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27 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 11/20/07 , edited 2/24/08
yeah! this is the place where you can introduce yourself to the people who have similar hobbies(JDoramas duh!)!! You can say any stuff about yourself.. .. your favorite food, favorite toothbrush, least favorite best friend... ANYTHING!

I start first..

Hey, i'm Bdragonst, mikomiko call me Yuu(idky). My real name is Shohei, but who cares lol...I was born in Nagoya, Japan, and raised there for 10 years. After that, I moved to South Korea and lived there for years without speaking Korean, because I was attending American school there, and my neighbors were mostly from foreign countries as well. After living in Korea for 5 years, I moved to USA..the place is pretty inconvinient compare to Japan and Korea, because the shopping mall, school, and other places are all far away and need a car for transportation = I dont have driver license yet -____-.... I have one older sister, mom, and dad.. My sister is in Hawaii right now for college, and lucky her, she saw many celebrities there including one member from Kat-tun, B'z, and freaking BECKAM(soccer player)!!! here are some other random things about me:

Birthday - October 10, 1991
Height - 5ft 8in.
Weigh - 119 pounds last time i checked
Fav food - Sushi and Takoyaki
food that i HATE - peanut butter (sorry!!)
Hobby - soccer, drums, doramas, and watching B-boys
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Posted 11/20/07 , edited 11/21/07
Hajimemashite watashi wa URbaka desu.
Planning to go teach English in Japan so you guys can call me sensei

B-day : 一千九百八十五 , 二十一
hachi gatsu ichi sen kyuu hyaku hachi juu go toshi, ni juu ichi nichi
or simply: August 1985, 21

Height : 172.72 centimeters
wieght : 2720 ounces
Food : Sushi, Ramen, Chicken, Pasta
Hobbies : Watching J-dramas, learning Japanese, reading (Japanese/English), writing (Japanese/English)
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26 / F / Earth
Posted 11/21/07 , edited 11/22/07
はじめまして~ Hihi, I'm shannobi. Shannon's my real name, in case you didn't get it. I'm a short, filipino teenager, and I guess that's my description.

Birthday - October 11, 1992
Height - 5ft 2in.
Weight- 95 lbs.
Favorite food - Tempura <333
Food I HATE - Anything that ends with -toes (potatoes, tomatoes...)
Hobbies- Writing, Reading, Jdramas(of course), and ping pong(xDDD)!
Favorite Actor- Ninomiyaaaaa!
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27 / F / Canada
Posted 11/22/07 , edited 11/23/07
My real name's Erika, and I'm currently 16 years of age.
I'm Filipino but I live in Canada.
I can speak both English and Tagalog and some Japanese/Mandarin/Korean.

Birthday - October 14, 1991
Food - Purdy's ice cream topped with rainbow sprinkles
Hobbies - watching J-dramas, graphic/website design, playing cello/flute/guitar/drums and many others.
Fave J-pop band - NEWS
Fave J-rock band - Well, An Cafe. But I like S.K.I.N. too. =)
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41 / F / philippines
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
hello everybody...
i know you're kinda wondering what i am doing here :D ( at this age ) , i just simply love watching jdorama...hehehe

well... im Heramarie just call me Megs or ate Megs if you like
im a Pinoy syempre...
December 09,1976 is my bday! start counting now dont use ur fingers use claculator hehehe...
i love noodles... anythingeverything that goes with noodles & i also love to drink Coffee its like heaven to me...
my fave jpop bands/singers are Kattun, News, Yui & ai otsuka of course my fave Filipinoartist christian bautista, rachelle anne go, MYMP, parokya ni edgar & kamekazee just recently charice pempengco.
i love playing Basketball & Volleyball ( ahemmmm i was once a member of our college varsity team) dont be mislead i only stand 5'0 i play setter & point guard.
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30 / F / Singapore
Posted 11/24/07 , edited 4/13/08
Hi, I'm wanny. Call me Lawliett, u can add -chan, -san, but not -kun, cos i'm female. I'm a Chinese teenager from Singapore.

Age: 19
Country: Singapore
Favourite movie for now: Death Note
Favourtie Drama: alot.. I usually watch HK dramas cos thats what they always show in my country, tho now i'm getting interested in Jdrama cos of Matsukun.. hope to watch 'Sexy Voice and Robo' soon! haha!
Languages spoken: English, Mandarin (broken and rather bad), learning Jap

tha's all for now! douzo yoroshiku!
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34 / F / with ryo!!!
Posted 11/25/07 , edited 4/13/08
im sawm amd i'm here because i love asian dramas especially korean and japanese..
for now, im in love with yamapi..

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Posted 11/26/07 , edited 4/13/08
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Location: Sweden
Member Since: Apr 30, 2007

Favorite Anime: Ouran High school host club & Lovely Complex and more

About Me:

Name: Sandra
Star Sign: Aquarius
Zodiac: Monkey
Hobbies: Study Japanese, Look att asian dramas/movies, Listen to music, Be with my friends, read good books...
Love: My boyfriend!! Japanese [and korean/Chinese/Taiwanese] Boys!!!! -They are so hott, cute and I dont know, different from our boring guys.. Then I love East Asia; Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, korea and so on, and My family & Friends, then I also loves Popcorn and dramas of course.


Food: Taco
Fruits: Apple, ananas & Watermelon
K-drama: My Girl (마이걸; Mai Geol) & Goong
J-drama: Hana Yori Dango, 1 Litre of Tears, Nobuta wo Produce, Kimi wa Petto, Gokusen 1, and some more
Tw-drama: Devil Beside You, Hana Kimi & It started with a kiss,
K-Pop: Super Junior, DBSK, Se7en
J-Pop: News, Arashi, KAT-TUN, Kanjani8 and much much more
Other music: Lee-Hom Wang & Nicholas Tse, and Bold (mongolian) and more ^_^
Manga: Have only read one, Ranma
Idols/Guys: Mike He, Kim Jung Hoon, Oguri Shun, MatsuJun, Lee-Hom Wang, Joe Cheng, Ryo Nishikido, YamaPi, Nicholas Tse, Wu Zun, Teppei Koike, Kamenashi Kazuya, super junior
Fav. Super Junior: EeTeuk, Hee Chul, Sung Min, HanKyung, Kang In, Siwon, Yesung, DongHae; Love Them mostly
K-Movie: 200 pounds of beauty!!
C-Movie: New police story & A Chinese tall story ^_^ haha... and Flying daggers isnt that bad either
J-Movie: Death Note 1 & 2, and I also like Lovely Complex
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38 / F / ireland
Posted 11/26/07 , edited 4/13/08
hi! i'm Nylskie06....
from the phils. but currently living in ireland.
fave food: taco fries
pls....feel free to add me...
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35 / F / in shosuki's bed♥
Posted 11/27/07 , edited 4/13/08
Hajimemashite! Watashi no namae wa Rinnu Tenshiko desu. My western name is Jamielou Lynn, just turned 25 last Nov. 22nd

I am was born and raised in Manila, Philippines
I often go to San Diego, CA or Macon, GA in the US for vacations with my relatives. I love Jdoramas most specially if they're manga based..which is the case most of the time...

I have a very mixed heritage its weird that i came out normal...lolz!
i'm...1/4 American, 1/4 Chinese, 1/4 Portuguese, 1/4 Filipino

but i feel more at home in Manila than anywhere else...even if i feel a bit left out because i'm not purely "Pinoy"

Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu! (^_^)v
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23 / F / Marshmallow Land
Posted 11/28/07 , edited 4/13/08

Age: 12 (.....what? you got a problem with that?! xD I'm almost becoming 13!!! T^T)
Born: U.S!
Birthday: January 13
Height: 4 ft....10 in.? (short am I? XD)
Weight: 82 pounds. (god people tell me to get fat xD)
Fav food:......Does root beer count as a food? XD
Hobbies: Drawing, watching anime and ...trying to watch more dramas XD
Top 3 Fav. manga(for now): Pixie pop,Mamotte! Lollipop, and Kare kano

Weee I'm Vietnamese!! And like 20% Chinese. But can't speak it TOO well.(I meant Vietnamese) XP So I'm taking Vietnamese school! (since my mom signed me up XP) Also taking Spanish too, for my public school (they just signed me up for spanish XD lolz) I like making new friends, but then sometimes I'm too shy >.> but later once they get to know me I'm more of a crazy hyper person XD People say I have a loud voice with just a small body (I'M JUST 4 FT AND 10 IN.!!!!) >.> But i'll grow soon!!! T^T To become 5 ft!!! ...I hope TT.TT And sorry if I have bad grammar xD

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78 / F / `in the CUBE ♔
Posted 11/29/07 , edited 4/13/08
ryns here..
15 years old..
pure Filipino..
jdrama addict.. (of course, who here isn't?!)
jpop/jrock girl.. (YUI, gazette, utada hikaru, otsuka ai, nightmare, morning musume, orange range, younha, aiko.. i'm so random )
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77 / M / Middle East
Posted 11/29/07 , edited 4/13/08
moshi moshi!! im from Phil. and currently living here in UAE.. i like jdramas
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27 / M / JPN -> KR -> USA
Posted 11/30/07 , edited 4/13/08
wao! seems like people from the Philippines like to introduce yourself!! over half of the people are Filipinos!.... and nice i see few Europeans! awesome awesome
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32 / F / ジンちゃんはここだよ!!
Posted 12/1/07 , edited 4/13/08
Name : Ginnifer [ジニフェー] or Gin
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Birth place: Singapore
Star Sign: Capricorn... born on 19th jan 1986....
Hobbies: Currently learning Japanese, love singing, reading manga, Watching anime and jdrama, designning, sketching, sleeping of course...
Fav food: All japan food... esp Ramen... Awww....
Hated food: LOL... vegie...
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