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Fukasaku explains how after Pain crushed Jiraiya's throat, the Sannin wrote the code on his back. Naruto asks if Tsunade sent Jiraiya. She says yes and Naruto demands to know how she could send him alone. Kakashi asks him to stop and reminds him to think of how Tsunade feels.

Tsunade remembers Jiraiya stating he would give his life to set an example for the younger generation. Naruto storms off and says if Jiraiya had been the Fifth Hokage instead, this wouldn't have happened. Sakura chides him but Tsunade says to let him go. Kakashi apologizes to the toad sage but the elder says he’ll speak with Naruto later. He understands how important Jiraiya was to the boy, and hopes Naruto is the prophesized child after all. Naruto thinks back over the time he spent with Jiraiya and walks to his apartment.

Iruka stops him and asks if he wants some ramen. Naruto declines and returns to his apartment unable to eat. Naruto leaves and stops at a shop to buy a popsicle. As it melts uneaten in his hands, the tears begin to fall from his emotionless face. Iruka arrives and Naruto wipes away his tears. Iruka says he heard what happened. Naruto explains how he wanted Jiraiya to see him become Hokage, but in the end all Jiraiya ever saw was him being an idiot. Iruka says that wasn't the case.

Jiraiya spoke highly of him, like a grandson. He knew he would become a great Hokage one day. Jiraiya watched him and still does even now. He explains that Jiraiya wouldn't praise him just to cheer him up, so just be the normal Naruto. Iruka takes the popsicle and breaks it in two. After all, he's still the great apprentice of one of the Legendary Sannin. Naruto smiles, takes the popsicle half and thanks Iruka. In Tsunade's office, Shikamaru looks at the code.

Tsunade orders him to examine it and not wait on the code breakers. Shikamaru begins to protest, as he had another matter to attend but Tsunade leaves the room. Sakura explains that Tsunade has been busy all day. Shikamaru says he has too, but Sakura asks that he please do it.

Shikamaru looks on in confusion and Sakura remains quiet. Outside Tsunade walks in the hall and thinks of Jiraiya at different stages of his life, ending with the time she was first introduced to him. The young Jiraiya offers his hand and states she can send him love letters later. As she remembers his smile, tears fall down her cheek and she curses the idiot.

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