful demon named Satan who was

rumored to be more powerful then every god put together. Things where good under Satan's rule until war

broke out with the gods it was a war that threatened to consume every thing in the world. We allied with the

orcs, goblins, trolls, etc and the gods allied with the angles, humans, elves, etc. In the end both sides

suffered saver losses and no clear winner. Centuries later Satan was killed by his son (me) who is half angel

and half demon the races that disliked us because of the previous war saw this as an opportunity to take

revenge on us witch led to another war witch ended with me defeating and being defeated by 3 humans each

using a 1001 Nights one of witch is in my position. After my wounds from that battle healed I regained my

position as Demon King.

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