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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
*spirals through the crowd and gets into the Pharoah's chamber* there he is.... HAH!
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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
*tries to slash but is punched away* Ugh..... *recovers and dives in for another slash* HYAA!!! *is stabbed*
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M / Who honestly care...
Posted 7/7/08 , edited 7/7/08
this.. isn't... working... Blood! -yeah, now- *throws Blood into the Pharoah's head and jumps, pushing him through* Hyaa!!! *the Pharoah is killed and the magic used on the Mummies fades* ahh... It's all finished...
Mission Complete
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23 / M / Ok....... uhm one...
Posted 7/9/08 , edited 7/9/08
Mission #2

Dark and Tsuki here

There he is dining on humans souls and there is 30 minions around them ......... there is certain to be more

Dark : Damn with my weapon i can't reach him................. i guess this is the only way
* Jumps on to table *

* Al Capone and his 30 minions are shocked and staring at me *

* silence........................... *

Dark : Ahh forget this Tsuki ken mode
Tsuki : Roger
* Tsuki turns into a sword *

* Dark catches and charges energy *

* Starts slicing and takes out 8 minions and then takes 2 more out with a few punches but starts getting tired *

* Gets shot on the head well actually hit *

* The other 68 minions hearing the noise come in *
Dark : Damn lets end this
* Charges straight towards Al Capone *
* Slices him up and he turns into a kishin soul *

* Quickly runs off *

Mission Complete, I Pwned Al Capone

Dark : Hahahaha
Tsuki : Uhhh Dark i think u should go to the hospital
* Blood starts squirting out of Dark's head *
Tsuki and Dark -together- : Uh oh
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27 / M / JAcksonville FL
Posted 7/15/08 , edited 7/16/08
Mission #2
"Pwn Al Capone"

huuum theres alot of them AL

flies over head then land out of sight

Al summon cthugha AN INTHQUA

sky goes dark then 2 guns falll out......damn they notice us

u see al ..when u try to be all fancy

jumps out the way an fire Ithqua 6 times an Cthgha 6 time with regular bullets.. 12 minions gone


Cthgha an ithqua combine

all over a sudden

Al Capone" jumps out of no where...same name as u al

me an Al Capone" goes into battle

then al of a sudden he stuble bac a a quick stab to finish him off

mission complete..let go Al
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26 / M / United States of...
Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/27/08
Mission #2
"Pwn Al Capone"

from what jack the ripper told me Al Capone hired the hit on my mom and dad. this must have been because my dad refused to let him take anymore good souls. "wait jin" ashura said,"we should get ready before hand"
"your right" i said,ASHURA sword form!!!!! "you don have to yell im right next to u"Ashura said"."just turn in to ur sword form" i said

ok let go

man there are a lot here

well lets let them know where here

i have come for Al Capone

"you wont get past this point" they tell me.i wast going to spend no more time talking.

i rush through the crowd of minions
killed 3

they start to shot at me. i jump in the air and attack
kill 5 more

"there are to many we will never kill all of them like this"Ashura said.I "Don't care" i said, "I'll have Al Capone's head even if it kills me"."OK how about i us my attack"he said, "DANCE OF GALE"he takes back on his human form and slices through the rushing crowed
he killed all but one.he turn back to his human form and comes back to my hand.

i go to kill the last one and he tells me to wait.he said "y-y-you your looking for Al Capone,the big boss isn't here"in his trembling voice.i ask him "where is he" in an angry tone. he tells me "h-h-he went to g-go get the witch Angela's soul"

after he tells me this i quickly cut of his head and rush to the witches home."Jin" said Ashura,"we can't let him get that witch soul or hell turn into a kishin!!"."i know" i told Ashura.
as we run near the witches house me and Ashura find are selves shocked "how, who could have....."
we look and see a man with a sword sitting on the stairs

"did u do all this!!!". "Who wants to know" he said."me Jin of Shibusen "i replied."Jin huh,im Mifune the guardian of the Witch Angela, tell me ur business here, but remember if i dont like it u die. I tell him that"im here for the soul of Al Capone". he said "that weakling his soul is over there". angry and shocked i take his soul and leave."ur not going to take ur revenge Jin" Ashura said. "right now the mission is to get the 99 souls"
is what i tell him but the truth is..... im still to weak to take on such a strong soul
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26 / M / United States of...
Posted 10/25/08 , edited 10/27/08
Mission #3
"I Want My Mummy"
from what i read this should be the place
wow look at the symmetry."do we really have time for u to waist on the symmetry this building has"Ashura."yea ur right the faster we do this mission the faster we can go back to Shibusen.

i enter the temple. wow there are a lot

"i'll take care of this" ashura said,"DANCE OF GALE!!!"

"wow that cleared the hole path for us, i guess all that is left is to go into the lions din huh"i said."i guess so"Ashura said,"but be careful". "since when am i"."looks like we made it"Ashura said

"come out pharaoh" i said
"who dares disturb my nape" he commanded

i do

"damn ur a big one and ugly to. is that a candy cane in your mouth O_o."i said

"i guess ill start"i said. i leaped in the air

but as i came down i left an opening for him to hit me

he pushed me but i wouldn't give up."Ashura us dragon" i said

he stretches out and i sliced right through The Pharaoh
" yea i defeated the Pharaoh". XD

looks at the pyramid
O_o."oh man Shingami is going to have are head for sure".

Mission complete
Posted 12/12/08 , edited 12/13/08
Mission #3
"I Want My Mummy"
*Stands infront of entrance*
Me:Kogarashi transform
*Transforms into weapon form:*
Me:Hagane stay alert and behind me,and tell me when we get visitors.
*Walks in*
*Walks down dark hallway*
*I look at Kogarashi*
me:What is it?
Kogarashi:Well its just that i thought this temple would look more you know like the ones in the movies
Hagane:You shouldn't Always believe what you see.
Kogarashi:I know but everything in movies looks SOOOO realistic,and Cool!^^
Hagane:Cheh...its called special effects its fake.
Kogarashi:Awww well who cares,its still pretty cool^^
*Hagane senses something*
Hagane:We have company

*I go into my stance*
*20 mummies appear*
Kogarashi:You betcha!^^
*Charges at mummies,and slashes at them*
*takes out 10,then ten more appear*
Hagane:hmph...well this is gonna be fun
*Hagane eats the souls of the 10 me and Kogarashi just defeated,then goes beside me*
*Kogarashi transforms back into his human form,and then Hagane quickly changes into his weapon form*
*a mummy tries to hit Kogarashi,but he dodges all its attacks with ease*
Me:Lets do Fire Blade
Me and Hagane:Soul Resonance!
Me and Hagane:Fire Blade!
*Starts slashing and burning mummies,takes out 20*
*All mumies in hallway are defeated*
*Hagane transforms and starts eating 12 of the souls,and Kogarashi eats 8.Has defeated 30 mumies*.
Hagane:Never knew evil souls could actually taste good
Kogarashi:WellI don't feel comfortable eating souls but your kinds right^^Hey why are we doing this agan?
Me:to make some money so we can eat.
Kogarashi:I know but i mean eat the souls part.
Hagane:I do it to get stronger,so i can fight the enemies of my country back home.
Me:Also even though we are not planning to be Death Scythes we need to be strong to fight against any opponents...thats why we do this Kogarashi.
*continues down hallway and is near the pharoah's room then suddenly 20 more mummies come at us*
Me:both of you transform
*Both Hagane and Kogarashi transform into there weapon forms.I hold Kogarashi on my right and hagane on my left.*
Kogarashi and me:Soul Resonance!
*wind starts whirling around us*
Me:Wind Slash!
*I Slash the air with Kogarashi and a blade made of wind shoots toward the mummies and slashes 14 of them in half*
*Then i attack the other 6 with both weapons and take them all down*
*Kogarashi and Hagane eat the Soul eggs 10 each*
Me:We have defeated 50 enemies
Kogarashi:Wow thats alot^^
Hagane:ha i can beat more than that
*Walks into the pharoah's room,and sees his huge coffin*
Kogarashi:*Whistles*Wow Faaaaaaaannnnncyyy^^
Hagane:Stay on your guard I sense something very dangerous
*Pharoahs bandages come out and come at us.Hagane picks me up and jumps into the air dodging on eof them while Kogarashi jumps and dodges all over the place*
Kogarashi:Ha Ha can't catch me^^
*Suddenly one of the bandages gets Kogarashi's foot and hangs him upside down*
Hagane:Idiot don't get too cocky!
*Hagane Transforms*
*I run and cut Kogarashi down with Hagane*
Kogarashi:Thank you Christine,and Hagany^^
Hagane:DON'T Call Me That!
*pharoah comes out of his caskette*
Pharoah:Feel my wrath!
*Kogarashi closes eyes and suddenly wind starts blowing and lifts him into the air*
*Pharoah attacks him with multiple bandages,but Kogarashi doges easily*
Me and Hagane:Soul Resonance!Dragon Twister!

*Attacks pharoah*
*Kogarshi then transforms and falls into my hands*
Me and Kogarashi:Soul Resonance!Light Barrier!

*Barrier protects us from dragon twister*
*The pharoah is defeated*
*Both transform back into human forms and Hagane eats the Pharoah's soul egg*
Me:Mission compltet lets go.Good job boys.
Kogarashi:YAY WhooHoo!
*All of us Leave temple*
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28 / M / Brooklyn
Posted 2/3/09 , edited 2/4/09
kill Al Capone...

[Haze and busujima enter Al capone house at 8:20pm unto the rooftop]
Haze: we don't want to attract to much attention...
busujima: Hai Haze-dono
[Haze and busujima are on the rooftop]

Haze: hmp... its there dinner time eh...
busujima:Haze-dono lets save him!
Haze:*remains slient*...ok...
[busujima transform into weapon mode]
busujima:Lets go!

[haze jump down and kills the minion]

Citizen: thank you!
busujima: quickly get out of here
Citizen: thank you so much
[citizen runs out of the house]
Minion#1-5: this way i heard somthing
[Haze jump up to the ceiling and bends into the dark]
[while they are doing that haze sneak up to al capo]
[haze jump down to attack al capo]
Al capo: hahaha welcome to my trap!
Haze:Tsh! there no choice..

Al capo:!! noo i don't want to die!!! SAVE ME!!!!
[haze walks to al capo slowly]
Haze: you time has come...
Al capo: nooo!! wait.. wait!! i give you money as much as you want!!
Haze: it time for you to repay for your sins...

busujima: Haze-dono...i sor-
Haze:..Lets go back..
busujima:..*smiles* Hai lets go!

Mission complete....
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