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25 / F / In the sunflower...
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
Introduce urself here ^^ So people will know you better * = must o-o


You can add more if u like~

Name: Fiini-chan
Age: 14
DOB: June 27
Likes: Donuts, anime, Peoplez
Dislikes: Bulliehs D:
Hobbies: Baking, Playing piano x3
Posted 6/26/08 , edited 6/26/08
DOB:November 23
Dislikes:Fakers bullies hackers copiers
Hobbies:cooking tennis clarinetx3
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F / Neverland
Posted 6/28/08 , edited 6/29/08
Real Name: Denise
Online Name: Nikiri
Age: 15
DOB: October 7
Likes: graphic design, food, bishounens, shoujo manga, photography
Dislikes: copycats and rude people
Hobbies: watching TV shows, surfing the internet, exchanging text messages with peers, hanging out with peers, listening to music


me ish random.
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
Name: Ana
Age: 18
DOB: 19 dec.
Likes: everything that makes me happy xP
Dislikes: school, work's, fake ppl nd liers (...)
Hobbies:- draw, joggin , photoshoping

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26 / F / little dot on the...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08
Name: Yvonne
Age: 15.5 ( havent pass birthday yet ^^ )
DOB: 27 Nov.
Likes: Animes , mangas ..candies.. alot ! XD
Dislikes: copycats o-o
Hobbies: designing pics! ;watching anime;reading mangas.. etc.. alot more XD
Posted 10/27/08 , edited 10/27/08
Name: Zoe
Age: 15
DOB: June 28
Likes: photoshop, photography, manga, anime, music, drama
Dislikes: bugs, stage frights, betrayal
Hobbies: play piano, photoshoping
Posted 11/16/08 , edited 11/16/08
Age: 14.5(almst b-day)
DOB: November 23
Likes:gimp,cookieO.O, manga, anime, music,
Dislikes: bugs, copiers, betrayal
Hobbies: play clarinet, gimping photosXD
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F / Under your bed
Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08
why is there so little posts? o.0''

*Name: renkin, ren for short
DOB: june 12~~
Likes: manga!!!
Dislikes: bananas
Hobbies: drawing, avii making, stuff....
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