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Posted 1/9/08 , edited 1/10/08
Tsubasa OVA ep 1 - 11/16/07
Tsubasa OVA ep 2 -1/17/08
Tsubasa OVA ep 3 - 3/17/08
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Posted 1/11/08 , edited 1/11/08
Arhhhh !!!
i hope can hv the tsubasa season 3 ...
OVA also not bad ...
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Posted 1/13/08 , edited 1/13/08
less than a week and we can see OVA #2.. im pretty excited! =D
Posted 1/19/08 , edited 1/19/08

DarkFMA wrote:

For those who are wonder why there is no third season here is one of the reasons. Hopes this helps out.

There are a number of reasons why the television anime was discontinued, but this is the main reasons. For one thing, CLAMP admitted to not being pleased with the anime adaption of their series and broke their contract with Bee Train, the company that animated it. The series could have been liscensed by another company, and ultimately it was, however, it was not allowed to be shown on television. The main reason behind the discontinuation of the anime was actually not Bee Train, it was the NHK. The NHK is the television station that Tsubasa airs on in Japan. The NHK has had the rights to Syaoran and Sakura since the days when Cardcaptor Sakura aired on the same station. The NHK is more or less Japan's version of PBS. It's a family station, aimed at very young children. The anime of Tsubasa is aimed at 3 to 4 year olds. The manga is aimed at young adults/adults. The later half of the manga becomes incredibly violent, to the point where the NHK would not allow the arcs in question to be aired on tv without being censored, and CLAMP didn't want it to be censored. On the flip side, the NHK would not give up the rights to the show. So it was a lose-lose situation, and the series was cancelled.

Thnx for the info but i really disappointed tht ther isnt goin to be a third season

But lets hope ther is either a third season out on DVD or ther is more OVAs cums out. all we can do is hope
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Posted 2/2/08 , edited 2/2/08
cannot wait for the OVA ep 3..
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Posted 3/15/08 , edited 3/15/08
Darn i dont think there is a 3 season the manga stop at chapter 183 ....... MAN But i still hope there will be 3 season
Posted 5/3/08 , edited 5/3/08
yeah it's rather disappointing...
i can't imagine that it got violent on the latter part, considering how it looks form the first season...i haven't watch the second one yet, so i'm finding it...and the manga, i just check a few pages...
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Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08

kineheart wrote:

so there is a second season? cause i am having trouble finding it... please help me find the second season. message me please.

I can help you.
Go here. they have a bunch of list of anime
Tsubasa Chronicle season 2 is there also.
I hope your happy. lol
^// n //^

oh. just to let you know that some doesn't work...some anime are removed
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Posted 10/24/08 , edited 10/24/08
manga is pretty awesome, really good stuff being revealed. xDDD
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