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In a tree hut Tobi asks to speak with Kisame. Kisame is surprised to see Tobi still alive and the other man apologizes for revealing this to him last. Tobi removes his mask and Kisame is surprised. He offers that knowing the Mizukage, or rather Madara, is running things is a big relief. In Konoha Naruto relaxes on his bed. He's awakened by Kakashi who says the Hokage wants to see him.

Naruto heads to the Hokage building and sees Gamabunta and Gamakichi outside. He asks why they're here but Gamabunta says Tsunade will explain. Inside stand Sakura, Sai, several toads, Pa toad and the key scroll toad. Pa toad offers that this is the apprentice? Tsunade says yes, the probable child of prophecy he mentioned before. Naruto asks what's up. Tsunade explains that the toad before him is Fukasaku, one of the two great sages toads. Fukasaku offers that this is indeed little Jiraiya's apprentice.

Naruto is annoyed and asks where he gets off treating pervy-sage like a kid. Tsunade tells him to watch his language and Shizune offers that the toad taught Jiraiya. Naruto is surprised and Fukasaku laughs at Naruto's name for Jiraiya. Naruto asks what he wants and the toad offers that he might as well just get it out. He states that the young 'un Jiraiya died in battle. Naruto stands quiet and asks what he means.

Elsewhere Hawk, Madara and Kisame talk. Madara asks how Sasuke plans to destroy Konoha. Sasuke says his beef is only with the Konoha elders. Kisame offers that it won't be easy to get close to them, as Hawk isn't powerful enough. Suigetsu says they shouldn't be underestimated, and if they had finished their game earlier... Juugo tells him to cool it, but in an instant Suigetsu is lunging towards Kisame.

Before he can reach him, Madara blocks the sword with just his arm. Madara chastises Sasuke for not instilling discipline in his group. Suigetsu is freaked by Madara's strength and offers that he only joined Sasuke to get to Kisame. Sasuke tells the young man that he can't beat Kisame yet. Kisame offers a wry smile at the "yet". Suigetsu relents and Madara says Akatsuki isn't powerful enough either.

He says they should proceed together. Sasuke asks why, so Madara offers him a Bijuu. Sasuke asks why that matters and Madara explains that they're chakra monsters. Shodai Hokage controlled several, and shared them with other countries as a way to broker peace. Sasuke says that's generous, but Madara offers that any betrayal will result in their death. Kisame states that two bijuu remain and Madara says they'll split to go after both. Sasuke asks if that means they haven't caught the Kyuubi yet. Madara says yes, they'll get Naruto while Hawk will get the other. A short time later, Madara goes to speak with Zetsu.

He offers that with Itachi now dead, he can go after Konoha. Zetsu tells Madara that he waited a long time. The other replies that everything is proceeding as planned, even if Itachi feared Sasuke would join his side. Zetsu states he never thought so many Akatsuki would die. Madara says they joined knowing there could be problems, and without them they wouldn't have gotten this far. Things went according to plan, and most importantly, Sasuke is now at his side...

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